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DoomRL released
« on: February 12, 2011, 01:07:59 PM »

DoomRL has been released!

The new version fixes all known bugs, adds a lot of flavor, and expands the game with not yet seen content! A new animation system has been introduced, you can play around with Assemblies, and several of the special levels became truly special!

Grab it while it's hot on the DoomRL website! Both Windows and Linux 32-bit versions are available -- Linux 64-bit and hopefully a Mac OS X version will come soon!

ChaosForge is growing! I'd like to use this moment to announce a lot tighter release schedule from now on -- the first Beta of should be available to Supporters no later than in one month, and the official release is going to be no later than in 4 months. Please be sure to check out the ChaosForge treasury and if you think that ChaosForge games gave you something, then why not give something back :).

Most noticeable change in this release is the asynchronous animation system -- many things happen in DoomRL at the same time, strongly reinforcing the dynamic feel of the game! This is a side effect of the concurrently developed graphics version, which a few of the Chaos crew are already testing.

Second major change, not immediately visible is the presence of Assemblies. Specific combinations of mods applied to an item may trigger an Assembly possibility -- sometimes completely transforming an item into a more powerful version! Known Assemblies with their receipts are gathered in the player info screen -- the names of the basic ones are already revealed.

Final major change are major changes to some of the special levels. There's even a presence of a semi-plot that binds three special levels together. Following that we have three new boss monsters, fighting which is truly no joke!

To celebrate the enhanced levels there are three DoomRL dedicated MIDI tracks for some of them, possible thanks to the artistic talent of Simon Volpert. Be sure to check out the forum thread for a lot better sounding MP3 renditions!

Minor changes include a completely new config system, new exotics and uniques, new config options and several tweaks and flavor enhancements!

[add] -- TR#---: Asynchronous animation system!
[add] -- TR#---: Assemblies! Play around with different combinations of mods to create new equipment!
[add] -- TR#---: Hell Armory revisited! Now with a special prize!
[add] -- TR#---: Lava Pits now have a guardian and special reward!
[add] -- TR#---: The Vaults are now openable!
[add] -- TR#---: New powerful configuration system!
[add] -- TR#---: advanced error recovery mechanism (error.log and recovery)
[add] -- TR#---: Command line switch -config filename.lua
[add] -- TR#---: JC level and Unholy Cathedral MIDI track added (by Simon Volpert)
[add] -- TR#---: 15 new medals (most of them hidden) and 20 new badges!
[add] -- TR#---: alternative reward for Cathedral... sometimes...
[add] -- TR#---: two new options for Config -- IntuitionColor and IntuitionChar
[add] -- TR#---: Single monster level type added! (Xander)
[add] -- TR#---: 3 more exciting exotics and 2 unique items!
[add] -- TR#---: the ultimate ending...
[add] -- TR#---: new more powerful Lua API
[mod] -- TR#---: Finesse works now on melee attacks
[mod] -- TR#---: Ao100 badges rebalanced -- Platinum requires UV and Diamond requires N!
[mod] -- TR#---: more arena-type level layouts
[mod] -- TR#---: only wider mazes will generate now
[mod] -- TR#152: durability of armor is no longer limited to 255
[mod] -- TR#165: finished special levels are also marked blue
[mod] -- TR#153: more varied death reasons
[mod] -- TR#164: Proper demon melee sound
[mod] -- TR#117: Uniques can now be fully soundbinded
[mod] -- TR#173: You can now change colors of tiles in colors.lua
[fix] -- TR#---: Conqueror/Explorer fix
[fix] -- TR#---: Typos and grammar fixed (Tavana)
[fix] -- TR#147: Berserker damage reduction bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#118: Shotgun unique sounds fixed
[fix] -- TR#166: Nightmare! may now be autochosen
[fix] -- TR#117: "CENTER" can be used in ini-file (by default means wait)
[fix] -- TR#---: on challenge info fixed
[fix] -- TR#148: item generation glitch fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: blood eating walls in vaults fixed
[fix] -- TR#167: enemy telefrag bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#149: sniper mod fixed
[fix] -- TR#160: N! mortuary AA multispawn fixed
[fix] -- TR#155: unique mods on AoI fixed

Compatibility note: Player and Score files are compatible (and always will be), ini files are not, as there's a completely new configuration system.

Here's hoping 2011 to be the most lively year yet for Chaosforge's pack of projects.   8)
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Re: DoomRL released
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2011, 04:12:40 PM »
Wohoo, awesome!!
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Re: DoomRL released
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2011, 07:02:06 AM »

Glad to see a new update as DoomRL is one of my favorite roguelikes.

by the way, months ago, a graphical release was in discussion on your board (with screenshots if i recall correctly). Is this still planned?


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Re: DoomRL released
« Reply #3 on: February 15, 2011, 09:04:02 AM »
by the way, months ago, a graphical release was in discussion on your board (with screenshots if i recall correctly). Is this still planned?

In the announcement the graphics version is mentioned just below the fold, so it appears to be in active development, or perhaps even in alpha. There will be graphics in the 1.0(.0.0) release for sure, but we'll have to be patient. DoomRL suffers from severe asymptotic versioning syndrome. ;)