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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at 1.19) - With Changelog
« Reply #15 on: May 03, 2013, 12:18:51 PM »

4/30/2013: Elona Plus version 1.19

    [Changes and additions]

    A new type of character has been added (Lava golem)
    Prevented the unequipping and equipping of equipment during brainwashing.
    Pets can no longer vanish in the pet show room and pet arena.
    You now get bonus spell power depending on how high your elemental resist on that element is.
    Mani's god gem's power has been adjusted and doesn't hit you anymore.
    There will now be a sound effect for starvation.
    You can now see spell potential on your spell select screen.
    Spell stock consumption now lowered by 1/3.
    Spellbooks now cost half price.
    Removed the 1% spell potential gain after reading a book.
    Sleeping will now let you gain 20% more spell potential on all spells except for ones that you don't have stocks to.
    Trainers will now train your chosen skill's potential by 20% no matter what.
    Added a special skill on all melee weapons except scythes that depends on your weapon proficiency scores.
        (The special skill was intended to be something like Decapitation, but it seems we've reached the limit on how many invokes a weapon could have, so yeah)
        It's proc rate is dependant on your skill level with the weapon and can activate once per turn.
        You can set custom flavor text for this skill by editing the txtSpecial file.
        You can only use this skill with an HP no less than 6/7.
        If your opponent is wielding a weapon on their main hand, the special skill can be rendered invalid based on their greater evasion.
        Even if it wasn't blocked by greater evasion, it still helps on lowering its damage.
        Furthermore, even if it's in the same weapon category the invoked special skill will sometimes be different, but it's power and effect is still based on its original category. (For example, short swords and kitchen knives will use the short sword special skill, while ninja swords and pirate swords will use the long sword special skill. Even though they use different special skills, their power is still dependant on the short sword skill)
        In relation with the update above (special weapon skills), fighter type NPCs' starting weapons will now be fixed. (Like minotaurs always spawning with heavy axes fit for two hand wielding, etc.)
    Shield bash damage increased by a fair amount.
        However, if your opponent is wielding a shield as well, the power of your shield bash will be lowered depending on their shield skill and greater evasion.
        Its additional effect (dim?) can't be blocked.
        Also, shield bashes can now only be used if your HP is no less than 6/7.
    Tonfas activate a different skill now.
    You can now set custom phrases for your PC now.
    Forbidden meat effect changed.
        If blessed, it'll change the consumer's gender to male or female.
        Normal ones will change the consumer's gender into a would-be male or would-be female.
        If cursed, it'll change the consumer's gender to a hermaphrodite or remove its gender.
    Since the unique NPCs on the third continent are pretty weak, several of them will now be generating precious artifacts.
    If your natural resistance on an element is now at 200 (normal resistance), food that increases/decreases your resistances will now produce no effect. For reference, No Resist is a score of 100 resistance.
    NPC magic resistance will now increase depending on their level. The starting value for their magic resistance is at 100 and caps at 200 (its increase will start at lv51 and ends at lv300).
    You can now prevent your pets from casting magic and using skills you don't want them to by exchanging 20AP to Leold.


    Fixed a bug where the sex-changed NPC doesn't show the right indicator on their conversation screen.
    Fixed Mani's god gems description to show that its attack is of electric element.
    Fixed conversation dialogue of generic NPCs in Arcbelc.
    Fixed a bug that causes an error when you enter a garden without the gardening skill.
    Fixed a bug that causes an error when you kill livestock in your ranch without the anatomy skill.
    Fixed the amount of things you can put on a compost.
        The place where the composts are in the older version has been changed into a grassland.
        Newly generated gardens will now have 5 composts.
    Weapons that had their names changed (by Garok, using the user/item folder files) will now display the correct name when wield proudly.
    Fixed a bug where you can't finish unique sub quests after entering the Amur-Cage.
    Fixed the cut damage on attacker attribute conditions.
    Adjusted the cycle of appearing enemies inside The Void.

4/17/2013: Now up to 1.18R

    Reduced level, number, and frequency of wild animals in farms
    Chance for new plant growing increased on field tile but decreased on all other tiles
    Potato and corn no longer rots
    Added the story's 3rd arc area map that is under construction
    Farming:  added fruit and vegetable quality system, organic fertilizer, wild animals
    Added corpse quality dependent on anatomy skill
    New skill: patting. You can pet your pets, NPCs, and monsters
    April Fools event added
    Legendary Craftsman Garoku can change the name, description, and appearance for 5 platinum coins
    Secret Treasure of Ehekatl modified
    8 new creatures and 11 new items
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at 1.20) - With Changelog
« Reply #16 on: May 21, 2013, 11:29:55 PM »


        Working hard on developing new content... a new area has been added in Lost Irva (Mirage Tower and the Oasis in tower on it's 2nd level). A little warning, though, the people residing in this area are kinda weird.
        New characters: <Arasiel>, <Sinaha>, and <Jin> the machine rebel.
        New precious artifacts: <Rainbow> (Arasiel) and <Gur Bagh Nakh> (Sinaha). Like the other god characters in Lost Irva, these weapons do not drop upon their deaths.
        A new skill that lets you use magical devices without spending a turn has been added (Quick Use).
        Added new effects to Jure of Healing's personal skill.
        Paying your tax every month and not letting it stack up will now boost your salary money depending on your tax payment. If you still have unpaid taxes, the amount will be decreased.
        Paying your tax every month and not letting it stack up will now boost the quality of the items generated on your salary supplies depending on your tax payment. With this, high level items can now be sent to you.
        The salary supply feat's effect (makes miracle equipment appear more oftenly on your salary supply) is pretty questionable, so it's effect is now boosted three times along with the effect of making herbs appear more oftenly on your salary supply.
        Salary supply items appearing blessed or cursed will now depend your tax payment.
        Raised the random item generation level settings on several randomly generated items.
        Healing magic and healing items will now heal at least 2% of its target's maximum HP.
        You will now have the option to customize your race and class name after creating your character. This option will only change your race and class by name only and will not affect your currently selected class or race.
        You can now equip ranged weapons on your hands and whack enemies with it. On the contrary, melee weapons can now be equipped on your ranged weapon slot and throw it on enemies.
            The former will now use the blunt skill for its hit and damage increase and have its dice halved. Furthermore, the damage done by guns and bows will be lowered and will not receive bonuses from their respective ammunition.
            The latter will now use the throwing skill for its hit and damage increase. It'll also have limited range and will have no chance to proc their respective special skills.
            An unarmed or a character with no hands at all can now block melee weapon special attacks by equipping a melee weapon on their ranged slot. If a unit is already wearing a melee weapon on one of their hands, that one will take precedence.
            Equipping a shield on your ranged slot will not grant PV bonuses granted by shields along with being unable to block shield bash.
            You now have the option to choose what slot a weapon will go to when it comes to pets. If a pet's hand slots are already full, the next melee weapon you give to it will be sent to its ranged weapon slot.
        Walking on deserts will now have a high chance of causing confusion. Also, if the sun's still up, it'll drain your stamina greatly as well.
        If your backpack has available space on it, the item you chose for fusion will now be separated from its stack.
        You can now turn raw ores into jewels via pot of fusion.
        The power of melee special skills has been adjusted. Also, it will not be random and can only be used when you're HP is not less than 6/7 anymore. Instead, you will now have a gauge below your HP bar. If the gauge reaches 100%, you will automatically trigger your special skill on your next attack.
            The gauge will automatically lose its charge by 1% every turn and will be completely drained if you switched maps.
            Doing physical attacks will charge the gauge by 2%.
            Taking damage from enemies (even if it's 0 damage or the attack was evaded) will charge your gauge by 1%.
            Whether you are on the attacking side or receiving side, you will only receive the charge after everyone's turn ends. Therefore, continously attacking enemies will not result in a faster rate of increasing your gauge charge.
            When you beat a character, the same type of character around the attacker and ones you have hostile relations with will receive a 5% charge to their gauge.
            When a character dies, the same type of character around the one who died and ones that it has hostile relations with will receive a 10% charge to their gauge.
            However, this will only happen if the attacker and the one who died are in a hostile relationship.
            We plan on balancing this on future updates. (ed: haha)
        The shield bash feat has been changed to add additional effects to shield bash.
        Hugging skill added.
            If your impress level with the one you've hugged is not less than 100, when their HP decreases, you'll be transfering 1/10 of your life to heal them. Furthermore, if your impress level is not less than 200, custom flavor text (txtHug) will be used when you hug them. Displays the effect when snapping out of brainwash.
            If your impress level with the one you've hugged is below a 100, the NPC you've hugged will be crushed and take damage depending on your strength. In other words, it is possible to kill enemies by hugging them, final boss or not.
        The equipment that NPCs randomly generate on spawn are kinda weak, so they'll be spawning with upgraded equipment depending on their level now. (Lightsabers and precious artifacts excluded)
            As a rough estimate, at level 30 NPCs will be spawning with +1 equipment while level 300 ones will spawn with +10 ones.
        Scrolls of flying won't affect the stats of the item you used it on aside from its weight now.
        An attacker's weapon that weighs 2x (As for martial arts, its weight depends on its level. 40:1) its original weight will now deal 1-3x critical damage. If the defender's total equipment weight is not less than 15s, the critical damage done to them will be reduced depending on it.
        Overall rate for criticals lowered. Effect of critical enchants, mind's eye skill, perception and the predator passive increased by two times.
        Evasion you get from DV increased by two-fold, evasion gained through perception halved.
        Experience you get from traveling decreased slightly. Traveling for a short distance will now give out small experience, while long-distance traveling will stay as is.
        The command flag can now order pets to 'intercept/counter attack'. This command will make your pets intercept enemy attacks at a certain range between you and them (somewhere around Cheer range). And they will not pursue anything else outside that.
            Even if they went out of range, going back to their positions will be their priority. If ever a monster tries to block them on their way back, they will try and eliminate the one blocking them.


        Fixed the description of some items.
        Fixed staves special skill doing the wrong damage.
        Fixed the behavior priority of melee and ranged frequency increase gained through AP.
        Fixed a bug on gender-related evolution.
            Females, would-be females and hermaphrodites will now evolve into female ones.
            Males, would-be males and genderless ones will now evolve into male ones.

They really seem to be hitting a stride of updates!
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at 1.20) - With Changelog
« Reply #17 on: May 22, 2013, 05:16:54 AM »
Have you tried this?  Is it a big improvement on the base game, or is it still pretty much Elona?


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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at 1.23) - With Changelog
« Reply #18 on: July 14, 2013, 05:00:58 PM »
v1.23 and the interim:


    New skill 'preaching' added.
        Preaching is based on and trains faith and will cause nearby NPCs to throw alms.
        Being particularly successful will convert NPCs to your god and give you an experience bonus.
        Chance of being stoned is low. (ed: how reassuring)
        Get enough congregation together in one place and you'll start gaining favor with your God for a successful sermon, or something?
    Awakened Nefia Dungeons will occasionally generate environmental effects such as poison rain or gravity wells. There are plans to try to balance all classes and styles of battle to work well in them.
    Rare and specific tiles unique to each dungeon type have been added. This is purely for atmosphere.
    Waking up between 4am and 9am will cause 'breakfast events' if a close friend is nearby. (Please god don't reference the squeeze skill.)
        Potential for lucky days or power boosts if Cooking skill is sufficient.
        All members will be Satiated.
    The journal will now record various stats.
    Increased probability of finding items when mining. For balance and common sense reasons, ores will only be found in cave dungeons. Similarly, gold coins will only be found in town.
    Special moves will only do up to half a creature's max HP now. (ed: haha what? this has got to be wrong, surely?) Courage will not modify this, but Anger will.
    Gauge can only increase a maximum of 95% due to damage received.
    Gauge will change colour to white at 98% i.e. when an attack would cause a special move counterattack.
    Insane characters will spout unique lines.
    Levelling Axe to 10 will allow the chopping down of trees. Doing so with a chainsaw or large axe will allow the creation of timber. Plans to implement furniture building will be included soon.

