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Harrowed 1HRL
« on: November 08, 2011, 12:59:08 PM »
I just realised I forgot to post about this here...  There was a Ludum Dare competition recently to make a game in zero hours.  May sound tricky, but it's not so bad when you consider that the clocks were going back when it was being run, so in reality I got a whole hour to do it.  One extra element of challenge though was that I was straight out of a Hallowe'en party, and thus quite drunk, but it was still manageable.

Harrowed is a very minimalist roguelike with all feedback shown through flyouts around your character - there are no stat listings nor is there a game log.  The gameplay is simple fair - advance through the dungeon whilst being chased by enemies.  Enemies die in one hit, and do minimal damage to you, but can overwhelm you in numbers if you don't position yourself well.  You get fully healed each time you go down a level, but the levels get harder as you go on.  Screenshot:

1 hour was admittedly a little difficult, but using the T-Engine helped significantly, and I'm quite proud ofthe fact that the game is more complete than many 7DRLs I've tried.  The basic gameplay is reasonably fun too, though takes a little while to get seriously challenging.  Furthest I've gotten is level 13.

Download link for Windows:

Mac and Linux have to download the T-Engine beta 34 and grab the module file for the game here:

Known bugs (kinda inevitable given the fast development):
 - Level reached is incorrectly reported as one higher than actually achieved
 - Error message pops up on level 10 (but can be safely dismissed)
 - Some T-Engine key commands are unsupported and shouldn't be touched (like 'r'esting) - stick to movement and stairs traversal only
 - Reloading save games doesn't work
 - Window can't be resized in-game (but can be set on the menu screen before launch)

Any other bugs/issues please let me know.  Furthest I've gotten is level 13.
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