Author Topic: Stellar Edge 0.0.52 released  (Read 2341 times)


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Stellar Edge 0.0.52 released
« on: February 16, 2012, 02:21:36 AM »

Version 0.0.52 of Stellar Edge includes only a few new features with more coming soon. I should be able to spend quite a bit more time working on the game in the next few months.

-I removed two skills (not that skills do a lot right now) – Bartering and Melee and replaced them with Explosives and Stealth. Stealth will help the overall squad odds while moving past monster eggs for now and will of course do a lot more when I move on to adding more AI and types to aliens/monsters.

-I also added a help screen that is accessible at any time by pressing F1.

-I made a number of improvements to the engine as well and fixed a ton of small bugs. It’s also set up now so that the monster you are targeting will be highlighted in red on the sidebar.

-Also, monster eggs will finally hatch if you get close to them. As mentioned above stealth will help if you are close, but if they hatch you may find yourself quickly surrounded and dead.

  -A counter to this is the addition of explosives – for now an unlimited amount of grenades. They will be toned down in strength, variations will be added, and they will of course have to be bought or crafted in future versions.

To use one, hit “A” for activate on your keyboard

Press enter while the Grenade is selected and you’ll be able to select the crew member who will use the item

Press the space bar on the crew member you want to use the item and then enter. You’ll then be able to aim your throw with the arrow keys.

Note that when one squad member uses a grenade the other two can still take an additional shot (or use more grenades!) – the turn is not over until all squad members have made some type of move.

The game should be fully vi-key/netbook compatiable now. If you run in to issues please contact me or leave a comment bellow.

I’ve also started setting up a wiki but since the game is still very, very Alpha there isn’t much there.

Win/Linux and the first update released since ARRP 2011---very nice to see this in active development again!   8)
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