Author Topic: -POWDER- 085 Barbarian YASD  (Read 21882 times)


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-POWDER- 085 Barbarian YASD
« on: June 09, 2007, 11:07:31 PM »
Also posted on r.g.r.m.

I have been playing a bit of POWDER lately, and I have found it to be an
excellent game, it's really fun! It is really one of the greatest
roguelikes out there. Also, thank you very much Jeff for doing a Linux
version! ;) Now I just need a loader to get it on my DS too... :>

Anyway, I was in barbarian mood, so I ran several (mostly poor) barbarians,
worshipping H'ruth right from level 1. But then, there came a very
interesting one, whom which I made my personal record on the game (yeah, I
am not a very good player :P).

I knew this character's fate was high when, just when I start the game, an
artifact warhammer appears *right beside my starting tile*. And me, always
liking blunt weapons in general, thought it was divine providence ;)

So I started with a manual of guile, and decided to not spend any skill
points right from the start. Equipped my Evil crystal platemail (which I
wore the entire game), some boots and I got going.

Shortly thereafter, exploring the first level, I found the ring of
invisibility I also wore the entire game, although it was cursed on the
start, but I didn't care much. I *did* care, though, when trying to ID a
ring it happened to be an evil ring of teleport, which made advancing
through the dungeon a pain.

I started the classical clear level -> down stairs approach all the way,
and, besides some Quizar punishment invoking lots of enemies, I tried to
tackle baddies one on one, showing them how much did my warhammer rock :>.

Speaking of Quizar, when he started sending hordes of monsters and I was low
level, I really suffered. He invoked snakes, rats and an imp, but I knew I
wouldn't be able to handle them all at once. I quickly killed one enemy
which was beside the door, ran away at 5 o 6 HP and quickly closed myself
into a cleared room, and waited there for HP regen, to get my revenge
shortly thereafter.

As I said, I worshipped H'ruth all the way, but it was Klaskov who kept
being nice to me. He uncursed all my stuff, so I finally got rid of that
stupid teleporting ring, gave me a +3 boots, uncursed then +1'd my crystal
platemail, and unpoisoned (does that word even exist? :P) me shortly after
fighting a green dragon. H'ruth just looked from far away, and the only
present he gave me was a *short sword* which I didn't even pick up :P,
although if I recall correctly he healed me once or twice too.

I found very amusing the "fight" between Pax and Klaskov. Pax would get
angry at my violence and start cursing my stuff, and like 10 turns later,
Klaskov would uncurse everything again. The other gods, besides Quizar who
gave me a nasty surprise with some invocations, did not bother me much.

Since I do not know much about what intrinsics give which monster, and since
I was kind of fearful of dying of starvation, I kept eating all that came
into my hands. However, I eated so many demons I finally became vulnerable
to silver, so I had to get rid of my cold-resistance silver ring, and I
could not try those silver spears I planned on trying.

I found a cockatrice there on the dungeon and... I got "Hardening" on my
screen. Since I didn't know what to do, I just kept playing, and when I
turned to stone, luckily my amulet broke and saved my life (although I
didn't know it was a AoLS).

Since I saw I was not getting any other books, and I got another book of
Guile, I decided to spend my skills on those I found most interesting.
Later, I did find an armour book, but I had some skills still left and I
learned the first 3 kinds of armour, then the book dissapeared.

Anyway, later on, after bravely fighting some liches, dragons and such
(luckily, I was cold resistant at the moment I found liches, and that plus
my massive health plus the love Klaskov had to me kept me alive), I found
another cockatrice... and, stupid me, I did not ran away. You can guess
what happens next. I got turned to stone, and desperately I quaffed two
potions or so (although I do not know which they were - I think blindness
and heal) but to no avail, so there is now a big, beefy statue with a
massive warhammer on the corridors of the maze.

Here goes the mortem:

Code: [Select]
Name: Adral
Physical: 119/23 (max 147)
Mental: 17/0 (max 17)
AC: 16
X: 565
Depth: 255
// I think it was level 16 or so when I died.
Total Moves 7526
- Turning to stone
// :(
- Poison resistance
- Regeneration
- Invisible
- See invisible
- Dodge skill (1)
- Moving target skill (1)
// These two were for aiding me survive.
- Search skill (1)
- Evade trap skill (1)
// I figured I really didn't like traps, so I picked this first.
- Endure hunger skill
- Butchery skill
- Clean kill skill
- Dual wield skill
- Cloth armour skill (2)
- Leather armour skill (2)
- Iron armour skill (2)
// The book dissapeared before I could get Exotic for my crystal plate
- Medium weapon skill
- Large weapon skill
- Edged weapon skill
- Blunt weapon skill
- Pointed weapon skill
- Impale skill
- Knockback skill
// Knockback was the last one I got.

