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The sourceforge code is current. This was my first roguelike project in 2006 and has been resurrected a couple of times over the years, there is no point in refactoring this code because the game is essentially done.  Hence the version 1.0 Release Candidate 6.

By my reckoning it takes around 12 years to finish a "proper" rougelike.

I have refactored this code, many times over, this is mostly my original code from 12 years ago.  The game is 99% done and does not warrant drastic changes IMHO.

That being said I totally agree with you, this just happens to be a project from the past I want to be done with.

I want to leave this world with completed roguelike game. My tombstone will say "He didn't do much, but at least left the world one completed roguelike."

Thanks Krice, just so you know this code is 12 years old and there is a lot of really bad code. I mean this game is really what I used to teach me C++. Now I am just trying to finish a game release. I am trying not to re-factor code.  As you can see no one should ever be looking at this code to learn how to program in C++.

Anyway, I have updated the binary to fix  your issues. They '>' issue was actually from me ironically trying to fix your finish keyboard issues at some time or another.  Instead of trying to fix it I have given alternative keys for help and stairs, 'h' for help and 'E' to enter levels.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: IVAN (release 0.54)
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:57:12 PM »
Really glad to see the game is still under improvement.

Yep used to love this game. A must for all roguelike lovers :)

Thanks Krice. The input issues will be looked at next release, I will replace all non alpha-numeric + Shift.

As for the exception I guess if your character name is an invalid windows filename (i.e ">>>>" then things will go bad.  You can probably edit name in the savegame.dat file.

Hey Krice, while you are being nice, can you re-download the game and see if the '<' and '>' and '?' work for you?


Hi, after some inpiration by Virtua Sinner and his Youtube play through (which is awesome btw) - Video - I have released a new version. And added a Save feature. :o  Fixed a bunch of stuff and what not.  I am close to an official 1.0 version. Cheers

So I present to you the new and improved adaptation of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

Deep in the caverns beneath Firetop Mountain lies an untold wealth of treasure, guarded by a powerful Warlock, or so the rumour goes.
Several adventurers like yourself have set off for Firetop Mountain in search of the Warlock's hoard. None have ever returned. Do you dare follow them?

You take the role of an adventurer on a quest to find the treasure of a powerful Warlock, hidden deep within Firetop Mountain.
People from a nearby village advise that the treasure is stored in a chest with two locks, and that the keys are guarded by various creatures within the dungeons.
You approach the shadow of the great mountain.

The local villages have warned you that the entrance is well guarded...

Good luck!


I personally think it looks beautiful - done with the freetype2 lib


version 1.0.0 RC 06 31/10/2018
- Added Save/Load game
- Fixed in game help command list
- 'Continuous run' halts on different conditions
- Fixed cave levels not looking like a cave
- Removed 'x' as cancel in inventory
- Fixed poison resistance armour
- Luck can save you from poison death
- Status line changes colour to reflect ailment
- Tower shield renamed to cresent shield
- Added bats
- Added rotten planks (bridge)
- Modified dog
- Small chance teleports disappear on use
- Experience level starts at level 1
- More experience required to level up
- You no longer have the option to choose not to rest

Still waiting for deathtrap dungeon the roguelike...

  Is IT really a good book? I haven't read that since I was a kid.

Haha I meant IT by Stephen King! Your copy was very worn.

Oh, and as to whether it's a great gamebook - it's decent.  It was one of only two Fighting Fantasy books that I was able to beat on my first try (the other being The Shamutanti Hills).

How the hell did you do that? I mean you had to go the correct path and survive to the end. I suppose it is easy enough with a high skill level but you had to fluke the path.  And that maze! Frustrating! I had to map the entire book out before I finally defeated it.

And for feedback/notes on Virtua Sinner videos, because I am not a home and want to document a few things.

Stuff does not fall in water, it finds the first free space near you, no matter how far it is.
The 'cave' ogre level (on level 3)obviously used the wrong level generator - will need to fix this.
Add 'g' to pickup stuff to help ( I reckon ',' or 'p' might work aswell)
Poison seems a little overpowered :( and yes you became immune to poison because you were dead, one again I don't remember writing that :)

Other Things of interest;

The 'continuous walk' feature moves you in a straight line, but will stop if an enemy is in sight, or if you are near a item/object.  It should be safe to use at anytime.
I noticed Orc sentries do not have the '-' sleep overlay - I assume that is just to trick the player.
Enemy archers will not care who is in their way, so use them to take out other enemies. I wrote code to fix this but actually thought is more fun to use archers to take down enemies. Arrows will never pass though anything.
Also the same with 'Thud' messages; this is when the archer hits a wall instead of you. They don't learn and keep hitting the wall.  Once again I thought to leave this for the player to exploit. This message needs to change.