One new evolution pattern was added
        The evoution this refers to appears to be the hamster, although the cub also seems to have an undocumented evolution that was added during this patch or in a recent one.
    Added an option for investing in bulk by 50
        The cost is the average price of investing in the shop 50 times, which makes it a cheaper alternative.
        This makes it easier to train your investment skill.
    No Future mode only, added an equipment destruction system.
        When you take a large amount of damage, there is a small chance that your equipment will degrade (Enchant -1, most likely).
        Furthermore, acid damage will generally degrade equipment by -4 instead.
        If your equipment's enchant level falls past -10, it will be destroyed. No mercy.
    A 'Cancel' option was added to Command Flags and the Directive skill.
    Partially implemented the Nefia (Nephia?) awakening system. (I don't know what this is, so this may be incorrect)
        (From my understanding, this is talking about some sort of dungeon or map that is randomly generated from using an item, and there are plans to add in rare items that drop from clearing it later (for now it gives you small medals instead). Also mentions that the boss cannot be dominated, but can be captured with a Monster Ball).
        This may be related to the Cradle of Chaos as well, which was added in the same patch, since it is not mentioned elsewhere in the patch notes. The stairs on the 3rd floor are locked and require an item to proceed.
    Added a Return destination option for the third area (Ulm-Leson in Lost Irva).
    Increased the distance needed to travel to raise the traveling skill
        On the other hand, the amount of experience you gain per distance was increased
    The quantity of goods a bakery sells now increases at higher shop rank.
    (I'm not sure what this is about, something to do with spell reading fail summoning monsters and monsters coming out of the well. I believe the last part mentions a summoning bit and perhaps monsters disappearing after days pass?)
    When an NPC with the Pickpocket skill kills an enemy, they receive a portion of the opponent's money (max of 2000gp). The skill is also raised from this action. This is to give meaning to NPCs having the Pickpocket skill.
    Added a tag for Custom Tones. {しろ}
    Compatibility for using {npc} and {nptc} replacement tags in Custom Tone was restored (?)
    Added Crimberry. They can generally be found in the wild, but cannot be cooked. When eaten, they slightly increase your Sanity level.
        Along with this, a recipe was added to the Pot of Fusion for Crim Ale that requires 10 Crimberries. Narcotics manufacturing pending.
    Added Coffee. The player can drink this to remove a small amount of Sleepy status. If an NPC drinks it, it will cancel their sleep (perhaps prevent them from sleeping?)
    Shadow Step should now not be inhibited in the Pet Arena.
    Trying to equip a pet with a weapon will now properly ask you which slot you would like to equip it in, as well as the number if there's more than one. If you decide to cancel the selection, it will use the usual automatic equipment selection.


    Fixed notation in several places.
    (Mentions using Squeeze to force sleep with pets, but I'm not sure what it means by the pet's spirit/soul and other mentions of attacks)
    You should properly receive an error now when a payday arrives and your salary box is full (more than 401 items) (?)
    When self-updating from a previous version, precious items you have equipped would lose their material effect enchantments.
        Updating to 1.22 should re-correct this.
    Male NPC's that had a female tone instead of a male tone should be fixed now. (?)
    Fixed specific character's being able to break walls on the world map.
    Fixed the inability to sell flour and eggs (as well as cooked variants) put in the cooler box. (Except already generated instances) (?)

New characters added (hamster, shooting hamster, death hamster, kiwi, gold kiwi, and a few NPCs have different sprites (Skeleton Hero, hedgehog, Thousand hedgehog, Hungry sea lion, Super hungry sea lion).

    Added three instruments (serpent, ocarina, recorder).

    Special system changes:
        Only enemies over level 130 will use specials.
        Enemies in Lost Irva can use specials at level 50. (Lost Irva is another area accessible after beating S.Tyris).
        Enemies in No Future mode have no restrictions. (No future is essentially hard mode and can be chosen when creating a character.)
        Pet special bar display can be seen by using a stethoscope.
        Specials will no longer charge when friendlies of the same type die.
        Charge gain from damage is capped.
        Enemies that max out their special charge can't use it after getting killed. (Bugfix)
        Specials are significantly nerfed, they rely more on equipment than stats.
        Specials now do extra damage to stronger monsters if you have the Courage feat.
        Pets set in defense mode can drain enemy charge using their own charge.
        The Courage AP feat and the Fury status should factor into the damage done by the special skills.

    The number of Little Sisters that you've saved/killed are shown in the journal. This might not work in the english version.

    Pets will use Fishing, Detection, Gardening, Mining, and Gene Engineer to gather items while in dungeons. interact and talk with them to receive the items. This seems to happen randomly, rather than when you gather, and also will train their skills of the relevant type.

    Thieves now do a guaranteed critical hit when attacking an enemy that hasn't noticed them. This may have replaced their class feat(?).

    A new item called the soul spindle that can be created with tailoring will allow you to pass a pet along to an heir.
    You need a relationship of soulmate or higher and the pet will take a big hit to stats/skills/AP when it is inherited, including the loss of it's equipment (Additionally, "capacity", so possibly this means limbs). The pet the item is used on does not get penalized.
    Use the spindle on the pet.
    A soul spindle of (pet name) will appear on the ground. You can pass to your heir by keeping it in your inventory when you make a gene file.
    Go to the Showroom.
    Bring up the menu and press F8, you do not need an internet connection.
    Bring the spindle that appeared back to the showroom to get your pet back.

    Using the Tamer's whip will bring up a menu now rather than just toggling a pet's status. You can individually set whether they will pick up things on the ground, or if they will eat things on the ground.
        Handing over the whip apparently has something to do with the (new?) custom tone section txtDiscipline2 (or txtInsult2 whichever replaced the first one). Additionally, the wooden horse has some effect when combined with the whip as well, but it's not decipherable.

    The Squeeze ability allows "forced sleep sharing" (rape).
        The ability must be used when sleepy, and above a bed on the ground. The bed must be a King, double, or happy bed.
        The degree of success depends on your relationship with the character. Under soul-mate causes a big (-20) karma hit.
        No actual positive effect of this is noticeable.
        The sleep will be "so-so", and will not allow for potential gain.


    Notation fixed in several places.
    Prevented the blunt special skill from being invoked when shooting a Crossbow.
    Pets will automatically switch to offensive mode when entered in the pet arena.
    Ranged pets in the arena will attack even if the enemy is not at optimum range, preventing running in circles endlessly.
    (Google translate says: Fixed damage is not out in robbery events during sleep.. However, this may have something to do with a nighttime ambush of robbers that are your level. Needs some checking because this wasn't in the previous patch)
    Fixed gauge from becoming 0 when attacking with a sickle at 100 percent gauge.
    Prevented fishing in the lava map tiles.
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at 1.24) - With Changelog
« Reply #19 on: August 06, 2013, 12:45:28 PM »


        A new dwarven city has been added to the third continent.
        'Attack' has been added to the list of NPC interaction options.
        After picking or changing your alias you can now draw from a random personal history table.
        Blooming sakura trees have been added to a third continent map.
        Several skills and spells have had their names changed to match one another and solidify the theme.
        Melee attacks can now hit up to three additional times. The more hands you have, the more likely it is to happen and the more hits you're likely to get.
        Gauge-related skills have been given a boost, allowing you to drain 50% of the gauge of all adjacent enemies in exchange for up to half your MP, with a small chance of causing fear.
        Added a repeating crossbow.
        Wild boars and specific NPCs on the verge of dying can use a Rampage skill. This will up their strength, speed and dexterity while allowing free use of the Swarm action.
        A wetlands area has been added to the South (ed: of Tyris I guess?).
        Pets recover a large amount of health upon evolution.
        (ed: very uncertain about this one) Targeting an enemy with a skill will cause pets to also target that enemy with theirs.
        Items are now used after selecting their targets, not before. The example given is not consuming a throwing item if you cancel target selection. (ed: Hopefully this will apply to scrolls of identify, too. God damn but I've wasted a ton of those.)
        1.23's Breakfast Event gives a pet ten times the XP it did previously.


        Doubled the power of the staff special skill.
        Fixed NPCs stopping you from cutting down trees while eating.
        Fixed armor being equipped in the wrong slots when handed to pets.
        NPC tone stuff, who cares.
        Fixed breakfast events triggering for pets with too low an affection level.
        Fixed max damage record so it doesn't include suicides.
        Fixed Crimberries not being used up when making ale.
        Modified some Awakened Dungeon generation settings.
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at 1.27) - With Changelog
« Reply #20 on: September 16, 2013, 12:36:47 PM »

    Added to third continent main quest.
    Added some new NPCs.
    Added some new food items.
    Tax on gold only takes into account money up to 100,000gp.
    Flames can now radiate a small amount of fire damage, but this will not cause flinching or burns.
    Overdose mode is added. Experience gained is multiplied 20 times. Be warned this may make you weary of the game very quickly. (ed: haha)
    Overdose mode does not allow creation of genes.
    Inferno mode added. One life only, a penalty if you quickload your game.
    Natural mode added. Penalty if you quickload your game.
    New BGM library added.
    Added a chance to gain double XP whenever gaining experience on class skills.
    Added an item enhancement that increases the power of magic. Upper limit is triple normal damage.
    ... but sandbags and summoned NPCs won't give you XP anymore?
    Invalidate Damage's maximum chance of proccing has been reduced to 50%.
    Armor store can hold up to 100 items.
    Black Market nerfed down to 20 items.
    Weapon damage has been increased to come into line with PV/DV changes.
    Claws have been added as equipment for some species. Like tonfas, they give a shield chance without encumberment.
    Rocks have been added as equipment for some species. High power and a DV debuff. Giants and Opatos(!) commonly have these.
    Ranged special move added. This will proc better when the enemy is closer to you, and will cause either you to jump back or the enemy to be blown backwards to a more optimum range as part of the move.
    Magical special move added. This procs on rays and will be non-elemental and non-friendly-fire.
    Wand special move added. This will proc on everything in sight and cannot be reflected.
    Slave traders have been given higher level slaves to sell.
    Examine will now show buffs and debuffs on creatures.
    Significantly increased the available graphics in House Design mode.
    Control Magic's chance of proccing increased slightly.


    Various typos.
    Stopped cross-region delivery quests from occurring.
    Stopped 'maximum damage' counter from updating when an enemy suicides.
    Fixed town map appearance in later continents.
    Fixed the armor store generating 2000 items.
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at 1.30) - With Changelog
« Reply #21 on: November 12, 2013, 12:14:50 AM »


    Added to the third continent main quest. Non-combat events have been added, after which chaotic monsters can be encountered rarely in towns.
    New dungeon added to the third continent, involving the above event. You can move to the north part of the third continent by talking to people inside, and back via a new location there.
    Some sidequests added to the third continent, and beefed up.
    'Fine' new characters added.
    Two new evolution patterns, bringing the total to 100.
    Specific varities of monster now sparkle if using the default graphics.
    Enemies that split will only do so if their health is above a third, and some will only split if damage is greater than a sixth of their maximum.
    The talk screen now picks out 'important' characters. You might not be able to divorce them if you marry them!
    Damage from species-killing weapon enchantments has been raised from 44% to 100%.
    The sickle has had its instakill probability lowered a little. The scythe remains as it is.
    The scythe and sickle special skills now damage both HP and MP.


