Author Topic: SewerJacks 0.8.7 released  (Read 4599 times)


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SewerJacks 0.8.7 released
« on: October 10, 2008, 10:59:37 AM »
The season over, you have been told in no uncertain terms that you will not be needed next season. Where do you go? What do you do? Football is all you know. You go where all unwanted footballers go, you go to the sewers.
Welcome to Sewerjacks! The game that mixes fantasy football with a roguelike.

Some new features in this release
- More playable classes and races including Wizard and Apothecary
- Combat system overhaul
- Player ghosts (well zombies really)
- Items and limited inventory
- More skills
- see complete change log below

Win32 binaries only

Sewerjacks Change Log

Version 0.8.7

ADD: Limitied inventory; weapon, armour and item slot
ADD: Items eventually wear out
ADD: New item type: Armour
ADD: Necromancer (evil) and raise dead spell
ADD: Visible allies and their health are listed in the sidebar
ADD: Unbreakable items
ADD: Added more information on start screen when choosing player class
ADD: Leap and Side Step(agility skill)
ADD: Very Long Leg (mutation skill)
ADD: Player ghosts - dead heros can now sort of come back

MOD: Rework of successful armour roll (hit) consequences
     (for BB players - STUNNED: minor damage, KO: full damage + prone, CAS: full damage + stunned)
MOD: If a player is hit hard enough they are stunned. One turn must pass before being placed prone.
MOD: Items now can be picked up and wielded/worn
MOD: Monsters no longer pick up health potions on full health.
MOD: Ice Troll icon highlights changed to blue to represent Norse team colours.
MOD: Bombs have an increased damage chance on direct hits (not in blast or fumbles).
MOD: Accurate skill slightly increases damage change on throws (bombs included).
MOD: Changed the way damage is calculated (now based on strength).
MOD: Double Team now has a +3 bonus to armour roll.
MOD: Increased Mighty Blow chance
MOD: Wizards and Apothecaries are now a starting race and start with Leadership.
MOD: Experience is no longer gained for killing oneself
MOD: When in map mode, the exit is highlighted if known
MOD: Enemies no longer start near player entry point when decending levels.
MOD: You now have to escape the last level to win.
MOD: Many text messages are placed on the same line.
MOD: Skills in minor skill tree now cost more to purchase
MOD: Items now drop on water
MOD: Cant push back stunned or prone enemies

BUG: Monster detection routine error: Monsters in LOS but out of sight range returned visable
BUG: Can no longer wield multiple weapons at once.
BUG: Fixed various spelling mistakes.
BUG: Some effects overwrote other effects on status sidebar
BUG: Being caught by tenticles now causes a turn
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