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Early Dev / Re: Rogue Survivor Alpha 4.11
« on: September 03, 2010, 11:22:04 AM »
I've enjoyed Rogue Survivor greatly, tons of fun! Thank you.

On the 22nd day I went to help a lonesome survivor that was chased by a skelly and a zombie. Which turned out to be a huge mistake as a horde descended upon us from every direction. Fortunately we run into two rather well equipped surivivors as we were retreating. We foolishly retreated into a corner of the map, and the survivors run out of ammo (I still had quite a bit left). So they started throwing grenades.

While individually grenades aren't that great, three grenades exploding in a chain reaction makes a lot of minced zombie meat. ;D

Highlight for spoilerish section:
I definitely wouldn't want the precision rifle to be deadlier. It's easy enough to be instakilled by the BO before you get your hands on their gps. I dislike features that are reduced to blind luck.

Well, ok, you can always hide the first day or two after BO arrive, to increase your chance of finding the BO gps. And perhaps I was just very unlucky, but I had three games end with being instakilled by the BO before I managed to find the gps. And since I did not know of the existance of GPSs, I thought they were terribly, terribly unfair :D

All in all, I think the core gameplay is quite solid and the list of upcoming features looks interesting. I occasionally feel like the balance is a bit off. For example, the female character just seems far, far superior. But I haven't played enough yet to come up with suggestions.

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