// 1 - From manual of guile, 2 from manual of armour, the
// others were presents of H'ruth at leveling up
Equipped Items:
- +1 Iron helm on head.
- Warhammer Amyamy in right
// Go warhammer! This really helped me lots, as you can
// guess. I finished all monsters with relative ease.
- +1 Crystal platemail over
// This was my beggining evil crystal platemail
- Ring of invisibility on
right finger.
// Found on level 1
- +3 Iron shoes on feet.
// Klaskov present
The holy potion of
enlightenment Smashwhizamy
This artifact grants fast. 
Melee: 1d2+0 (physical)
Thrown 4: 1d2+0 (physical)

The evil cure potion
This artifact grants walk on
Melee: 1d2+0 (physical)
Thrown 4: 1d2+0 (physical)

// When I saw there were artifact *potions* I
// really couldn't believe it.

The warhammer Amyamy
This artifact grants
Melee: 1d8+0 (fire), 2d4+3
Thrown 2: 1d2+0 (physical)
// Talk about OOD :P
Inventory Items:
- +1 Crystal platemail.
- Plate mail.
- Scroll of identify.
- Holy heal potion.
- Manual of guile (3).
- Wand of slowness (5).
- Holy +3 fur-lined boots.
- Evil scroll of light.
- 4 Empty bottles.
- Tome of necromancy (5).
- Tower shield.
- Evil potion of
- 2 Maces.
- Scroll of remove curse.
- Evil heal potion.
- Wand of light (3).
- Wand of polymorph (6).
- Cure potion.
- Ring of cold resistance.
- Wand of sleep (5).
- Wand of nothing (2).
- Torch.
- 2 Acid potions.
- Evil scroll of teleport.
- Holy potion of enlightenment
- Bottle of holy water.
- Evil -3 helm of warning.
- Helm of draining.
// I wore this for a while, until I found the +1 helm
- Evil smoke potion.
- Heal potion.
- Mana potion.
- Evil mana potion.
- Scroll of teleport.
- Scroll of fire.
- Holy +1 mithril chainmail.
- Evil cure potion
- +1 Iron helm.
- 2 Scrolls of light.
- Holy wand of teleport (6).
- 2 Scrolls of enchant weapon.
- 2 Potions of enlightenment.
- Smoke potion.
- Ring of teleportation named
- Ring of invisibility.
- Warhammer Amyamy.
- Evil tome of acid (4).
- Crystal platemail.
- +3 Iron shoes.

So, any advice on dealing with cockatrices, please? How do I get rid of
that "hardening" status? Any help is appreciated.

And Jeff, thanks again both for the great game and the Linux binaries! :)
On the wings of the storm.


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Re: -POWDER- 085 Barbarian YASD
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2008, 08:58:20 PM »
So, any advice on dealing with cockatrices, please?
cast blind on them


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Re: -POWDER- 085 Barbarian YASD
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2008, 04:57:30 AM »
So, any advice on dealing with cockatrices, please?
Find speed boots. They give extra move each 3 moves. So, tactic "3 steps, 1 hit" gives enemy no chance to counterattack :)
This tactic is also helpful against other nasty melee enemies, such as water elementals.
Also, "unchanging" intrinsic protects you from turning to stone. And potion of acid, quaffed or shattered near you, stops hardening. The same thing does casting "Acid splash" at yourself.

P.S. Hmm, sorry, didn't look at the time of first post :)


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Re: -POWDER- 085 Barbarian YASD
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2009, 05:04:04 AM »
So, any advice on dealing with cockatrices, please?
cast blind on them

I'm really sorry about the necropost, but this topic in particular interests me - I play POWDER 111 on a Nintendo DS and cockatrices have been my bane (responsible for over 50 percent of my deaths).  How does blinding them help? Is their petrification attack dependent upon them being able to see? Or is it a simple matter of blindness decreasing their chance to hit with all attacks including petrification?

I have found a way to keep acidic items on hand for the purpose of ingestion to reverse hardening - using the Preserve spell on slug corpses (which are generally plentiful and nowhere near as filling as a yellow dragon corpse) works nicely.  It won't do you much good if you're Full, of course.