Author Topic: T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta25 aka "Terror of the Woods" unleashed!  (Read 2178 times)


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As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta25 ! See

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations( ) !

Release highlights:
* Various important fixes and updates
* Balances tweaks
* New Thaloren starting zones, along with their own city
* Starting zones reduced to 3 levels, next tier zones to 5 levels

Expanded changelist:
* Ring of blood orb wont take your money if you killed the blood master
* User chat notification upon death
* Unlocks made while offline are now also available while online
* Merged Heavy & Massive armour trainings into a single talent (that goes to 10 like the weapon ones). At level 1 it allows heavy gloves/helms/boots, at level 2 heavy armours, at level 3 shields and at level 4 massive armours. Classes start with enough levels to wear their starting gear
* Aura of Silence description shows the radius
* Silence correctly prevents usage of runes
* Using timetravel spells will not break the ingame chat
* Sotrming the city quest is now more obviously presented on the worldmap
* Armour changed again, it is back to a flat damage reduction
* New stat: armour hardiness, it's base 30% and can be increased with Armour Training. It represents how much of a blow is affected by armour
* Fixed Slime Roots
* Fixed dual weapon training and corrupted strength
* Achievements list now colors in green achievements got by your current character
* Reduced the length of all starting zones to 3 levels and the next zone tier (daikara, maze, ...) to 5
* Antimagic quest now grants Antimagic achievement
* Removed all lava floors from the wyrm room in vor armoury
* Spectators wont decay in the ring of blood
* Fixed long load times when loading a populated level
* Fix crash on big maps
* Rod of Recall / Teleport: Angolwen cooldown adjusted to 400
* Bill is no longer the boss of the trollmire, he has been replaced by Prox, an other troll, which hits not nearly as hard
* Bill has now got his own special level, whose access must be found. And he is now nastier
* The slave combatant has the correct number of infusions
* Dreadmasters now correctly summon dreads
* Defensive throw should now take place after counter attacks
* Reorganized and rebalanced the age manipulation tree
* Removed stat increasing effects from an anomaly
* Wormhole is now instant cast
* Cut sustain cost of Door to the Past in half
* Lowered cost of relentless strikes
* Striking stance now increases accuracy instead of critical power
* Rushing strike stun duration reduced
* Roundhouse kick damage reduced (a bit)
* Spacetime tuning now has a cap on how high it can raise your paradox
* Shattering Impact can only trigger once per turn
* Put much-needed door in the bandit fortress
* Added some non-lava floors to one of the demon nest vaults
* Added dialog to the alchemists to inform the player that they're not the only one working on these ingredients
* Made squid ink more visible
* Changed elixir of stoneskin on-drink message so it makes more sense for skeletons
* Equilibrium and Paradox sustains only check for failure on activation
* Fixed loot generation in vault to be more diverse
* Fix wraithform cost
* Tactical display is now handled by entities (actors) display callback (no change for modules, except they can customize it as needed)
* Added lifebars to tactical display mode
* Melinda got tiles!
* Various fixes
* Daikara rift can not spawn on the previous/next level changers
* Random worldmap encounters can not happen at birth
* Atamathon is now displayed on all tiles settings
* Actor list display wont show the player anymore
* Kill Bill achievement is possible even with the new troll boss (the last lore note drops from him but not on death). Still, quite hard to pull off!
* Bosses will be marked as purple on the minimap
* New starting zones for the Thaloren: The main thaloren camp, Shatur; the lair of norgos; the heart of the gloom
* Timeless wont produce negative timed effects
* Fix Aim to work as advertised
* Fixes sand tunnels in briagh lair
* Fixes the terrain cloning issue with Rune of the Rift and Time Skip.
* Also adjusted wormhole entrance range.

Have fun!


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Re: T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta25 aka "Terror of the Woods" unleashed!
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The good progress continues.   8)
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