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Random RL Game
« on: January 22, 2011, 01:53:13 AM »
In this game, the goal is to create a random roguelike game design. I've seen variations of this game elsewhere, and thought it might work well here. Here's how it works:

1. Go to wikipedia and click Random Article. Record the name of whatever article comes up. (
2. Go to the Crawl Wiki and click Random Page. Record the name of whatever comes up. (
3. Use this link ( to generate a random number. Record it and go to the Grand List of Video Game Cliches ( then record whatever cliche the number corresponds to.
4. Finally, write a 1 (short) paragraph video game design involving all three of the things you've written down. Post the results in this thread!

1 Hook Sword
2 Tier-5 demon
3 14 "Garrett's Principle
Let's not mince words: you're a thief. You can walk into just about anybody's house like the door wasn't even locked. You just barge right in and start looking for stuff. Anything you can find that's not nailed down is yours to keep. You will often walk into perfect strangers' houses, lift their precious artifacts, and then chat with them like you were old neighbors as you head back out with their family heirlooms under your arm. Unfortunately, this never works in stores."

4 You are robbing a randomly generated town of demons of all their possessions, attempting to not get caught in the process. Your only defense is your hooksword, and your extensive shaolin martial arts training, so you'd better not get into too much trouble. Especially since the demons can use magic and you can't. The goal is to steal as much loot as possible and exit the town without dying. If you manage to steal everything in town, you can finally attempt to steal two sacred demon hookswords from the center of town in plain sight, which turns all the demons against you. If you escape alive, you win.

Your turn! :D


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Re: Random RL Game
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2011, 10:52:44 PM »
1. Khordzor (a town in the Syunik Province of Armenia.)
2. Volcano
3. (11) Let's Start From The Very Beginning (Yuna Rule)
Whenever there is a sequel to an RPG that features the same main character as the previous game, that character will always start with beginner skills. Everything that they learned in the previous game will be gone, as will all their ultra-powerful weapons and equipment.

You return home to the town of Khordzor. It's been not so long since the last time you were there and and saved the town from a wicked lazy-eyed dragon. You have now returned home from your quest to vanquish the gnarled demon bunnies from the north only to find that the town is in peril of being engulfed by a nearby volcano spewing hot molten purple goo. You quickly set off on a way to stop the volcano and save the town, but despite your many journeys and accomplishments on your past quests, you feel as though it is all for the first time and are quickly defeated by a level 1 flaming tit-mouse of doom.

Kind hard to come up with something for the start from the beginning rule. Hope it was entertaining in some way.

Darren Grey

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Re: Random RL Game
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2011, 12:38:43 AM »
1. Margaret, Countess of Mar (some Scottish place)
2. Stealth
3. You Die, And We All Move Up In Rank
During that fake ending, the true villain of the story will kill the guy you'd thought was the villain, just to demonstrate what a badass he (the true villain) really is. You never get to kill the fake villain yourself.

4. "Where in Scotland is Countess Margaret?" (where oh where can she be?)
You have sworn revenge on your aunt, the Countess Margaret, who has killed your parents and taken over your homeland of Mar, whilst sending you into exile.  Now you must (stealthily) hunt her down in this thrilling Highlands adventure.  However you must beware, for her legion of 12 doppelgangers are about, and defeating each of them reveals their true, more powerful form!  Luckily your detailed knowledge of Scottish geography and history trivia questions will help overcome them...  Only with cunning and stealth and an airy kilt can you hope to win through the dreaded dungeons and infested hills to reclaim your rightful place as Count of Mar.  Let the adventure begin!!!!!