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Ighalsk (now at 0.1.16)
« on: August 02, 2012, 12:47:01 PM »

An all-new roguelike, written in Python, released as open-source software under the GPL.

Will feature:
* Both randomly-generated and hand-crafted levels;
* Monster, level, item and profession editors.

I released v0.1.16 of Ighalsk last night. It can be downloaded from its SourceForge project page here. These are the changes since v0.1.15:

* Attack Powers can now have a radius: that is, they can explode (with a circular area).
* Heroes now gain Powers as they gain levels (currently this process is automatic: a Hero gains every possible new Power as e gains a level).
* Added new Powers: Terrifying Roar and Hurl Rock for Mighty Heroes, Willpower and Divine Light for Blessed Heroes, and Argumentum and Profunde Cogitare for Philosophical Heroes.  These are gained at higher levels.
* Can now enter the final level of the Tunnels of Lost Dreams quest.  (However, there will be more monsters added later.)
* Can now see the damages and damage types of weapons, and the main resistances of armour, while shopping.
* Can now browse ('consider') the definition of a Power.

It's been more than 2 years since the last release, in which time I've been working on From Bear to Phoenix. Something I have to think about going forward is which game to focus on, or somehow try to develop both.

For the next release of Ighalsk, I'd like to add in final levels for the other two (current) quests.  It may or may not also include a major new feature. has been some years!  Cheers to renewal of progress, if you dig way on back in the blog you can find entries that surmise the state of the game per old releases.
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