Author Topic: Legend of Siegfried 0.1.4 Released!  (Read 3317 times)


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Legend of Siegfried 0.1.4 Released!
« on: July 28, 2011, 02:44:33 PM »
Version 0.1.4 of the Legend of Siegfried is released:  the big highlights of this version are the new autoexplore and goto commands.  Currently goto is only activated by mouse clicking, and autoexplore's default key is 'x'.

Download 0.1.4 for Windows;  requires .NET Framework 4.0
Download 0.1.4 for Linux; requires Mono

Forums are available for bug reports and feature requests on the official site

Changelog for 0.1.4

 * Added the bottomless dungeon
 * Added a number of Alchemy Ingredients
 * Added 4 item types
 * Added 5 artifacts
 * Added item color highlighting based on rarity in item lists
 * Added 7 item enchantments
 * Added 2 item materials
 * Added 1 item quality
 * Added capability to cancel "long" actions e.g., wearing or removing armor
 * Added amulets, 5 varieties
 * Added goto on mouse click
 * Added autoexplore command
 * Added re-stocking to shops
 * Added selling to shops
 * Added inventory limitations
 * Added settings configuration file, which is used for various preferences
 * Added elemental resistance modifiers to various material types
 * You can no longer wield a shield and bow at the same time
 * Made armor modifiers change the displayed protection values when inspecting an item
 * Made agility affect speed
 * Factions may now make outcasts
 * Allowed viewing inventory from main screen, rather than having to view equipment first
 * Improved cave generation
 * Improved context sensitive movement to handle closed doors
 * Slight tweak to random name generation
 * Fixed a bug with item lists displays
 * Fixed a bug with pageable data line wrapping
 * Fixed a bug with projectiles modifiers not applying
 * Fixed a minor bug with awareness not updating correctly in some cases


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Re: Legend of Siegfried 0.1.4 Released!
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2011, 08:32:04 PM »
Congrats on the quick release pace, especially between this one and the last!   8)
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