    Time taken to fire ranged weapons on a mount has been fixed.
    Fixed the map position you move to when moving from the third continent to the second.


    Added a new map to North Irva.
    New characters added.
    Trolls are now classified as Giants.
    Various monsters have been classified as Large Beasts.
    Certain graphics from character.bmp have been moved to interface.bmp, such as status effects.
    Changed the distribution of some materials. The further through the continents you are, the greater the variety.
    Disguise will not work on unique NPCs.
    Unique NPCs can now knock down walls and doors much easier than before.
    Rarely, townsfolk will be replaced by werewolves. They are harmless while in human form, but at times they will turn into werewolves and attack townsfolk. They are slightly stronger than baseline guards. Picking them out from conversation is impossible, but if you know NPC characteristics you can sometimes spot them that way. They commonly drop disguise sets on death.
    God skills will not accumulate special gauge.
    The museum has been boosted. Cards and statues will provide more rank points, and the salary from museums has been tripled.


    Typos and notation.
    Prevented PCs from attacking NPCs set to defence mode.
    Piggy banks have been modified.
    Modified some furniture graphics.
    Fixed some positions of stuff in character.bmp.
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at v1.41) - With Changelog
« Reply #22 on: December 01, 2014, 01:17:37 PM »
v1.41 and a heap otherwise:   8)

There was 6 new enemies introduced in the update as well as some other balancing and stuff. Mainly it means a non-broken Elona again though since 140 was pulled somewhere around a week ago from some severe bugs.

- Fixed skill bonus when using the fellow, to not allocated to the skills that do not have a PC. - Fixed the NPC from becoming won a bonus skill level up.
• To be able to hide the note dialog title screen is displayed in the "log messages" on game settings.

• Changed to fail to shake a stick at a constant probability magic tool skills, even if no matter how high. Failure probability is reduced to about magic tool skill is high, resulting in failure rate 0 eventually. And effects of the magic power increase enchanted to ride also of the magic wand tool.

- In the field of view All allies, the scope of "light to be clean." Break away from the backward compatibility of all purification.

· During October, children who fancy dress is to come begging to the candy in my house. candy Fruit Api, sweets chestnut, acorn candy, can be passed to Romiasu, Vel Nice original, fortune cookies, homemade chocolate, but Gyarame ゛Ru but things get even pass which is the same. If you do not already have ....

• To be replaced as in TxtBfast the lines of breakfast events.

• To continue to receive the material keeps on pressing enter from fellow. Further, to be replaced by TxtMaterial the lines when receiving material.

• From the "AP level of content of the subject", the cost of these effects astral light brush: it changed to "of material (fraction truncation and lower limit 1) individual level / 10 target ink magic".

• General-purpose buff added to enhance the senses, the will. Compatible with magic potions and books. Add potion version of Feather incidentally.

• In the special shells switching of the command flag and tactical instruction, to be able to directly specify the type of bullet. However it is not possible to specify Tokitome bullets.

· HP bar causative undead was produced in necromancy is to be displayed. In addition, support skills for the addition of necromancy. You can detonate companion to the enemy or to strengthen one o'clock or to recover the state and abnormal physical strength or back to the coffin in bulk. And skills: power upward revision of the look of Mana. Magical power to come heavily involved. Add and skills to go easy attack. It becomes available by taking the feet usually corresponding. I leave one always the target's HP to trigger the proximity of physical attack damage 1/3. Disable exercises and additional attack. When it becomes the HP1 or less than 1/20 of the maximum physical strength by this effect, the abnormal state: to give stunning. (I work also. Golem be relaxed in light-headedness or fainting from turbidity by turn course) Up the skills experience of learning correction value. It increases with the square root of the learning value to two to five times. • The addition of bleeding weak effect on blood-sucking fangs. The slightly weaker than shuriken.

-Add field of custom AP. For every (AP1500 in the case of PC) AP500, To be able to convert to 100 skill bonus. Skill bonus fellow can divide when you open the screen skills of fellow police informer, dojo placement, or placement waste ranch. • In 2000 the possession limit of the AP.

• The acquisition decision of AP, and half of the initial mana and 2 times the initial vitality, And 20% of the total acquisition AP is in very close relation. Total AP is located next to the current AP. In addition, from the enemy less than a certain value, so as to not be able to get AP INIT value (lower limit setting). I begin to exceed a certain value from the first enemy of the end part per as a guide. • The up to three times the damage correction of courage feet. Also, to use to determine the speed of the original horse if the speed of the original, has been riding walking.

• If you are team up, the AP also determined to acquire the character of better not put an end To be (but not necessarily be determined in the INIT of character which put an end). Acquisition amount is slightly less than if you put an end. In other words, that can be acquired in character the total AP amount you take from the enemy on earth increases, not attack.
 - Fixed not equipped me well when it is passed to the NPC the weapon of non-judgment.
- Fixed skill sealed and sub-action to be priority than defenses.
- Fixed experience value from not enter the clothes swimming with a wet by rain.
- Fixed sometimes get when the guard or the like has a quarrel with neutral NPC, karma of PC is reduced.
- Fixed position of the door of random Ne Fear to become funny part.
- Fixed notation of choice and interfere to become funny to NPC and from using the feedback in a specific battle map in the third part of the main quest.
- Fixed it to become the same lines as before the conversation with the NPC in a specific battle map in the third part of the main quest to move to the battle map.
- Fixed character which bathed the acid in the acid counter from becoming the subject of the next attack.

· Add a little main quest.

· Additional fine new monsters.

• The evolution pattern added to the lower spider family and Tyrannosaurus.

• The effect of regeneration, correction to the healing skill is back. However sentence correction for recovery every turn weaken. And scope of change screen blackout in the event other than the scene.

· I do not move to the chair of the specified character is a visitor that team up. (Prevention because the tag would be separated by all means) • Set the upper limit to the initial generation 100s weight of dead bodies. Overflow prevention in value.

- So as to damage occurs character which struck when it occurs not only when the sea of ​​acid and wall of flame, is depressed. Damage is greater than when you are stepping on.

· As can be raised without hesitation the main power, the acquisition of the AP to be based on the ability of the initial generation of each other. To about twice the ever amount that can be acquired at a time, to Me stringent than ever acquisition conditions. If you are riding, and calculated at the higher initial velocity and the horse side. Initial capacity value in the character sheet as "INIT". Characters that have already been generated is set in present value.

· Bandits variant of punitive goal, has been attacked in so that it can not be dominated. In addition, custom NPC fairly high capacity value, so as to weaken when it is used for a companion. It is easy to take the AP INIT value since the recomputed if it is weakened.

• In the faith of the more than get the treasure from God, (Once a year) God you have faith and pray in the cease-fire areas of the Gods in November so that the descent. I will not and re-entered the truce place in December or later. Rank of family in one place, to be invited to my house If you talk to God (in God not faith). God you have invited to move toward the home and out of the map. The day does not disappear even after from my home. However God was invited to be placed in my home, other gods can not be invited.

- Since players do not read the description, the more so as to appear in the title screen is displayed, the notes in general.
 - Fixed compensation, such as two-handed is not applied when it is equipped with remote in hand weapon.

• In Nefia super deep, modification of the door unlocking difficulty is to overflow. Correction, some notation.

· (Correction one comb in Sukutsu does not take) to leave, to not come up with God in even defeat God in the third part of a certain map Sukutsuya. However, while not come out as well as up to now in the showroom within.

- Fixed the king of the spiral of old version born from shoot arrows of darkness in himself.

And third sub-part quest one implementation.

• The two Extra place a new unique to the city of the third part area.

· Added a function so that you can put the image of item_ *. Bmp to user \ \ graphic folder, and to be replaced by automatic image corresponding of item.bmp within. item version of the system to replace characters in the image chara_ *. bmp. Lying-event occurs, it is like saying, reaction. You can drive off in silence, and sleeping or ignoring, or flirting.

· I like saying, rough notes in force at the time lying by the squeeze. Submission of the object is gradually increased by the behavior. Person who does not like a sort of thing to note. (You can choose a target = usually lying) that changes in lying event automatically if the friend or more of the soul.

-By Garoku, to one platinum cost of name, change of appearance items. System fully implemented to create a duo. + Fellow fellow, PC + companion, (PC + horse) + fellow can. The hottest tag able to produce the highest! Sample: http://Http://Www.Elonaup.X0.Com/src/up12851.Png If fellow + fellow, one character only damaged the entire attack in tag. Specifically, (and even Meteor or nuclear explosion) that protect the more and more often in opposition role in the current HP is less. In addition, there is support skills that strengthen the capacity and recovery of the tag. Characters on the left take the initiative of movement and organization in the tag. Right will be unexploded move action. Do not scroll in settings that screen scrolling while the PC is team up. (To come with tag partner while jumping high repetition side in relation to the drawing order when scrolling) Rate is unified character of the slower. It is difficult to understand the physical strength somewhat length gauges becomes half. And skills: to 5 times the effects of acceleration by turn inspire. To 1.25 times the effect of turn hero. Timing cut heroes and acceleration are the same. Delete effect of the contract. And equipment: to strengthen slightly the capacity value of the claw.

• Changed the performance of the following species of weapon.

    10-09-07-05-03 ⇒ 09-10-08-06-03 handgun distance suitability
    10-06-03 ⇒ 10-08-05 shotgun distance suitability
    Basic performance slightly weakened for photon gun distance suitability perfect

-Theft capability in complex machine, horse riding skills to be worn. However, other skills that has not been taken is likely to be preferred. And skills: Add effect of one turn bound to squeeze. Add items to become wet state at all times be possession. But not obtained EXP clothes swimming while it is in a state wet with this item.

• The little postscript to that description of the card in the deck is short.

• The power shortage elimination of handgun category, add the Magnum as a new species of arrow ammunition. Have a destructive power that unusual in the flechette but (two akimbo wonder) handgun only on rare. Hit also fixes minus. I put out the power of the other gun bow at the same level in this pistol.

· When you kill animal husbandry, skin as well as dead bodies also to drop in fixed. Quality is increased by brushing situation and anatomy skills, value also increases. Sometimes skin obtained anatomy skill is high increases.

· Accuracy of weapons, as increased by the blessing and strengthening value of the weapon. And correction of +1 to get to damage or modify PV 10s to weight each of the current equipment. Differs from changes due to feather scrolls once the following points mainly.

    (It does not depend on the dice value) with any equipment, a certain bonus.
    +20 Is an upper limit in the 200s in each equipment.
    Adjustment is easy and is corrected by the system and do not modify the data item.
    Is a correction of the relative weight of the current rather than the

change in weight, it does not drop from the capacity of the original can

 And progress a little third part of the main quest.

- Add character to its own way. A few bodies over 700 total characters. Add the number of characters is greater than the number of characters from the head family finally. And synthesis for enchantment parts to appear with a probability according to the hierarchy in awakening Nefia capture time. 0% in the 50th floor below, about 2 percent in the 51-floor, 50 percent in the 100th floor, 75% at 200 floors, the incidence is 90% ... in 500 degree floor. Perceptual transparency enchanted come with skill gain system, rising main system capacity, abnormal invalid system, in rare frame. Because it is also a costly ore treatment, it is also possible to pass them on to friends or sell if do not need enchantment. And generation rate increase of the scroll capability acquiring. * To scroll around the scroll> growth of scroll> capability acquiring of material change *. And efficiency rise of Enchantment addition to artifact equipment. Skill gain system and the resistance (** magic resistance but) the strength of the *** arrive at once. Give enchantment to match the style, and ask them to change the appearance and name to Garoku's, Let the original artifact! But in moderation because it is expect to get the parts to be wearing a special magic and enchantment of reflection and rear added every hit with a quest reward.

