Author Topic: Neon 0.3.6 released  (Read 2280 times)


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Neon 0.3.6 released
« on: November 13, 2011, 09:03:46 PM »

Editor updates: - better support for extensions - better drag-and-drop - alfabetic ordering in the object tree - editor windows are opened centered on screen - improved loading/creating of mods - resource system - dialog editor bug fixed - dungeon and region theme editing added

 Engine updates: - non-portal door bug fixed - animations (currently only for ranged combat) - locks on containers - containers can now contain other containers - options are now saved in neon.ini - training bug fixed - the correct position is now shown on the world map - randomly generated maps are saved correctly - items are saved correctly

 General updates: - improved type safety in source code - filesystem jar bugs fixed - armor and clothing are now separated - java.nio for file handling - temp directory bug fixed - objects are removed correctly from the RTree

 There is a problem in the way java handles file separators (slash, backslash, colons) for different operating systems. This may cause some unexpected bugs when working with .jar files. If the engine or editor does not start, try to unpack darkness.jar and change the path 'data/darkness.jar' in neon.ini to the directory where you unpacked darkness.jar.

Some nice gains this release in general and as they continue to grapple Java into shape it'd seem.   :D
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