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Endless Adventure RPG (1.0 iOS) $
« on: April 14, 2017, 03:10:33 PM »
After previously releasing Endless Nights and Endless Depths 2, I've taken the next step with Endless Adventure.  The game supports a party of up to 4 with the standard roguelike features such as random quests, random dungeons, permadeath, etc.   The game matches the difficulty to the number of characters in the party, so you can go out solo, as a duo or a full party of 4.   You can even manually set the difficulty right at the beginning in case you like taking on an adventure meant for 3-4 with your solo character.

The game is freemium with 8 of the 26 classes free.  No restrictions on gameplay, so you can solve it with those 8 classes. 

Endless Adventure is a single player turn-based roleplaying game that allows up to four characters in a party to choose from randomly-generated quests speckled around the map.  The explore-as-you-go adventure is a twist on many roguelike games, with not even the smartphone or tablet aware of what exactly is around the next corner.   The mission-style quests and strategic combat offer a tabletop experience as characters romp across the land with limited access to healing, putting a greater emphasis on survival.   

Endless Adventure is the successor to Endless Depths, a straight-up roguelike, and Endless Nights, the roguelike with a heart of gold.  The newest game in the series takes everything several steps forward, allowing both solo-play and multiple character parties, bringing the randomness that roguleikes are know for to the questing system, and providing an epic area for characters who reach maximum level and solve the main story. 

Here's a link to the app store: