Author Topic: T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta40 aka "Undeletable" unleashed  (Read 2828 times)


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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta40 aka "Undeletable" unleashed
« on: May 10, 2012, 12:40:04 PM »
As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta40 ! See
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

Important bugfixes inside!

Release highlights:
    Important bugfixes
    Small improvments to Archamge Time & Disruption shields

Expanded changelist:
    Slightly decreased random elite chance
    Random elites must now respect talent levels (roughtly)
    Implode is not usable by NPCs
    Removed Manaflow
    Disruption Shield is now affected By Aegis/Shielding
    Disruption Shield changed; only usable when <25% mana; each hit will regen mana. When at full it will explode as before. So either you get it at one point for a new mana regen or you get it to max for a less nice but still nice mana regen and a shield
    New arcane talent: Arcane Vortex; an arcane DOT that fires random manathrusts
    Time Shield backfire now leaves a dot on the ground
    Animal random elites should not be archers
    Fixed Cyst Burst after Epidemic
    Dark Surprise second hit is correctly a crit
    Various fixes
    Overkill can trigger only once per turn
    Reduced Brotoq all damage output by 40%
    Buffed Corpsebow
    When all resources are full, all talents are up, resting will try to wait for recall
    Rares should have a special tactical border in ASCII
    Fixed a bad bug that could make objects disappear
    Blood Vengeance has a sustain cost

Have fun!

PS: svn 5123