Author Topic: Triangle Wizard R 11.04 released  (Read 2723 times)


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Triangle Wizard R 11.04 released
« on: November 13, 2011, 01:00:06 PM »

So there were still some problems with the last patch,so here is a major bugfix patch! I also rewrote the quest handling system,so hopefully the journal will no longer mess up entries.

Patch R 11.04 Notes:

-Fixed a problem that caused curses done by deities in retaliation for killing their disciples to stack.
-Removed a problem where creatures would be spiked by ground spikes for no good reason.
-Worshippers of Tir-Jahar no longer get stuck against walls if those walls are indestructable.
-Fixed a problem where creatures that could walk through walls could exit the level.
-Fixed a bug that could cause a crash after buying an item from the shopkeeper.
-Fixed a minor bug that caused there to be less items in the shops than usual.
-Shopkeeper shop now also says which items are sacred to deities and to which.
-Increased the powers of Xi and Bacchus.
-Increased the power of the curse of Jamile.
-Changed the boon you get from Neptus,the Sea Devil and also the curse.
-Tidal Supremacy does not longer work inside walls.
-Added the Dungeons and Decorating low level quest.
-There is now a slight delay before a djinn can modify the trajectory of projectiles. Mainly because it looks nicer when you have more projectiles.
-Fixed a positively massive problem in the internal architecture,which could potentially cause so many problems but somehow didn’t.
-Finally fixed the problems with the journal getting confused between quests.
-Made another adjustment that might stop the wall disappearence bug appearence.
-Raise Wall now removes floor spikes it is cast over.
-Destroying walls will sometimes leave debris floor spikes.

Nice assortment of fixes and additions following the last that was much the same.  Progress~   8)
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