Author Topic: Caves of Qud new version released  (Read 2587 times)


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Caves of Qud new version released
« on: February 17, 2012, 03:17:58 AM »
The project moves so fast, yet randomly, that it has left me utterly in the dust as to catch up and keep tabs on it.

Still, this here is a big one!   8)  Think of it as 2/16/12 or something...yeah..

*Major redesign of Bethesda Susa
*Many new creatures
*Many new robots
*Many new plants
*Many new items
*Several new liquids
*True Man may now aquire cybernetics during the game (not during character creation)
*You may now store items in containers
*New random encounter: baetyls that will demand various offerings in return for rewards
*Added more variety to the geography of random cave systems
*Added color coding to ability status on the abilities sidebar view
*Added AV-ignoring elemental-damage melee attacks
*Greatly increased the variety of encounters in random cave systems
*Added some new global underground features
*Boosters will now apply their effects when striking as projectiles
*Some large creatures may now equip two-handed weapons in one hand
*NPCs will now switch to better gear, and rate their available equipment more correctly
*There's now a splashing animation when walking through deep pools
*Deep pools now take additional energy to move through
*Creatures standing in deep pools will become stuck if those pools freeze
*You may no longer sprint through deep water
*Becoming frozen will now cause flying creatures to crash
*Increased the AV and hitpoints of high-tier turrets
*Added the ability to unbind temporary bindings by pressing delete or backspace
*Thrown weapons are more effective
*All hero encounters are more difficult
*Updated many objects
*Updated some old resist equipment to properly give elemental resistance
*Only creatures indicate cold status
*Zones may now have varying ambient temperatures
*Things that explode while in an inventory now cause an explosion at the location of the posessing object
*Slightly increased the range in which mobs will con as 'average', as they were going to 'easy' somewhat before they were actually easy
*Slightly reduced the effect willpower has on mental cooldowns
*Slightly increased the cooldown of pyro and cryo kinesis
*Domination now has a duration
*All rivers and canyon systems will build faster
*Fixed stunning forces and other pushes causing lockups
*Fixed dismemberment
*Fixed some performance issues with giant piles of qudzu
*Fixed several quest step descriptions running off the edge of the screen
*Fixed some extranous zone building when AI would determine targeting for AOE abilities
*Fixed ambient light auto-toggling on
*Fixed some bugs that would stop rechability-map generation in ruined areas from working correctly
*Fixed some issues where ruined areas would sometimes pack a billion monsters into a tiny area
*Fixed autoeating and drinking while frozen
*Fixed missle weapons autolocking to objects outside of line of sight
*Fixed being able to fill containers while frozen
*Fixed electrified weapons correctly discharging on hit, not pen
*Fixed phasing causing effect end turn messages to not process correctly
*Fixed several mutations applying out of phase
*Fixed unidentified weapons and armor showing their combat stats
*Fixed applicatior use costing double
*Fixed being able to equip and unequip items while stuck
*Fixed NPCs just sitting there if they ran out of ammo
*Fixed young ivories striking flying and phased objects (unless the young ivory is also flying or phased)
*Fixed followers starving to the point where they stopped regenerating
*Fixed a bunch of stair hookup bugs
*Fixed display of hulk honey duration for mutants
*Fixed a stack overflow in physics pushes (stunning force) and liquids
*Fixed off-hand attacks over 100% incorrectly calculating the chance of multiple attacks
*Fixed boosters applying to robots
*Fixed gasses propagating through solid but non-occluding objects (i.e. glass walls)
*Fixed a bodypart exception
*Fixed a minor memory leak in the maze generator
*Fixed auto-walking to down stairs causing you to autopath into pits
*Fixed a crash in vital fire
*Fixed a goal handler crash
*Fixed a major bug in the inventories of deep object copies
*Fixed a crash when attempting to go from the world map to an invalid zone
*Fixed projectile hit messages working incorrectly when the projectile failed to penetrate armor
*Fixed some booster effects not being visible on NPCs
*Fixed charge to only proc its attack if the charging creature ends up adjacent to the target
*Fixed hook and drag to correctly break if the target teleports
*Fixed an issue with lighting and invisible creatures
*Fixed an issue with charge being visible even when the charging creature is invisible
*Fixed splashing and swimming effects ocurring even with frozen liquids
*Fixed injectors so that their action is correctly 'get' when selected from a chest
*Fixed the color of qudzu stems
*Fixed blasts throwing around open bodies of water
*Fixed invisible creatures showing particle text
*Added support for ObjectBlueprint mods, loading files matching the pattern ObjectBlueprints_*.xml.
*Added support for Books mods, loading files matching the pattern Books_*.xml.
*Added support for EncounterTables mods, loading files matching the pattern EncounterTables_*.xml
*Note: For all supported mod files, you may override existing entries or create entirly new ones. You do not have to replicate the entire original source, only add the entries you wish to override or add. Make sure to include the parent tag pair for the appropriate file (i.e. <objects>, inside of which you define your object tags)
*Note: This patch will violently break old saves, so finish any outstanding games before upgrading
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