Author Topic: MageGuild v1.0 Released  (Read 5109 times)


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MageGuild v1.0 Released
« on: October 16, 2008, 03:58:43 PM »
MageGuild 1.0

I am proud to announce the first non-beta release of my roguelike game, MageGuild. It's been a bit of a bumpy ride, but we're finally here; big thanks to everyone who helped me test the beta versions.

In MageGuild, you take on the role of a talented and daring apprentice of the Nahelan Mage Guild. Delve through countless dark halls, gathering troves of hidden knowledge and gaining power, and battle hordes of deadly enemies that will test the limits of your power and wit; if you're very lucky and very skilled, you'll emerge into the light of day again, a full master in the Mage Guild.

Some of MageGuild's features:
  * Deep item crafting system that allows you to build what you need on-the-fly and ensures that you'll have no useless junk
  * Complex interactions between objects, spells, and beings in the world that give you tons of strategic options
  * Enemies all have their own unique quirks- cookie cutter creatures not welcome here
  * Tutorial that will give you a good handle on the game's controls and basic strategies
  * Optional graphical tiles and optional mouse support
  * Playable on any platform that supports either .NET or Mono

You can download it now at

Please send me any issues, questions, or feedback you might have; I'm reachable here, via e-mail at, and on the game's forums, at