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Fantastic and congrats on another release----progress seems to have rekindled in a big way!   8)
Thank you getter ;)

we have released a new version of Hokuto no Rogue.
You can download it from:

This is an important release because we focused on the story instead of game mechanics and I have to say we are really satisfied of the results. If you want to have fun with this release make a Custom character, follow the storyline and try to defeat "the Colonel". You will not regret. ;)

Here is the changelog:

ver. 0.6.0 (3/17/2012)
- fixed bug in Hokuto Nishi Shinku Ha
- Addedd Colonel
- Addedd Mad Sarge
- GodLand structure complete
- Added GodLand events
- Added quest "kill colonel"
- Added quest "free captives"
- Added option: "characters animation" (needs restart or change level to take effect)
- Added feature: show static pictures in events
- Added weapon: boomerang
- Modified: choices list are now circulars
- Modified: 'enter' key now works on every weapon type
- Minor Bugfixing

Enjoy! :D

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Fabula Divina Alpha 1 released
« on: January 23, 2012, 08:27:48 PM »
If you have enough ram you can try:

java -jar -Xmx2048m EnigmaEngine.jar

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Fabula Divina Alpha 1 released
« on: January 23, 2012, 04:56:23 PM »
It crashes with an out of memory exception when I try to start it.

If you're under windows use: play.bat
If you're under linux/mac os x use:
Whatever, use this command line: java -jar -Xmx1024m EnigmaEngine.jar

Temple of the Roguelike / Re: Send your banners!
« on: February 01, 2009, 09:00:15 AM »
Hi, may you update the Hokuto no Rogue banner link with this one?


Thanks getter  ;)

I've fixed a bug on GO UP/GO DOWN action so I've released the 0.4.1 version.

Hi everybody,
we have released a new version of the game. You can find it here:



ver. 0.4.1 prealpha (20/01/2009)

- Fixed bug on GO UP/GO DOWN action

ver. 0.4.0 prealpha (14/01/2009)

- Added wilderness (wilderness is random generated using Perlin's noise algorithm by Herman Tulleken)
- Added new cities (WARNING: you'll find nothing special in other cities [yet])
- Added random name generator (by Klaus Ole Kristiansen)
- Added Hints (press SHIFT+H or go to Options to enable/disable)
- Added character special status notification (by icon over character's head) [blindness, quest availability]
- Added perks (Scout)
- Added sounds (crossbow, equip, barrels, doors)
- Added variable characters size (Zeed is 1.5x normal characters)
- Added new unique character (Zeed)
- Added new weapons (axe, spiked mace)
- Added action (Talk)
- Added (very, very simple) quests (look for a '?' over character's head)
- Added music on/off option (needs restart)
- Weapon dropped if hand incapacitated
- Enemies AI slightly improved
- Removed Tiled dependency
- Minor Bugfixing

Enjoy.  ;)

Thank you guys.
Your comments give me great motivation.

Hi everybody,
we have released a new version of the game. You can find it here:


A trailer of the game:


ver. 0.3.0 prealpha (4/10/2008)

- Added Containers (barrels etc.)
- USE menu does not close on object selection
- USE menu removed from inventory (replaced with 'U' key in game)
- Removed 'Phantom soldiers' bug (?)
- Removed 'Waterskin Filling' bug
- Added Martial Arts Schools (Hokuto shinken, Nanto seiken)
- Added skills (Ki healing, Steal[incomplete])
- Added perks (Blindness, Danger sense, Faster healing, Ki vampire, Monk, Survivor, Poor, Inverted Heart, Fast Focus, Medic)
- Introduced instant cut for nanto attacks
- Added Kazan Kogai Koho technique. Absorbs all damage.
- Added Suieishin technique. The character learns the attack he has been hit with.
- Added Goshi Retsu Dan technique. Explodes opponent hands.
- Added Nanto Gokuto Ken Attack.
- Added Character Traits panel (F3)
- Added Plot Screen
- Added tsubo (Domei, Zusetsu)
- Modification: when hitting with an attack that doesn't use ki, the character gains a ki point.
- Minor Bugfixing

Warning: no quests yet.  ;)

He doesn't get any damage. Soldiers can't hit him, they always miss.
That not true. Kenshiro, Rei, Shin and Jagger are masters, so they start the game at high level. Thery're not invulnerable, they're just too tough for simple soldiers. The really fun for players is to create a custom character (he starts from level 1 and with no special attacks). Btw, i'll introduce some quest too.

Well I can't blame you. Manga and anime are huge in Finland. We are nuts about Japan, because japanese are almost as crazy as we are.

It looks quite nice and.. well.. here are some observations:
Hi Krice!
Thanks for your interest. The game is just an alpha and we have a lot of work to do. We have to introduce more enemies, items, techniques, world explreation, etc...
Keyboard commands are not standard, i'll change them (i was thinking to make them configurable).
What do you mean player character can't die?
I've just fixed the bug of invisible soldiers, it will be ok in v0.3.0.
The game is based on the japanese anime/manga Hokuto no Ken. It's very popular in italy (aka Ken il guerriero), so we decided to make a game about it. ^_^

Hi everybody,
we have just released a new version of the game. You can find it here:


Direct link:


ver. 0.2.0 prealpha (4/25/2008)

- General code refactoring
- Added knock back on attacks
- Added kick, parry and hit animations
- Added some character's voices
- Added objects info on TAKE menu
- TAKE menu does not close on object selection
- Added objects preview on TAKE menu
- Created paged choices menus
- LEVEL UP screen does not open if there are no points available
- Notifyed concentration power ups into log panel
- Added ALT+arrows key for diagonal movement
- Added legend into level map
- Added scenery elements
- Added voice selection for the custom character
- Added anmation selection for the custom character
- Upgraded hero's visibility algorithm
- Added character shadows
- Added thirst
- Added in-game USE action (SHIFT+ENTER)
- Now you can use objects on other characters
- Minor bugfixing

Temple of the Roguelike / Re: Send your banners!
« on: March 28, 2008, 05:11:34 PM »
Hi everybody, i'm the leader of the Hokuto no Rogue project (ref:

We've released the 0.1.0-prealpha version (0.2.0 coming soon!) so i've decided to realize this banner.

The url is:


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