Author Topic: CyberpunkRL 0.1a released  (Read 2555 times)


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CyberpunkRL 0.1a released
« on: July 04, 2010, 11:54:50 AM »

CyberRL is a personal project I started to practice my programming and game design skills. It is influenced mainly by Deus Ex, Ghost In The Shell, and my own imagination. Cyberpunk is an exciting genre because it represents a very plausible near future society. It makes me sad to see it so underrepresented.

I'm not certain how exactly the game will play out yet, but I'm planning to have it be set in a large city where you basically go around and pick fights. You can expect lots of human augmentation, hacking, excessive violence, and buckets of blood.

For those who are curious, here are some of the already implemented features:

    * A small city of 2400 randomly generated screen-sized maps. They are stored in memory so when you leave a map and come back, it will be the same as you left it (but they don't update when you're off-screen).
    * Various different NPCs separated into factions (Civilian, Police, Lunatics, Addicts, Thugs). Some are hostile by default. Some are hostile only after being attacked. Police go after you if you have a wanted level. NPCs can fight each other. Doctors have healing and augmentation services.
    * Blood and severing of body parts (bionic replacement limbs will be added eventually).
    * Dynamic health based on location and blood loss.
    * ---> Explosive, movable barrels!!! <---
    * Destructible walls, although no weapons in the game can currently destroy walls

Alright, I'm releasing 0.1a to the public. It's missing a lot of features but I think it still should provide some enjoyment. Give it a shot. Feel free to comment here with feedback. I didn't make an installer, so just extract everything somewhere and run cyberpunkrl.exe. If you have problems make sure you've got the .NET framework installed (CyberRL is windows only for now).

Powered by Doryen sorcery and a less common setting, this seems like one to pay attention to.   8)  I kind of hope for an arms race of sorts between this and that crazy vampire game that might see resurrection on Chaosforge as they've both got some shades of Shadowrun without actually being Shadowrun....
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