· I prepare for (each attribute version of Recca, etc.) equipped with a non-ego element attribute. Resistant puzzle is easy with a jerk from the beginning.

· NPC If you do not have a magic power increase enchant equipment, Magic power correction to get by chanting skills. Magic power goes up 1% each time the skill is increased from 5 100 chanting skills. 1.4 times the original in the casting skill 300 is an upper limit. This does not apply and fellow, the other fellow players showroom Pets & Arena. ★-gem of awakening to come out in little reward in a non-expert opinion as long as doing the event. And new physical contact skills added. I presume furiously to target. If successful in combat roles will appeal to-one turn paralysis to (not duplicate) the target, but the target gauge rises slightly at the same time. It can also use it with either and fellow enemy depending on the situation. Replacement possible txtFawnOn the reaction when it was spoiled.

- In half the level needed to to fellow astral light brush.

• Changed to "1/6 of the original capacity value" from "150 limit" the main capability value change when it is used for a fellow God-based. Skills changed to "upper limit 200 and 1/2 of the original capacity value" from "50 limit".

• The limited to 150 per one place the number of fellow to be deposited in the dojo and waste monster ranch. The price cut a little deed of waste monster ranch.

- Add new items to NPC which gave may not convert in preaching. Effect that can be shown in the numerical depth of faith to be used by the PC, value limit the depth of faith, prayer charge rate. Other get when you believe in God anew in a state that is not subject to damnation, random generation is also.

• If you use an item, NPC system of dog in sight (including such as fox) is to react with a probability of 50%. However to have a effect only as newly generated.

• If the fellow is using the skills and magic of some to become unusable and into a friend, To ensure that the action turn is not wasted, skills and magic of another then fire instead.

Kansei third sub-part quest one. You might branch to Munakuso Baddoendo deployment of them. The sub-quest after clearing, (fixed nor random) artifact equipped to be able to add an enchantment with a scroll of capacity acquisition and synthesis for certain items in the facility. However (total strength can be confirmed by the facility) improper equipment equal to or greater than a predetermined value the total strength of the enchantment. It is a provisional implementation, much elemental resistance is not only given a current, Enchantment of other types of so attached future.

· The name changed to the ability multifunction peripheral gene complex machine. Genetics also changed its name to biochemistry. People who have resistance to incorporate pet genes of other species is reliable.

· Add a little character.

· Werewolf now slip into the city from the start of the game, (It is not this is not also = hostile to even hit) so as not revealed the identity, even late at night. In the city there are people wolf instead, someone 12:00 every night to die. If the target was a Inu or unique, the victim does not appear.

• If you executed over a suspected werewolf citizens, fame to rise regardless of the identity of the other party.

• If you are in the city werewolf, detective to come with a probability of 50% at the timing when the date changes. Detective to investigate alone random citizens, tells us whether human or inhuman treatment. However some people fold wolf disguised as detective and detective crazy, here come tell me the bullshit. In addition, the human detective becomes a target of attack werewolf with a fixed probability.

-From (towards the 300s) treasure box that is generated from this version, wand wishes to come out rarely. Reload the waste as much as is determined to box or not box out or leaving as they are generated, since a decision is made with a probability from there. In the sense much you get lucky and Poro~tsu out to continue the adventure. Gauge technique of magic-magic tool is to not fire attack system only (except Meteor). Graphic change of grizzly and brown bear. To be in gray and brown as the name suggests.

- Add evolution destination and bear golem lower. , Magic: 1/4 from 1/2 effect trigger percentage of the fog of darkness. , Magic object version adding the fog of darkness.

• The throwing skills also support multiple attack special shells neither, and throwing version swarm added. It should become to fight quite well on a throwing and Clever use.

-Cane wishes to prevent the sale in the shop of its own property. In addition, to be auto-save the date change at the time of in-store of its own property.

- Eliminates the need of time to resuscitation from death of NPC, and limited to one person one per fellow resuscitation number of times in the same map. Resuscitation number of possible recovery by switching map.

• The item that enters the hand when you get married, you add a card of marriage partner. Level worth up to ride in the corresponding resistance of "character with great resistance in the initial". For example, Red Dragon also Hikani also flame resistance were similar in the past, but more of the Red Dragon is slightly higher flame resistance now. In addition, great resistance to get in the character of level 1.

-Stone is to enter the hand safe, with high probability in the low probability When mining the walls of the fort Nefia of type and tower type.

• The provisional implement the recipe by making their own furniture in stone. Of high rank is likely to be Alchemy skill increases, (Such as ~ of enthusiasts) good qualifier so stick lapidary skill increases. In addition, jewelry processing tool is not consumed even if I use the synthetic material.

• The provisional implement the recipe by making their own furniture in the timber. Of high rank is likely to be Alchemy skill increases, (Such as ~ of enthusiasts) good qualifier so stick carpenters increases. It should be noted that the carpenter's tool is not consumed even if I use the synthetic material.
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at v1.41) - With Changelog
« Reply #23 on: December 01, 2014, 01:19:04 PM »

· Part III area, town of last completed. It is scheduled to proceed alternately sub-quest and main quest and later planned to the last.

· Add a little character. Note that release Meteor bukkake with a probability of 0.5% (LV190) Kuto~ugua. In addition, Kuto~ugua is summoned monster summon ...?

· Race: The separation and rename chair. Its pedigree is changed to chant skill faith skill of initial skill to "alien main" ruler and God, and which has been flying from space. Inhabitants of the abyss and seabed organisms to "Umima". Clothing swimming high Bucchigiri.

· Race: Integrated into ghost: the race stalker. Race: status of ghosts rise a little. Initial level hike of Roshi of darkness Yami-ko. , Referring to the discussion thread 133, and initial skill added to (except tourists) initial vocational skill is low.

- (The form business card to be written, such as those used from the beginning) notation change the default name of a specific profession NPC. Job title of shopkeeper system may become merchant notation from Kiko soldiers job title of maid may become servant notation from tourists: example. It does not affect the character that have already been generated.

· Retrofit skills to specific NPC. Etc. negotiation skills to Yakatekuto and shopkeeper system. It does not affect the character that have already been generated.

• The death from overwork combo measures, require 24 hours passed resuscitation revival-bartender from death. Described in the NPC list many hours after required? Rare monsters that appeared in the pet arena showroom (such as crossbill) is so as not to be counted.

· Fellow pulls a wish, if you wish skills yet, Pet provision rather than the PC so as to grasp the skills.

• To us as waving a wand to pass fellow. No-lose To shake. I choose to subject yourself wand type to choose the target from eight direction around (such as the recovery system). Select if there is a target in combat, and the transition to the normal behavior and if there are no cane of the type that can target the opponent away (such as volt system). Wand wish to target their own, their companions to grasp the skill if Negae skills. Usable basically an attack recovery system, combat system, auxiliary system, Nothing happens rod of judgment, cane of alchemy, such as cane ... of control.
• The discard all requests that are currently receiving during the update, and re-set the requested person in each town. Escort target die.
• The upward revision of the basic power and whip Kusarigama. Long distance blow-use enchantment so as not to be usually added.

• The distance correction set to long distance blow. Power and hit rate is reduced by 10% each in one square each. Lower limit 5 trout. The SP consumption 2.

• The arrow-based magic-magic-volt system, the same as the distance correction ball system rests. Power is 100 / (75 + distance * 25) times. 1-fold in adjacent.

· Sunbararia Alien is to slip into the city at a low probability of werewolf par. It is latent and not This hanging slow. And die unceremoniously because it is low-level. At the time of death, drop ★ rarely.

• Set the flag for identification unique correction of HP and rising PVDV correction, such as the use of releasing some action so that it does not apply to the fellow that was registered pet arena and showroom in (EX). It is added to each fellow automatically when & update when you have a friend. It will not be automatically added to the fellow that has been placed in the waste and Ranches dojo, It is necessary to add to the party when once that will be added to them.

• The provisional implementation gauge special technique of throwing. Note to Reach hitting the target and critical, penetration rise, bonus distance correction so as to damage magnification depending on the skill value.

• The PC is also available in a skill that can be learn in AP. Such is not used to be acquired along with the growth, it just so far from technical use is difficult, acquires a hobby. Synchro of the soul that is somehow or may not, charge is incorporated into this place.

 And progression a little third part of the main quest. To castle emerged - boss battles Kuzuryu.

• If you are disguised as human, werewolf to drop the platinum coins with a probability of 50% when it is defeated. And do not turn into people in the city other than. Further, in order to prevent the generation of the city when he does not have in January after 518 years.

· January after 518 years, once a day, to allow execution as werewolf select the citizen through the entire town. and between 12:00 to 0:00 noon is time to choose. To be determined in a conversation with the other party. Only and is available for information about the remedy and werewolves when you discover the werewolf, but not defeat, Citizens who died in the execution does not drop anything. The person who defeated if defeat for the best deals.

-Inu is to slip into the city at a lower probability than the werewolf. Basically harmless just confusing. Dependable little Because I am strong enough to not die if one-to-one even if it is attacked by a werewolf. Map, such as Parumia and embassies each guild is to be periodically regenerated in the same way as a normal town.

• To be able to also be put to a PC companion riding. Since there is no proper riding settings on your PC, it is three times the original speed limit of fellow. As if I got, and acceleration according to fellow. Walking graphics to be prepared on their own. Role Play and feet to be working the late fellow. And skills: Additional effect change of provocation. From the "fog of additional vulnerable in probability", it can be switched the special shells fellow command flag and tactical instructions to the "gauge rise of the user number of the person you got on provocation only (maximum 20)." In addition, to avoid consuming a turn at the command flag and tactical instructions.

• The NPC of pals, the character of more than 50 to use the (except Tokitome-dan) some special shells (usually 0.5%, 5% if unique) with a low probability to fire at the time of shooting skills. It is not related to whether the bullet use the special shells.

• The provisional implement the new species to the weapon category there were only two kinds of corresponding weapon.

