Author Topic: Dungeons of Dredmor 1.0.8 released  (Read 2992 times)


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Dungeons of Dredmor 1.0.8 released
« on: December 12, 2011, 09:33:58 PM »

Patch 1.0.8 has now hit The Steam. We’ll be pushing patches out to the Humble Indie Bundle download-page and to Desura shortly. There are a few crashes that slipped by us – most notably, one crash in the crafting system, one crash drinking the new Diggle Nog, and one crash with the new vending machine looting; we’ll be mopping those up and putting out a hotfix tonight. We’re also not sure what’s going on with OS X yet, other than “a very bad thing”, but we’re trying to get this sorted out as well. Our current theory is that Dredmor is being haunted by the vengeful ghost of Steve Jobs, who was never keen on having games for OS X anyway.

… so, yeah. Hang tight, we’ll get this sorted, and in the mean time don’t drink the Diggle Nog. (This is good advice for life.)

DLC: We’re still waiting on a release date from Valve for this, but it is done. Unfortunately, the media seems to be running with the idea that it is out today as well. It’s not. It’ll be a bit; everything gets very silly at Christmas.

There has also been a request for a Changelog: we’ve posted it below.

CHANGELOG (from 1.0.6 to 1.0.8)

- A female hero has been added to the game.
- Added Modding Support! (Use at your own risk.)
- Added No Time To Grind mode: shorter dungeon levels, more monster XP.
- All skill trees now have a minimum of 5 skills.
- Added support for polymorphing. (More of this in the DLC.)
- Wand tree has been completely revised. Wands now use traditional charges, and the wand lore tree now contains Wandcrafting instead.
- Added n-dimensional lathe to craft wands.
- Added new crafting interface; we stole the old one from Minecraft, we stole the new one from Terraria.
- Added belt, glove, and pant slots. Added belts, gloves, and pants (10 of each)
- Added some more items.
- Added anti-magic field sprayers and anti-magic effects.
- Added monster taxonomy flags.
- Removed the Deadshot skill tree; pushed its stuff into Perception and Crossbowery.
- Fountains will now occasionally give you a ring or amulet.
- Added the Powder of Ibn Ghazi. Go see those Eldritch Horrors.
- Added a colorblind correction mode, for players with red/green colorblindness (proteranopia/deuteranopia)
- Added mute buttons to start panel.
- Set some custom blockers to be immobile (fixes the “mad flying grate” things.)
- 2X inventory.
- spellmines now fire on each gameplay tick, rather than if you move through them
- Changed XP giving formula for “It Belongs in a Museum”
- Added grated cheese and meat!
- Added new key binding support.
- Added unique items for all buff effects.
- Added new “unarmed attack” sound variations.
- Added a new vending machine for craftables.
- Some work on the Minimap.
- Added % chance flag for room blockers.
- Added room scripting support.
- More robust item spawning.
- Added monster AI improvement: “chicken flag”
- Secret hidden fun rooms.
- FIXED: flying pets.
- FIXED: Armour now correctly gives damage bonuses. (Cybertronic Orb, Magma Orb)
- FIXED: timing bug with clicking allows the player to bypass monster turns
- FIXED: The Axekeytar now actually shoots rocks.
- FIXED: Broken magic tutorial in 1.0.7.
- FIXED: various monster stealing issues.
- FIXED: monsters will now corrupt anything, not just your artifact weapons.
- FIXED: passable flags being reset on save/load
- FIXED: various things not giving you blasting damage
- FIXED: Used inconsequentia statues now look different from Spent Ones.
- FIXED: probably some other bugs, but we can’t remember what they are.
- REBALANCING: like crazy. Post your favourite nerf here and win a small, meaningless prize.
- ACHIEVEMENTS: Some new achievements. (Some of which are DLC only.)

Between the lot of this and the soon-to-be expansion Realm of the Diggle Gods----the game should prove far meatier than before, along with extra bones and organs as well really.   8)
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