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In TSL this isn't an issue since you can adjust keys freely


some other things:
- is there yet any use for hacksaw and mortar and pestle?
- shouldn't be better an automatic autocenter after every step?
- what's the use of "mark destination" scrolls?
- recharge scrolls have always ended making my wands exploding.. always

polymorph traps -> slime -> every item dissolves
terrible! haha

Keys: create a tsl_conf, add "bind x y" where x is the key and y is the command. See README for more information. Ideally key binding should be done from inside the game, I just haven't had time to add it.

Hacksaw can turn bullets into hollow-point bullets. Mortar and pestle can grind some items (that currently are not generated). So - no, they're not really useful. Their future is yet to be determined, they will possibly be removed.

Autocenter: how could it be better?

Mark scrolls record your location. When you use a recall scroll, you are taken back to the same place. These will probably be replaced by something more useful (maybe a scroll that just takes you back to the stairs).

Recharge has been rebalanced in 0.37. It's now 5% + number of charges already in wand (used to be 30% something).

Slimes: ;D Even I think this is a bit too harsh. I might change it so items aren't always destroyed, or only degraded in some way.

TSL 0.37 is out! Thanks for all the feedback!

6. "l"ook is the most used in rogueliks.. maybe putting an option in the configuration file for not using the vi-keys (I think few players use them anymore). btw every other one-hit key would be ok

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss vi-keys. Vi-keys is the only layout that works well on notebook/netbook keyboards, and notebooks/netbooks are only getting more popular, not less.

Remember that the vi-key system is broken on many non-English keyboards where the keys aren't arranged in QWERTY style.
(Many European countries use QWERTZ, for example, where Y and Z are swapped. Drives you insane trying to play a game that supports only vi-keys.  :()

In TSL this isn't an issue since you can adjust keys freely (or just play with numpad, if you have one). yu and bn on vi-keys are awkwardly placed, in the Dvorak keymap supplied they have been shifted one step to the right. Default QWERTY vi-keys have the traditional layout, since anyone wanting to use them probably know them already.

The graphics have a nice feel indeed.

The game seems to recenter the screen incorrectly (Linux fullscreen, if that matters). The view is shifted downwards when I move upwards, and I no longer can see the character. It seems the problem is caused by trying to move the top corner of the view above the top line of the level.

It is not explained how to search for secret doors.

Thank you!

This is strange and not something I have seen myself. Does the recenter command work? Have you tried the autocenter option?

You search by bumping into walls (once is enough). I should add this to the help.

Some other things:

8. is there a reward for killing unique bosses like the King Worm, the Octopus or the Necromancer?

9. sometimes the game crashes (win xp sp3).. last time when I was fighting the octopus
edit: just crashed after I threw a small dark at the lurker-octopus..

10. I'd like it if after being defeated the program wouldn't close by itself, because having to double-click the tsl.exe again is a little unimmersive - personal taste

11. the burdened status is very difficult to play (ogres and slimes means often death) and also very easy to come across in my opinion; is this intentional? I really like the extra-challenge this implies, but it makes things really harder until you find a strenght enhancement capsule

12. I tried inspecting armors but no informations.. all I see is: Armor (1/1); I think both resistance and defense of armors, boots, etc should be always visible and without the need to inspect every piece of gear.
edit: some pieces of armor, like Filthy Rags show also their protection value (1/25; what are those numbers for?), other pieces like the mentioned Armor don't.

8. Not yet. I have plans though.

9. I'm not sure what causes this. I will do some more testing.

10. I hear this from others as well. There I technical reasons why the game can't just restart - I'll see if I can work around them.

11. It is intentional, but I admit item weights aren't very well balanced yet. I don't think it should be possible to carry two sets of armor and five swords without problems.

12. Only armor has an armor value, boots and cloaks do other things. Finding these out is part of the identification minigame, but not really crucial to your success. For the next version I have expanded the help page on this.

1, 2. I don't understand.. every kind of armor (from boots to rags to chainmail) never displays its protection value (how much damage is subtracted) and neither its resistance.. I think those two numbers should be always visible right after the name of the item ; about weapons some like swords, axes, whips, never show their damage.. even when using them multiple times; other weapons such as crowbars, quarterstaff always display their damage / attributes even without using them. why??
unidentified status could be left undenoted, but items should autoidentify on use.
edit: I used an identify scroll on a sword.. it now says the sword damage and its name ("Glory"); does it have some special attributes?

You can view a detailed description by pressing 'i' and then the items inventory letter. I should probably clarify this in the help.

Congratulations for this game.. and welcome to RogueTemple!

Thanks for the suggestions! Some things seem obvious to me, but I never know how players will react...

Very cool game, high replayability.

Some little annotations I took while playing:

1. Are armor values shown somewhere?

2. Are all filthy rags, leather jackets, boots the same so there's no need to try different items of the same type?

3. Why whips and axes damage value is not shown? How do you long-range attack with a whip?

4. There's no way to "a"pply torches, you have to select them from the inventory menu

5. Do killing monsters/reaching new dungeon levels gives experience points? or the only way to improve is via capsules, books so it's always better to avoid fights?

6. "/" command to look is a little ankward (in my keybord I have to press shift+7)

7. Is there a full-screen mode?

1. If you inspect the item. The value in parentheses is the remaining durability - I will probably hide the exact value, and display an "excellent"<->"badly worn" scale instead.

2. Anything that says just armor, boots, sword, axe, etc, is not fully identified. Leather jackets, filthy rags and most melee weapons are already known from the start. This is also the reason some weapons don't display their damage - if the item inspection says nothing, then it's probably unidentified. Should I denote unidentified status somehow?

3. There is no long-range attack for the whip. Maybe it could be a ranged weapon instead, with unlimited "ammo".

4. You 'e'quip torches. A lit torch can also be used/applied (with 'a') to burn things.

5. There is no experience, only the things you find. This is a bit unconventional, just like there being no Health cap. I haven't found any way yet to "reset" the players mindset. I don't think the help pages should have to describe mechanics I don't have.

6. Originally, it was supposed to emulate Nethacks behaviour. I'll consider adding an extra key for this. Suggestions welcome - I'm a Dvorak typer and use my own keymap anyway. I'm not sure how well it plays on QWERTY keyboards.

7. Yes! Create (or copy) a tsl_conf that says "fullscreen".

Where is a list of control keys?

Press ? (or F1 with SDL).


I'm new at roguetemple but you might recognize me from r.g.r.d.

"The Slimy Lichmummy" is an intense and challenging hack-like of my own creation. It has a cyberpunk/fantasy setting, with game elements spanning from body augmentations, forcefields and terminal hacking to fallen angels and a fire-breathing dragon.

For the last week or so I have been working on an SDL port and I am quite pleased with the results. Its visual style is minimal, reminiscent of the early Ultima series:

It can also be played in textmode, with almost identical look and gameplay. It runs on Windows, Linux and pretty much anything else.

It can be downloaded from

Happy lichmummying!

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