-Whip (cane skills). To allow (range 4) long distance blow (PC Added ability column, NPC is used in probability)

· Kusarigama (sickle skill). Same as above. There is no head-hunting Unlike other sickle. Socks (blunt weapon skill). Panties same rare frame. Crossbow-gun = varistor (crossbow skills). Heavy but high penetration.
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at v1.48) Updated English Translation
« Reply #24 on: August 15, 2015, 09:05:20 PM »

Pretty much all details here:

Changelog since not yet updated, but presume all sorts of things of all sorts:
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at v1.49) Updated English Translation
« Reply #25 on: September 15, 2015, 01:26:55 AM »

Same sort of deal as before, perhaps a changelog will manifest at some point, but hey More English + More(presumably better working) Game = More Better:   8)
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at v1.59) Updated English Translation
« Reply #26 on: July 12, 2016, 12:23:36 PM »
v1.59---bit of a doozy and then some back   8)

[Changes and additions]

    Added 3 floors of content to Act III main quest.
    300x500 full-body portraits (black is transparent) can now be selected for pets in their respective conversation windows. Another portrait can be designated for Form Shift.
        You can have 4 different versions of the full-body portrait, and which portrait gets displayed depends on the situation. It takes a lot of effort to make different versions of a portrait, so it's possible that I won't create any more conditions.
        This is to strengthen the feeling of having a loyal partner throughout your adventures.
        I'd like to create something else in the future that also uses these portraits.
        Details on how to use it can be found in help.txt in the user folder because it's rather lengthy.
    Sense Object no longer lasts for 2 seconds, but instead lasts until you press the enter or space keys. Now you can look for all you like, and it will also work if anime_wait is 0. Take a look at the [words at the] bottom right of the window before worrying about why everything is frozen.
    Tentatively added a new facility to the Act III continent.
    Added 3 unique NPCs for Act III.
    Added 1 unique artifact.
    Added 4 high-level quicklings. They are all unique in their own way.
    Changed the sprite for quicklings so that they face to the front because it was hard to tell whether it was a face or a hand on the old sprite. You can now tell that they are a type of dwarf.
    Changed the cMetal bit flag so that it only reduces regular physical attacks now. They usually get killed before they kill the player, so this should be reasonable.
    To be honest, I've always wondered if having the equivalent of 4 times the health and having armor that resists magic was too much, so cArmor bit flag has also been changed to reduce only regular physical attacks.
    Increased the attributes for armor race.
    Gave metalslug cMetal bit flag for real. Existing metalslugs will have their cArmor swapped for this when their stats are recalculated.
    Buffed starting magic resistance of metal race.
    When a spell levels up, its potential will decrease by a greater amount now. (Makes it harder to level spells by spamming them in a short window of time.)
    Spells can now be trained at wizards (the identifier) in towns. Each course will give a lot of experience to a different set of spells. (Wish and Harvest cannot be trained.) This does not consume any spell stock, so this makes it possible to train spells that are hard to obtain.
    Capped the enhances your spells equipment attribute effect at 2x. Equipment attribute strength will also be proportionally harder to increase (i.e. if you've already reached the cap now, then you'll still be at the cap after the update.)
    As Casting skill of NPCs increases, spell power will increase more now.
    Changed how an Act II sub quest increased Luck. If potential is below 300%, it increases potential by 80-100% at random. If it's 300% or above, then it gives Luck attribute experience.
    Yerleswood type M (the mass-produced model) now has a sprite that makes it look mass-produced. This does not affect existing NPCs.
    Added a new special action.
    Converge Breath damage now depends on Magic and not Magic Control skill.
    Added 2 red books.
    There will now be a coffin of necromancy and some other things in Lumiest graveyard.
    Prevented overflow when selling items.
    The conversation windows in cutscenes will no longer display impress, attract, and anniversary.
    Potions that are easily obtainable in large amounts like snow and dyes will no longer increase Alchemy and Magic Device. I was wondering if it should also apply to alcohols.
    Reduced quest points, experience, and gold gained from performing, preaching, and using Fascination Dance on summoned NPCs. They also no longer throw items at you.
    The chance of having a physical attack hit the target that is independent of the characters' statuses (i.e. lucky hits) now depends on the attacker's Luck attribute.
        NB: Probably the chance of landing a hit even with extremely low hit rate or if the target has extremely high evade.
    Number of gold pieces obtained from Mad Millionaire random event now increases with the player's Luck.
    Statue of Kumiromi has reduced the chance of generating herb seeds to a 50% chance and the artifact seed has a 16.66% chance to be generated.


    Fixed some descriptions.
    Upon closer inspection, item sales at the default player's shop had a 7/8 chance of getting cancelled, so the cancellation chance for specialized shops has been changed to 1/2.
    Made 4-Dimensional mirror unusable on the world map.
    Fixed some special actions being unable to target enemies who are barely in range.
    Fixed special abilities granted by non-AP feats getting displayed in the list when you change equipment after hiding them.
    When an adventurer has an item that is not a weapon equipped in his hands, it will now automatically get corrected.

[Additional main quest content]

    Placed Neres (listed below) and <Melget> the informer on F27 of the Cradle of Chaos. They do not revive when killed.
        Cutscene on F28. Larnneire, Lomias, and Rianna get placed in Ulm-Leson after the event.
        Placed Shuraida and mercenary NPCs on F29. They do not revive when killed.
        F30 is inaccessible for now.

[New NPCs]

    <Ryutye> the amnesiac
        Level 2 mazin. Will rarely use Space retention.
    <Neres> the amnesiac
        Level 169 imp. Temper bit flag. Shadow Step, Insult, Clash Rush, and only when in melee range, Smash Ground. Spawns equipped with the Zugaikurai listed below.
    <Rianna> the daydreamer
        Level 18 norland. Her class displayed is Handyman, but she's actually a thief. Has an extremely low chance of using Browbeat. Has a low chance of using Tag Force if gauge is 50% or above whether she's in a tag team or not.
        Level 150 quickling. Not suitable for riding. Nether resistance. Class displayed is assassin, but is really a thief. Mist of Darkness. Blade Strings when in melee range.
        Level 106 quickling. Not suitable for riding. Chaos resistance. Eye of Mana, Nether Breath. Uses Blade Turbulence if the target is not bleeding.
    grass killer
        Level 81 quickling. Not suitable for riding and has cImmune bit flag. Corpse has no effect. Prioritizes movement. Shining Wave. Occasionally uses Suicide Attack.
    grass dancer
        Level 49 quickling. Not suitable for riding and has cImmune bit flag. Corpse has no effect. Moves randomly. Eye of Illusion. Occasionally uses Fascination Dance.

[New item]

        Precious artifact hammer. Randomly generated in high-level areas.

[New special action]

    Extermination Breath
        Is basically Variable Breath, but does additional fixed damage depending on Control Magic skill, and affects a much, much larger area. It's still a breath attack though, so Charge Attack and equipment attributes that enhance breath attacks will affect it. Learned by the player during level up if the fire-breathing feat has been acquired, Constitution is 80 or above, and Control Magic is 40 or above.

[Magic practice]

    Sorcier practice [Attack spells] (NB: sic) - gives experience to dart- and bolt-type attack spells.
    Warlock practice [Advanced attack spells] - gives experience to ball-type attack spells and to Meteor.
    Enchanter practice [Buff spells] - gives experience to buff and debuff spells.
    Healer practice [Healing spells] - gives experience to healing, resurrection, and uncurse spells.
    Shaman practice [Special spells] - gives experience to spells related to nature and to the divine, like summoning spells, spells with tile-lingering effects, Oracle, and Domination.
    Mage practice [Detection spells] - gives experience to spells related to movement and knowledge of the surroundings, such as teleport and revealing spells.
        NB: The descriptions in the [brackets] are present in the Japanese language version, but not in English.
        I've tried to have an equal number of spells in each category and to make each category make sense. Course titles are more or less flavour text for role-playing purposes. Cost depends on the level of the spells in that category with a lower limit of 5 and upper limit of 15.
        This is to make it easier to become a spell-caster in early game, as well as to alleviate the problem where spell levels don't increase unless the player spams them.
        The amount of spell experience given is fixed, so it's best to attend the practice with high potential in as many spells in that category as you can.
        There is no chance of bonus experience from Learning attribute. Of course, if you don't know the spell, then it won't have any effect.
        I considered a system where spells are leveled using an item that is randomly generated in dungeons, but that meant that physical-attack classes would master spells at the same rate as mages. That lead to the creation of this system, where spells basically compete with combat skills in resources. The cost of practices and the amount of experience given is subject to balancing.

[New pregnancies]

    sunbararian -> sunbararian
    giant eater flower -> man eater flower
    heqet -> musical notadpole
    camouflaged imp -> camouflaged imp

[Changes and additions]

    Special actions can be hidden with the '*' key. It will still work while hidden, so you can still use it by pressing the shortcut key assigned to it. The '/' key will make all hidden special actions visible again and works separately for the special actions and wide actions tabs.
    Increased player's range of sight by 1 tile.
    Sense Objects now has the additional effect of allowing you to see through walls and doors for 2 seconds. Now you will know what lies ahead, and any terrain that was revealed during this will remain unshrouded. Can't say that this is an inferior version of Magic Map any more, can you? Use it to gain an advantage before heading into dungeon rooms or when there are a lot of obstacles.
        NB: Will not work in 1.58 if anime_wait in config.txt is "0".
    2 floors worth of new content in Act III main quest.
    3 new high-level NPCs for each of the Elea and Zanan races.
    Added 2 new unique artifacts.
    Added an item for changing height and another for weight.
    Nurse, <Mad scientist>, <Icolle>, and <Mary> will start off with Gene engineer skill.
    Changed nurse sprite.
    Act I last boss's sprite has been altered to matched his portrait.
    Added an intermediary sprite for older wolf sister (NB: evolved older dog sister). (This will not affect characters that have already been evolved.)
    Equipment attributes on godly equipment are now one step stronger.
    Artifact staves will no longer gain random magic-type equipment attributes.
    Stones (including Vanilla Rock) now have an equipment attribute that increases Throwing skill. Behold, the true power of rock throwing.
    Magic ammos used to cause damage of a random element; it will now always cause a critical attack on top of that.
    Shopkeepers in your shop can be made to gain a large amount of potential of their Negotiation skill and Charisma attribute. Reinstated 1/32 chance of cancelling a sale for specialized shops.
    Failing a certain sub quest the first time will allow you to receive the reward the second time you complete it. If you already have the artifact, it will still be rewarded during the first completion of the quest after upgrading to this version.


    Fixed some descriptions.
    Fixed being able to show your cards even without a deck in a sub quest.
    Fixed crash resulting from using eye-type gauge attack. (This is not the same fix as the previous version.)
    Fixed experience received when attacking with Blade Strings special action being off by a factor of 10.

[Additional main quest content]

    Mid-boss battle on F25 of Cradle of Chaos. There will be a lot of regular monsters (with the Cradle's level boost). On top of that, if the <Lankata> listed below is alive, enemies map-wide will occasionally be buffed by Cheer and those with gauge below 50% will gain 10% gauge. This should make it pretty difficult, but you don't really have to defeat the enemies. The staircase is unlocked, so you can just make a beeline for F26 without killing anything. If you defeat <Lankata> here, he will be marked as defeated, and that will change the events that occur in the future. (That said, it won't affect what items you'll get or anything like that.) When defeated, the zanan enhanced soldier and lothrian agent listed below will be placed in Amur-Cage. There will be a cutscene on F26. F27 is inaccessible for now.

[New NPCs]

    zanan enhanced soldier
        Level 152 zanan. Squeeze. Draw Shadow. On low health, Super Regene.
        Is not randomly generated.
    zanan old soldier
        Level 113 zanan. Shadow Step. When MP is sufficient and target's gauge is above 50%, uses Pressure.
    killer nurse
        Level 61 zanan.
    <Lankata> the lightning of blue
        Level 168 elea. Mist of Dazzling, melee wait, and rarely Fire a volley. Healing Rain on low health.
    lothrian agent
        Level 122 elea. Slow. On low health, Cure of Jua.
        Is not randomly generated.
    dark elea
        Level 78 elea. Gravity Sphere, Mist of Darkness, Nightmare, Darkness Bolt, Chaos Eye. On low health, Heal Critical.

[New items]

    soup of wonderland
        When eaten, height becomes the average of current height and 150 cm, and weight becomes the average of current weight and 40kg.
        Blessed, cursed soup has the same effects. This item is for people would like to return their bodies to a somewhat more human form.
        Dropped by little girl upon death. Is also rarely randomly generated.

        Artifact skull bow. Randomly generated.

        Artifact short bow. Equipped by the aforementioned Lankata.

