Author Topic: 7DRL Success: Well of Enchantments (now at +1 Week version)  (Read 3064 times)


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7DRL Success: Well of Enchantments (now at +1 Week version)
« on: March 24, 2012, 07:35:28 PM »
IBOL attacks once more!   8)

The Well Of Enchantments is a magical place where all
spells that backfire or miss their targets end up.
also found here are magical items that slip through the cracks,
powers that are removed from items, and even some things
that are sacrificed on altars.

as a result, it is littered with a very strange assortment of magical items.
of course there is an equally deadly assortment of monsters to deal with!

X - examine inventory item
C - consume (eat or drink something that is edible)
Z - Zap . activate the zap power of anything with a 'charge'. random chance of item "crumbling to dust"
R - Read. read anything with a magical inscription. reading destroys item
P - Put On. wear something as armor. most things can be worn.
W - wield. use something as a weapon. anything can be a weapon.
weapons can break.
D - Drop. drop something you're carrying.
. or 5 - REST. heal, reduce bad effects. using nutrition faster.
M - toggle "RunMode". 0=every move requires a keystroke. 1=can hold down key unless too close to monster or known trap
2=can always run.
S - toggle "Slow Message". 0=no wait for new messages, 1=pause for each message.
A/E - show "All Effects" that you have learned. flavors, inscriptions, charges, glows.
Q - quit. X to confirm.
arrow keys - move (also yuhjklbn)

click on an inventory item to see its properties (same as [X])
click near player icon to move in that direction.
mouse required to target some "zaps".

After a week now:

ok, so here is a new version, one week later.
most of the changes are to improve general playabilty,
color coding inventory, fixing little bugs, etc.
there is lots of monster balancing also, but steely eyes (level 3)
are still very difficult... travel slowly there...

if anyone wants to play the game for "fun" , this is the version
i would recommend. it has no crashing bugs that i know of.
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