Author Topic: Sumerian Blood: Gilgamesh Against the Gods  (Read 5145 times)


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Sumerian Blood: Gilgamesh Against the Gods
« on: March 13, 2012, 08:59:31 AM »
Hello there,

I am an old(new) visitor, and I have come because I have yet another new game in the workings.
My older game "Wonder: The Evil" was cancled. Heh.
But this time I have something a lot more interesting under my sleeve.
Sumerian Blood is an Archon inspired game set in ancient mesopotamia.
It's similar to Archon in the chess board\actiopn sense. But it's different because each unit has it's own unique attack.
I have a really good feeling about this game, and I even enjoyed myself playing this game against someone(it's really hard to enjoy your own games).
The game is going to be available on the PC and Android, and possibly other platforms.
Some videos:

To download the free alpha:

Please tell me what you think. :)