[New equipment attribute]

    It enchances your throwing rock.
        Staves may come with this attribute. Equipping multiple of these will have no additional effect.
        Each of the distance multipliers gets +05 to it, and when attacking, the pierce will increase to 70%.
        When an attack affected by this attribute lands, it will have a dull sound effect.
        Stones were weak, had no additional effects, and you had to go through a lot of trouble just to change their material, so this is a buff just for it.
        The drawback is that the attribute appears only on melee weapons. This does not affect the power of rocks thrown at a poor performer.
        As for why staves, one explanation is that you can use the long staff as a bat, the whip as a slingshot, or the staff as a slingstaff/lacrosse stick to fling rocks at enemies.
        It should be fairly reasonable, because in real-life history, slings were a rather formidable weapon capable of inflicting lethal injuries against armored opponents, and had a longer effective distance than bows. It is not a joke weapon.
        Feel free to use it to roleplay a shepherd, or change the sprite and roleplay some ball sport.
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at v1.59) Updated English Translation
« Reply #27 on: July 12, 2016, 12:26:09 PM »

[Changes and additions]

    Made it possible to name your deeds with a house board or a register, except your house and the maid mansion. The name will then be displayed on the bottom left just like your house. It will also show up if it's a showroom map.
    The type of shop that you own can be changed. It's similar to expanding the shop in that it will cost money. Items that are not compatible with the shop type will not sell at all, but compatible items will sell for more, and sell more quickly. For example, food shops will sell food items very easily. This and the above change make roleplaying a shopkeeper much easier - not that this was the reason for the change.
    Cold damage deals more damage on wet targets. The multiplier is higher than the one for lightning damage.
    Precious equipment will no longer come with random equipment attributes. To make up for that, made godly equipment come with more attributes.
    Doing melee attacks when equipped with a shield will give Shield skill experience.
    Reduced the casting penalty from equipping a shield from 12% to 5%.


    Fixed some descriptions.
    Made it possible to wish for secret characters in the English version.
        NB: "secretcharacter"
    Fixed English map name for Harvest Time quests.
    Fixed a version 1.56 unique NPC having a higher level than it should, due to the Cradle of Chaos bonus.
    Fixed characters equipped with nothing causing a crash with an error, when they used certain gauge attacks.
    Fixed spamming Multiple Gather causing a crash with an error.

[Shop types]

    The goods shop. Default. Works the same as previous versions.
    The food shop. Will sell only food items. Final selling price has x 2 modifier.
    The magic shop. Will sell only scrolls, spellbooks, and rods. Final selling price has x 2.5 modifier.
    The blacksmith. Will sell only equipment. Final selling price has x 2 modifier.
    The inn shop. Will sell only containers and potions. Final selling price has x 3 modifier.

The default shop has a 1/8 chance of cancelling the sale of an item. The food shop and the rest of the new shop types, however, do not have this chance of cancelling. Number of items sold remains random.

[Changes and additions]

    Five additional floors worth of main quest in Act III.
    Added 6 high-level members to the Shell race including 1 unique NPC. Added 1 evolution pattern.
    Added one new artifact and unique NPC.
    Added 2 special actions. Made the detection-type feats grant a special action instead.
    Added two gaze-type special actions. Added a feat that will confer one of them.
    Added gauge attacks that trigger with gaze-type attacks other than Eye of brainwashing.
    Modified medusa, euryale, stheno, and cockatrice's AIs. Only the newly-generated NPCs will experience this change.
    Worshipping changes
        Doubled the effect of the passive ability from worshipping Mani.
        The ability from Opatos has been made to affect more than physical damage.
        Yacatect's ability will now also increase the drop rate of regular items.
        Speed increase and speed cap for worshipping Lulwy also increased.
        Added 20% of max health to the formula for Prayer of Jure, but only for the player.
        Reduced stamina recovery from worshipping Kumiromi recover 1 sp/2 turns.
    Changed stamina recovery from 2 sp/10 turns to 2 sp/4 turns.
    Made it so that Mist of Silence effect will not show up even when out of sight.
    Changed mana battery calculation. Increased the amount of spell stock gained, and made it display how much stock was gained or if mana was recovered.
    Changed harpy race's second leg slot to a back slot.
    When the sum of "chance of extra ranged/melee attack" enchants and the bonus from Dual Wield skill reaches a certain amount, extra attacks become guaranteed. Changed it to make the extra attacks somewhat random.
    Added a sound effect that plays when entering a floor with a Big Daddy in it.
    Prevented empty items from showing up in the list of things to (o)pen. You can now open containers by spamming the shortcut key assigned to them.
    Dyes will now have their color code after their name to help differentiate between similar colors. (It will not display when unidentified.)
    Magistus, trismagistus, skull sword, and violent skull sword will display the skill level at which they were made.
    When the player successfully uses the special action Bewitch on friendly NPCs, money will be received. They will not give any more money when they are no longer interested, and you receive less than if you had used prostitution. It's low-risk and low-return; it takes only 1 turn, the NPCs do not need to be drunk, and there is no risk of Sickness. It's for roleplaying a beggar, when you need money, and when you just want to siphon money off them and remain chaste.
    Summoned undead will no longer start sleeping in towns at night.
    Characters that die to fire damage will no longer start a fire. Items on the ground will still burn without a magatama.
    High level adventurers and god NPCs will have their attributes reduced to 1/5 instead of 1/6. This should fix the bug where the values were not rounded off properly, making the values go weird.


    Fixed some descriptions.
    Fixed Shining Wave having a water sound effect.
    Fixed message displayed when stepping on essential oil and gasoline puddles. Gasoline puddles generated in a previous version will display as and act like essential oil though.
    Fixed a variable in alchemy rain not functioning as it should and causing bugged experience gain.
    Made a sub quest added in 1.55 recognize when the year changes.
        NB: Sophia's quest.
    Made duel opponents not capturable with monster balls and little balls.
    Made maximum HP/MP not overflow.
    Fixed critical hit damage multiplier using Martial Arts not going above 1.
    Extra attacks should proc less the more arms the character has - the modifier wasn't working, and it's fixed now.
    Fixed the bonus skill selected during character creation disappearing if the game is closed without saving right after the opening scene. Can't guarantee that it'll work properly if you quit before the dialogue in the beginning though.
    When NPCs duplicate rods with alchemy, they are no longer stacked into the player's inventory. Remaining charges on stacks of rods will also no longer increase.
    When summoned undead defeat an enemy, allies tagged to the player will now be able to receive AP (albeit a reduced amount) if they are eligible.
    Fixed tagged NPCs not reflecting their speed changes due to buffs.
    Fixed high level NPCs having an overflow in experience and gaining the amount overflowed.
    Fixed quest givers' names going weird in the journal when the player is in another floor of the town.

[Changes affecting only the English version - an *unofficial* list]

    Translated talk.txt, book.txt.
    Changes to description of egg-laying/milk-producing/etc properties of NPCs on the ranch. (Seen during Rubbing.)

[Expanded main quest]

    Placed <Manytia> (see below) in F20 of Cradle of Chaos. If she dies, she will resurrect in a day on this floor.
    F21 event.
    Placed <Mary> the insect master, <Shell King of Vindale>, and <Aribel> (if she exists in the library) on F22.
    F23 event.
    Placed <Kuroya> on F24, as well as <Belphat> if you have already met him.
    F25 isn't done yet, so you won't be able to enter it.

[New NPCs]

    <Manytia> the adventure merchant
        Level 152 dwarf. Shadow step. On low health, Zero shoot.
    dark dome
        Level 161 shell. Floats. Acid Ground, Shadow Step, Gravity Sphere.
    <Shell King of Vindale>
        Level 150 shell. Friendly NPC. Dark eye, Touch of Weakness, Touch of Nerve. On low health, Healing Rain.
    death maneki
        Level 140 shell. Death Song, Multiple Gather.
    king woodlouse
        Level 107 shell. Forms swarms. Eye of Mana, Magic Dart. Will rarely use Bound in Blood.
        Level 90 shell. Voracity Fang, Squeeze. Females will drop essential oil.
    snipe hermit
        Level 54 shell. Brings inner peace when eaten.

[New evolutions]

    Homeless crab evolved from hermit crab, will now evolve with another heart into landlord crab, gains cArmour bit flag.

[New artifact]

    <AA-12 Advance>
        Equipped by the aforementioned <Manytia>.

[Changes to feats and new special actions]

    Strings Assassin
        Replaces detection-type feats.
        Grants the special action Blade Strings.
        Target the skill in one of the four directions.
        If target is not self, deals damage dependent on Tactics and Dexterity.
        Usage gives Tactics experience. Damage is reduced by target's PV and Constitution.
        If target's HP is less than 1/9 of max, then invoke Decapitation.
        If target is under the effect of Bind, then deal bleed damage depending on Tactics skill.
        If target is self, then a wire trap is set at that position.
        Placing and removing wire traps will not give any experience to Disarm Trap.
        Wire traps will deal damage depending on the floor you are on and on the target's Speed.
        That damage is reduced by PV, and floating characters will not set them off.
        Traps disappear after being set off once.
        This may not be the trap battle system I said I was going to make.

    Dancing Wire special action
        If you have the above Strings feat and 40 or more Tactics, you will learn this at your next level up.
        Causes 3 turns of Bind and Draw Shadow.

    Magic Eye
        New feat. Grants Eye of Mana.

    Eye of Illusion special action
        If you have the Magic Eye feat above and 20 or more Control Magic, you will learn this at your next level up.
        Deals mind damage depending on Magic and Will stats.

    Eye of Stiffen special action
        Deals nerve damage depending on Magic and Will stats, and will also increase the target's defense.
        The increase in defense lasts for 3 turns.
        Reduction of defense by Pulverization, melee weapon, and the equipment attributes on them, and Panzerfaust X will overwrite this increase in defense. (Overwrite, not negate!)
        This special action has its drawbacks, but it deals enough damage, and the status effects have enough power to make up for it.

[Changes to AI]

    Medusa will now use Magic Dart, Eye of Stiffen, melee wait, and maintain a distance of 2.
    Euryale will now use Eye of Illusion.
    Stheno will now use Eye of Dimness.
    Cockatrice will now use Eye of Stiffen instead of Touch of Nerve. Maintains distance of 3.

[New gauge attack]

    Mind Break
        Deals nerve and mind damage dependent on enchant level of equipment and Magic and Will stats.
        Also deals MP damage.
        Also increases target's sanity by the same amount as Eye of Insanity.
        Also causes the same amount of Dim as Eye of Dimness.
        Also causes the target to vomit.
        Unique NPCs and characters immune to dim will be unaffected by dim and insanity.

[Randomness of additional melee/ranged attacks]

    Before this version, extra attacks proc when strength of the equipment attribute > a random number between 0-99 + modifier.
    In this version, extra attacks will now proc if 2 * equipment attribute strength + 1 > a random number between 0-99 + modifier.
    The probability that an extra attack will proc increases with the equipment attribute strength, towards 100%, but it will never be guaranteed.
    The equipment attribute is also multiplied by 2 in the calculation now, so you will see more extra attacks, even with low level equipment attributes.
    By the way, Warrior and Gunner classes have +5 to the chance of doing the first extra attack.

