Author Topic: DiabloRL 0.4.5 released  (Read 4514 times)


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DiabloRL 0.4.5 released
« on: November 30, 2010, 09:57:44 PM »

After a long cold winter, the light that is DiabloRL has burst forth into being once more. After many new features and numerous gameplay tweaks, at last the gates of Hell are ready to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting town once more. But this time there are more choices on how to drive it back!

Download the new version without delay!

Here's the list of improvements done since Version 0.4.0 (7DRL first release)

[add] Save/Load
[add] Random items on the ground
[add] Shrines
[add] Twohanded weapons equipping/unequipping with shield
[add] Unique items added
[add] Recent messages command
[add] Recent messages mortem section
[add] All church quests
[add] Unique random monsters
[add] Sword/spear versions of fallen one monsters
[add] Story tomes
[add] Town fountain
[add] Sound and music support
[add] Sound extractor
[add] Icon and version resources
[add] Spells
[add] Magical staves
[add] Game manual in "manual.txt" (can be reviewed from the game using '?' key)
[add] Moster Info
[mod] Improver random map generator
[mod] Barrel explosion rewritten. chain explosions are supported now
[mod] Auto-identification of all items in mortem
[mod] Inventory and other item lists slightly modified
[mod] Quick spell auto assigns to new staff when equipped
[fix] Invulnerability for NPCs
[fix] Better conformity with Jarulf rules: spawns, drops, ai, etc.
[fix] Barrel/sarcophagus should spawn appropriate skeleton
[fix] Made 'a'ct command take no time if nothing to act on
[fix] Lots more stuff
[fix] Typos fixed
-- untracked massive changes

-- [add] added Rogue class
-- [add] added Bows
-- [mod] potions in starting gear are quicksloted
-- [mod] some minor changes

-- [mod] quickslot from ground
-- [mod] buying in shop doesn't leave shop screen.
-- [mod] inventory volume shown on inv screen
-- [add] scroll of Town Portal
-- [add] weapons and wearable items are swapped by default
-- [add] added requirement checks
-- [add] added quickslots
-- [mod] moved to Valkyrie + Lua
-- [fix] fixed stat calculation in secondary stats
-- [fix] fixed inventory messages
-- [fix] improved monster movement a little
-- [fix] fixed two handed weapons
-- [fix] fixed message from butcher
-- [fix] cant close/open door on monsters
-- [fix] fixed the turn counter

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Re: DiabloRL 0.4.5 released
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2010, 11:10:19 PM »
Great game, really a trip down memory lane.  The added sounds are great too, only if you have the original disk that is.

I really want the full version, not this demo...
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