[Changes affecting only the English version - an *unofficial* list]

    Silent Ocean flavor text changed from "You're all alone." to "An expanse of ocean and fog spreads out.".
    <Siraha> the black cloth renamed as <Kuron> the black cloth, <Kuron> the white cloth renamed as <Siraha> the white cloth.
    Changes made to sex and forbidden meat?
    Changes to the message displayed when rod/scroll of uncursed is used.
    Yith Rank enemy encounters are now named as such instead of being a duplicate Dragon Rank.
    The second Apocalypse ancient book has been renamed as True Apocalypse.
    Changes to juice, milk, and coffee item naming convention and grammar?
    "You have no gag reflex." in the profile has been changed to "Your jokes are terrible.".
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at v1.59) Updated English Translation
« Reply #28 on: July 12, 2016, 12:29:05 PM »
The Continuing~

[Changes and additions]

    Added a side quest to part III. (Sophia's.) You may want to turn on the minute display in the log in the game settings when you're doing this quest.
        NB: Options -> message log (f) -> first option
    Made a slight change to how the reward is given in an existing part III side quest. (Urcaguary's.)
    Added a precious item that can temporarily change the element of Variable Storm and Variable Breath. If it's an element not compatible with the spell or breath, then nothing will happen. Made it available from the small medal shop so that it's available right from part I, and so that people who don't want it don't have to get it.
    Added 8 high-level seamonsters and 1 evolution.
    Allowed selection of 1 skill in addition to the class and race during character creation. The selected skill will start at level 10. If it's a skill that isn't level 0 for the class or race, then 9 will be added to the starting level. It's similar to the ability system you see in TRPGs.
    Feats: changed the arm wrestling feat to Run Wildry skill. Two more skills have been added, and the sexy and martial artist-type feats have been swapped with them. From this version on, the stat-increase feats will be gradually exchanged for feats that give abilities and passive effects that can be used for roleplaying.
    Made it so that equipment skill (light, medium, and heavy) protects from damage dealt by proximity assist and interlocking shooting mechanism equipment attributes. The damage reduction is capped at skill level 500.
    Adjusted NPC adventurers' starting level and fame, and their hiring price. Hiring price is now reduced with affection level. Their profile will also be generated randomly, and they won't prefer to stay in North Tyris any more.
    NPC adventurers can be recruited as an ally after hiring him 1 time, as opposed to 3 times before. Adventurers above level 300 will be weakened when they are recruited as allies.
    Added 1 policy for governing towns. It won't show up until the prerequisites are met.
    About the replacement for the alias voting system:
        Voting can now be done in towns where there has been a werewolf attack. When the player has voted and is in town at 12 noon, the NPC with the most votes will be executed. (If more than 1 NPC shares the top vote, 1 of them will be picked.) So go kill the one that you have your eye on (for his items). Execution will increase the player's influence in the town whether the person was a werewolf or not.
    Altered the werewolf option in conversations. Picking it will cause the affection level to slightly lower, but more votes will go to that NPC. This can be done any time from after the werewolf attack till the player checks the ballot box.
    Undead can be tethered to you with a leash like your pets, and will warp to you when they are too far away. Brainwashing no longer affects them.
    Dragon zombie has been changed to predator class.
    Increased the effectiveness of all aspects of necro remodel.
    Necro force HP and MP consumption halved. Added the option to make them gather around you without returning them to their coffins.
    When a summoned undead monster defeats an enemy, AP is earned by the player and is based off the player's INI.
    Summoned undead will not act as summoned undead inside showrooms.
    Added Fury side-effect to Run Wildry status to give it the double-edged sword feel. If the player uses the skill, he will also be confused for a short duration in addition to that.
    Set the upper limit of Holy Shield and Feather DV/PV bonus to 1000 to make unbuffed DV and PV more important. The 10% increase part will remain the same for now. Increased the gain in turns the buffs are active for.
    Gauge attacks will not activate for proc-type enchants that give attack magic or breath.
    Relaxed material requirements for making monster balls. Max level for monster balls set to 200. Monster balls will also not be more than 10 levels higher than lowest dungeon floor cleared.
    When the player eats "Uh-uh, the taste is so so" or "The taste is not bad" food or better, stamina recovers by enchant level * 1.5 + food tier. This was added as a way to recover stamina and as a reason for the player to eat high-quality cooked food.
    Carpentry tool item has been renamed to tools, and its description has been changed.
    MP Breath is now affected by the equipment attribute that increases breath damage. It will still not be affected by Charge Attack for now
    Reduced SP consumption of breath-type actions.


    Fixed some of the descriptions.
    Fixed characters in main quest part III not talking.
    Influence level in town will be saved, and will no longer reset when starting up Elona.
    Cut-scene added in 1.54 no longer replays every time the player enters the floor.
    Score no longer overflows. Upper limit is now more or less capped at 100 million. With 20 times the score in no future mode, the limit is 2 billion.
    Coffins that are stashed into your graveyard key when you don't have enough space in your inventory will no longer lose their necro remodel effect.
    Fixed number and weight of gifts, proofs of friendship, and chocolate going weird after gifting them.

[New Act III sub quest]

    Clear it just by talking to the NPC from 14:30 - 14:59 on the indicated day.
    Only the darkness staff will be awarded when clearing the quest for the first time.
    From the second time onwards, the quest reward changes depending on the time you talk to her:
        14:30 - 14:39 to receive the jewel tear of god for darkness bolt invoke
        14:40 - 14:49 to receive the jewel tear of god for elemental scar invoke
        14:50 - 14:59 to receive the jewel tear of god that increases spell power
    She tell you to come back "in a moment" but will actually ask you to come in a month, because a month's time is but a moment for a god who has lived for about a million years.

[Changes to how Urcaguary's reward is given]

    The reward now changes depending on the time the quest is completed.
        0:00 - 5:59 to receive the jewel tear of god for Gravity Sphere invoke
        6:00 - 11:59 to receive the jewel tear of god that deals magic damage
        12:00 - 17:59 to receive the jewel tear of god for absolute piercing attack
        18:00 - 23:59 to receive the jewel tear of god for the remote blow enchant

[New artifact]

    Elements Eyes
        Choose an element from a list and applies it to all allies within sight.
        That element will then be treated as if it had the highest resist value. There will be no change in the actual resistance.
        The number of ways it can be used are limited, but depending on the situation, it could be quite powerful if you change elements and inflict their respective status effects.
        The effect wears off from everyone after sleep (it is unaffected by the sleep status effect).
        While it is in effect, it won't return to your attribute's element.
        (After waking up, using the attributes again will return it to your original element.)
        NB: Typo here? "Using the Elements Eyes again"?
        It's colored to look like one of the items that you can use to transform yourself like in the TV shows.
        The original design was kind of gross, and was pretty disgusting when you looked at it a little more closely.
        I might add more skills that are affected by this later on.

[New characters]

    sea fallen angel
        level 158 seamonster. Float, invisible.
        Gravity Sphere, Power Breath, Psychic Wave, Eye of Insanity.
    nine dart garfish
        level 139 seamonster. Float, Clash Rush.
    orcinus orca
        level 128 seamonster. Float. Player-homing AI.
        Shadow Step, Voracity Fang, Nether Breath.
    manta rayarn
        level 100 seamonster. Float, neutral.
        Web, Lightning Bolt.
    flower coral
        level 90 seamonster. Neutral. Does not move even in combat.
        Random color. Silent Ocean, Draw Shadow, Melee idle.
        NB: Melee idle is move ID -3. Does melee attack if target is range=1, else nothing. I don't know the English name for this. This seems to be a feature from vanilla Elona.
        level 70 seamonster. Water Bolt, Provoke.
    flight fish
        level 40 seamonster. Float. Shadow Step, Suspicious Hand, Scavenge.
        level 15 seamonster. Float. Short Teleport.

[New evolution pattern]

    Gunfish evolves to zap gunfish with machine heart, learns Fire a volley.

[Adjustment to NPC adventurers' starting level, fame, and hiring fee]

    Limited starting level to 250. Made the increase in hiring fee less steep, and capped at 99999 gp.
    Made it easier to meet them and reduced the number of times you have to hire them.

[Expansion of werewolf voting system]

    The number of votes are slightly random, but more votes will go to NPCs that you have determined to be a werewolf via conversation or that are currently hostile.
    If there are no NPCs that are alive and have at least 1 vote, the execution will not take place.
    Executions will do 44444 damage, so it is possible for an NPC to survive it.
    This is different from the executions that were in game in that your fame will not rise, but items will drop.
    If there are no werewolf attacks, then voting will not occur.
    So if you are after NPC drops, then you may want play such that no harm comes to the werewolves.
    When it is time to vote, you can buy the revival of right to vote with authority points.
        This is under the "Policy implementation" option in town management.

[Feat changes and new special abilities]

    Uncontrollable power
        Replaces the arm-wresting feats. Gives the special action Uncontroll.
        I probably don't need to explain this, but how this works is that if you don't already have the buff when using Uncontroll, you will gain the buff and a status effect.
        If you already have the buff, it will use either Shadow Step and Swarm depending on your distance to the enemy.
        It uses more SP than those actions by themselves, but Fury+Swarm would be ridiculous in early-game.

        Replaces the martial arts feats. Gives the special action Vindalian Jiu-jitsu.
        When used, Vindalian Jiu-jitsu switches you between Jiu-jitsu and normal mode.
        In Jiu-jitsu mode, the text for martial arts usage will be changed to throws, and the enemy's defense will use depend on their DV and Light Armor skill.
        The effect of Squeeze will change. Damage will depend on Dexterity and the Martial Arts skill, and will also Bind the enemy for 1 extra turn, but the user will also be under the effect of Bind for 1 turn.
        There's more to martial arts roleplaying than physical blows.
        Characters that will now use Vindalian Jiu-jitsu:
            <Mary> the insect master
            ultimate golem
            <Arma> the tour guide
        The above NPCs have a chance to switch to Jiu-jitsu mode if the enemy's PV is higher than the DV by 100.
        If the enemy's DV>PV by 100, then there is a chance that these NPCs will disable Jiu-jitsu mode.

    Sexy Dance
        Replaces the sexy feats. Gives (W)ide special action Fascination Dance.
        Fascination Dance causes 4 turns to pass, after which the user's Charisma will be rolled against the Will of each enemy in sight.
        It will not work against blinded, sleeping, and unconscious characters, undead summoned via necromancy, and bored characters.
        If the roll succeeds, it inflicts 1 turn of paralysis.
        This is the AOE and vulnerable version of Bewitch that also prevents the enemy's gauge from increasing.
        If used during Party Time!, it will take 2/3 of the number of turns performing takes, and award you with more points than performing, but you will receive less money and no items.
        Characters that will now use Fascination Dance:
            soul bee (evolved wasp)
            necro dancer
            NB: soul bee may not be the actual name
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Re: ElonaPlus (Now at v1.59) Updated English Translation
« Reply #29 on: July 12, 2016, 12:30:37 PM »

[Changes and additions]

    Added a bit of content to Act III main quest.
    Added 1 precious artifact and 1 unique NPC to Act III.
    Added 1 red book.
    Added 4 new items.
    Added 2 item fusion recipes.
    Added 2 Wide special actions. One of them is for NPC use only.
    Added 2 new water spells. They are very weak but are non-elemental. They will be effective against targets that have high magic resistance, but be sure not to accidentally hit any enemies with Swimming skill. These spells will always make the affected targets wet. They will also wash away any tile-lingering effects (fires, spider webs, etc) within their area of effect.
    Added the Oil status ailment. When affected by Oil, fire-elemental damage will do 1.75 times as much damage. Oiled targets cannot be Wet. Characters that are already Wet can get Oil status, and in this case they will be able to have both status ailments at the same time. The upside to this is that PV and DV will be 1.3 times the base value. Recovered with the passage of time, prayer, and <Vernis Original>.
    Characters hit by molotov, snow, bottle of sulfuric, and tomato no longer get wet.
    Increased damage done by molotov and bottle of sulfuric. They now also will do more damage when blessed.
    Changed the repertoire of the 3 potion-throwing special actions. The types of potions thrown by each has been rearranged so that they're easier to use and understand.
    When one character in a tag team gets wet, the tag partner will now also get wet. However, both members of a tag team need to be holding a magaqua for that item to have an effect. If the player is riding, the steed will now also get wet as well.
    Damage of MP Breath special action is now reduced by magic resistance. It no longer costs gauge, and the MP cost has been halved.
    The chance that breath attacks causes a status ailment was a fixed low value (while the chance for spells to cause one is not fixed and has no upper limit), so this chance will now increase with the user's Constitution and resistance [towards the breath's element]. (It's still lower than for spells and has an upper limit though.)
    Pets in defence mode that have been handed a rod will no longer zap them. (Both attack and support type rods.)
    Big Daddies will now drop their Little Sisters when defeated by your summoned undead.
    Looked over the starting parameters of towns. (Only those on the City Chart.) Most of the parameters have been unchanged. Being able to manage towns will come sometime in the future.
    You will now get praise/authority points for successfully completing quests in a town, and the number of points awarded depends on the quest difficulty. (For escort and delivery quests, points are awarded for the destination town.) When you have 2000 points or more, talking to the town elder will let you manage the town in his stead. That's all that there is for now. For Melugas, you have to clear a sub quest as well in order to do that.
    Carpentry skill has been renamed as Crafting because the latter does not have as narrow a definition as the former. (NB: Name remains unchanged in English version.)


    Fixed being unable to switch between putting in and taking out items of 4-Dimensional Pocket if used after giving gifts, tokens of friendship, and chocolate. These items can also now be handed over one after another.
    Fixed Shadow Step not registering as an attack when used by the player against a character with the same character ID number as the quest giver (even when on a different map as the quest giver), if the player teleports towards the quest giver with the quest board. This persisted until the game was closed once.
    Fixed Clash Rush special action deducting HP penalty for usage from the wrong characters.
    Money received for clearing a random dungeon no longer overflows.

[New spells]

    Water Bolt
        Bolt spell without an element. Has a spellbook. Damage + wet status. Clears map effects within its area of effect.
        <Abyss Princess> now uses this spell instead of Crystal Spear.
    Bubble Storm
        Ball spell without an element. Has a corresponding stave (which cannot be crafted). Damage + wet status. Clears map effects within its area of effect.
        Basatan now uses this spell instead of Ice Ball.

[New (W)ide special actions]

    Silent Ocean
        Converts a large area of tiles (up to but not including ID 350) into water panels. Clears map effects within its area of effect.
        Characters within its area of effect will also be inflicted with Mist of Silence with a set spell power. Characters not floating or under the effects of Gravity will be inflicted with Wet status.

    Dimensional Fishing
        Prerequisite: Level up with 30 or more Fishing skill.
        Draws a hostile enemy on the map to you, and gives Fishing experience.
        Requires neither fishing rod nor bait. It will work even if you are surrounded by walls.
        The order in which NPCs will be drawn towards you is set, and will not change even if you load a save.
        As long as the NPC who has been drawn to you with Dimensional Fishing is still alive, the next NPC may not be drawn.
        This is basically Draw Shadow that ignores your range of sight, so it will fail if the target cannot teleport.
        Useful for killing the targets one at a time, or when you can't find the enemy during a hunting quest.

[New items]

    atomic launcher
        Aim it at the cell you want to fire it into and use it. Its power depends on Marksman, Carpentry, and Disarm Trap skill levels.
        It ignores defense, but if the three skills above are at low level, it won't be any better than a nuke.
        This will be considered an attack, so it will cause karma loss and Barrier feat activation.
        It is not affected by Magic Control, but shooting it at the very limit of its range (which is out of sight) will prevent the user from taking damage.
        It will not cause the karma loss that is intrinsic to nuke usage, and will not count towards completion of Noel's quest, but it will count towards the nuke counter in the journal.
        Unlike the Cat's Cradle (the regular nuke), it will also destroy all wall tiles within its area of effect. Good for when you need breathing space.
        Is not generated randomly. The only way to obtain it is through item fusion.

    M202 special
        Aim it at the cell you want to fire it into and use it. Its power depends on Marksman, Constitution, and fire resistance.
        It sets a larger area on fire than the Fire Wall spell, and the fires will last longer.
        The user will not be damaged by it. After the damage calculation, the target is afflicted by a short duration of Element Scar.
        You can put it to good use when hunting undead or as a debuffing tool... or you could go nuts with it and burn everything down. Like Fire Wall, it will not be affected by magatama.
        Generated rarely.

    Panzerfaust X
        If no target is selected, it will select one automatically and fire.
        Single-target damage that depends on Marksman and Perception.
        The target's PV will be lowered for 3 of the target's turns, and recover by 100 per turn.
        It ignores cMetal and cArmour bit flags.
        Generated rarely.

    <Sasanqua Sickle>
        Precious chain sickle.
        The Kunoichi below will carry it.
        Trades damage for invokes and accuracy.

        When drunk by or dowsed on a character, causes confusion (of lower strength than a potion of confusion) and a long-lasting duration of Oil status. Works with Alchemical Rain. Randomly generated.

    essential oil
        When drunk by or dowsed on a character, causes confusion (of even lower strength than gasoline) and a short-lasting duration of Oil status. Works with Alchemical Rain. Rarely randomly generated.
        Might be used in aroma therapy in the future.

[Changes to the repertoire of potions for the three ThrowPotion special actions]

    actThrowPotionMinor: blind, confusion, paralysis, sleep, beer
    actThrowPotionMajor: silence, slow, gasoline, weaken resistance, whiskey
    actThrowPotionGreater: sulfuric, aqua sanctio, disaster, crim ale

[New character]

    <Fashionable Kunoichi>
        Level 165 Norland. Hmm, a fashionable kunoichi... who could this be?
        Is a warmage, but will display as a ninja. Thunder vortex, Speed, and Distant Attack 7.
        NB: This will say Distant Attack in game, but it's a misnomer.

[Changes to existing unique NPCs]

    <Getuei>the ninja master
        No longer use decapitation. Will use Shadow Step, Blade Turbulence, and Struck Out instead.

[Additions to the main quest]

    F17 Cradle of Chaos event.
    If sub quest: Rule of Ninja has been completed, the <Fashionable Kunoichi> above and <Getuei> (neutral, has starting level of 140, and is visible) will be placed on F18 of the Cradle. They will both revive in a day on this floor. If the quest has not been completed, F18 will be empty.
    F19 event. The player will not be able to enter F20 yet.

[Changes and additions]

    When a new game is started, temporary facilities (that cannot be entered) were placed around towns, and would get removed during the first diastrophism. These will no longer be placed at all. They may be used in the future when a town development system has been implemented.
    Added just a bit of content to Act III main quest.
    Added 4 high-level worm race NPCs.
    Added 6 high-level imp race NPCs. Added 1 evolution.
    Added 1 unique NPC for Act III.
    Added generic enemy NPCs to some Act II and Act III mid-boss battles.
    Fawn On special action has been renamed to Bewitch.
    Added 2 special actions. One of them is for NPC use only.
    Changed the appearance and AI of some existing NPCs.
    Changed the materials required for creation of high potion of aqua sanctio in item fusion.
    Added a more severe version of Bind status ailment called Immobility. While immobile, all teleport-type actions and Shadow Step cannot be performed. Like sleep status, all physical attacks are guaranteed to hit the affected character.


    Fixed the crash that occurred because the facility added in 1.52 had the same internal parameter as the temporary facilities placed around Yowyn. That parameter has been fixed, and temporary facilities that have already been created will be removed after a diastrophism even in 1.52 and the game will stop crashing. Updating to 1.53 will also cause a diastrophism.
    Fixed the quest giver's name changing under certain conditions when the journal is opened while outside of the town that the quest was undertaken. As a precaution to prevent this bug, quest giver's names in the journal will now only be refreshed when the journal is opened while in the town that the quest was undertaken.

[New evolution]

    imp, nether imp, chaos imp evolve with the king heart into great imp, and learn Magic Equip. Speed increase depends on the original pet. Shines.

[New special ability]

    Bound in Blood
        Allies that are of the same race as the user will experience the effects listed below. The user will bleed severely.
        Gives Speed, Hero, and Attribution Shield depending on the Will of the target. Has less of an effect on the player.
        If gauge is less than 50%, then increase it by at most 30% depending on the target's gauge.

    MP Breath
        Use 25% gauge and 50% of current MP. Will not activate if MP is less than 50% of maximum MP.
        The effect will be colored with the color of the element that the user has the highest resistance against, but the breath itself is of magic element.
        It has the same power as Power Breath, but adds the value of the expended MP to the damage.
        It is unaffected by the enchant that enhances breath attacks or by Charge Attack.
        It destroys walls and floor tiles in its area of effect. (The attack will pierce walls.)
        Player learns this upon level up if the Fire Breath feat has been learned and unbuffed Constitution and Magic are 60 or greater.

[Changes to existing unique NPCs]

    MP Breath and graphic changes will affect existing NPCs. Other changes will affect only newly-generated NPCs.

    <Roatonis> the infections
        Will use Necro Force and summon undead monsters (zombies).
    <Lazasye> the destroy
        Will no longer use Houzanha, and will use MP Breath instead.
    <Mobile Communication Equipment>
        Appearance changed. Changed to gunner class.
        Loses the cArmour bit flag and Charge Attack, gains Lightning Breath.
    <chestnut giant>
        Uses Clash Rush.

[New characters]

    <Saimef> the doggod
        Level 150 doggod. Is a god. Ice Ball, Eye of Mana, Nether Breath.
        Cure of Jua at low health.
        Level 159 worm. Poison Breath, Mist of Darkness, Nether Wave, Attribution Shield.
        Some chance of obtaining poison resistance when eaten.
    bind devil worm
        Level 118 worm. Squeeze, Voracity Fang, Touch of Weakness, Chaos Breath.
    grand leech
        Level 79 worm. Eye of Ether, Gravity Sphere, Drain Blood.
    tentacle worm
        Level 35 worm. Squeeze, Rubbing, Draw Shadow.
    performaid bitchiack
        Level 162 imp. Magic Kiss, Bewitch, Eye of brainwashing, Magic Dart, Provoke.
        When gauge and MP are full, MP Breath.
    performaid pinchief
        Level 138 imp. Slow, Mist of Dazzling, Lightning Bolt.
        Will rarely use Summon chaos (to summon the three performaids below) and Healing Rain.
    performaid cocruel
        Level 125 imp. Shadow Step, Eye of Insanity. Also has Cooking skill.
    performaid desweeper
        Level 112 imp. Nerve Arrow, Mist of Silence, Crystal Spear, Death Word.
        When gauge is full, may rarely use Over-Ray.
    performaid bloodress
        Level 85 imp. Shadow Step, Insult. Rarely uses Bound in Blood.
    demon's commander
        Level 44 imp. Eye of brainwashing, Shadow Step, Teleport.
        Corpse gives magic exp. Floats.

[Added cannon-fodder enemies to mid-boss battle.]

    Added yerles mortar and metal zilla to <Mobile Communication Equipment> battle.
    Added bind devil worm to <Egelveil> the bind battle.

[Expanded main quest]

    The player can proceed to F16 of the Cradle of Chaos after speaking to Norne on F15.
    Made the dialogue complement the story thus far, and added foreshadowing.
    Placed <Saimef> the doggod on F16. Talk to him to receive an artifact, and <Saimef> will bleed. Defeating him will give you nothing, and he will resurrect on that floor in a day.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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