Your Game play;
Your advice on red levels and health is right on. I always clear level 3 and then hit the red stairs. And leave fountain until last.
On levels with a river, lure the enemy (like the Ogre/Spider) into the water, enemies are not smart around water, they also get eaten by piranhas.
I noticed you generally take on multiple enemies at once, I personally just duck back around a corner and wait for them to come for me. Archers miss a lot at long distance so you generally can safely run from them rather than move towards them.

Show me that Rogue Love :)

Love it.  Funny thing is this game has been in my mind for a few months.  This might be enough motivation to find my code and release another version.

Awesome Job, too bad that poison was your undoing, the game does leave a lot unexplained. Its amazing that my original game was created in 2006, a time when I thought that players liked to discover out mechanics and what-not for themselves. The world has changed, it seems players like to be spoon fed now-a-days. Even now when I play a complex game, I am straight on to the Wiki to find out what this item does or how to maximise character builds etc.  My lake of information does really discourage new players to the genre and the game. Oh well I never created that game for them anyway.  I created it for people like you, even if I forced you to play an ascii roguelike  ;D

Thanks for playing this game, I wish someone else created this game, just so I can have that nostalgic trip back in time, however I laughed out loud when that ogre threw the pig carcass at you, I mean WTF? I don't remember coding that  :)  Oh and yes how awesome would that of been if you could of eaten said carcass and saved your life.

I have written down a dozen minor improvements/fixes just by watching you, so extra thanx. I reckon the dungeon needs some more themed stuff; more descriptions, ascii graphics during rest stages, etc

Just your video alone has given me enough reason for creating this game in the first place.

P.s I love your introduction, and your accent/voice is really cool.  Is IT really a good book? I haven't read that since I was a kid.

P.s.s And you pronounced my name correctly. More love your way

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: Origin of the term - 'Roguelite'
« on: July 12, 2018, 11:57:58 AM »
Same for FTL and the like.  Maybe we need a new term for roguelikes :)

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: Origin of the term - 'Roguelite'
« on: July 11, 2018, 12:19:35 PM »
Nah the guy in he youtube video just pissed me off.

here's a roguelite mention from 2009.

Now to rub it in his face.

Off-topic (Locked) / Origin of the term - 'Roguelite'
« on: July 09, 2018, 02:42:34 PM »
I was watching a video on roguelites and the narrator mentioned that the Rogue Legacy team came up with the phrase 'Roguelite' first. He was so adamant of this fact that I just had to prove him wrong. Surely it was around before then? Around 13:30.

Rogue Legacy came out around Mid 2013, and I cant find any references of roguelite before that :(

Other than which unfortunately is a game by Citadel Studios, but came out in May 2008. Technically they came up with the phrase first, but used it as a noun  >:(.

Can anyone else find a earlier reference or did the team at Rogue Legacy really come up with it?

P.S here is the earliest I can find on roguetemple ...

Announcements / Rogue Legacy (now at v1.2.0) $
« by getter77 on 25 May 2013, 17:34:19 »
......   Rogue Legacy is a 2D platforming genealogical roguelite. You must traverse a procedurally-generated  ......

7DRLs / Re: Btooom! Roguelike [7DRL 2007] - Success
« on: March 29, 2017, 12:20:13 PM »
Hi X man,

I have a binary but I did not get around to cleaning up the documentation (which is loaded into the executable) which is what I really needed to do before uploading it and since I did not upload it on time (as I have been in Amsterdam for 2.5 weeks!!!! :):):)  ) I will just say I failed to produce a working game on time.  Maybe I will release it next year if the rules allow it  :-\

Or I will polish it up and release during the year.

Kinda sad since this is my first one for a few years and my first graphical only roguelike, but I am living it up in the land of canals (and cheese and clogs and Belgium beer is awesome, no offence. Why dont we have 9% beers were I come from?).  Also I play Planetside to much nowadays.

I will have to check out some of the other releases though,

Thanks for caring,

7DRLs / Btooom! Roguelike [7DRL 2007] - Success
« on: March 14, 2017, 12:07:44 PM »
Hello everybody!

It is that time of the year when people release a roguelike "game" along with many many other people and it gets ignored totally. Until some random guy/girl decides upon a whim to actually play your game (assuming it resembles a game, I have been on the review committee many times and what passes as a game is totally up for debate it seems. FYI your random crap better not get reviewed by me because I like actual working GAMES to qualify as a game).
Anyway I lost my point.... oh yeah I have released something that might resemble a game... or not, whatever.

P.s. You probably might of guessed by now that I am quite drunk. Yay alcohol (and three cheers for Chromes built in speel checkar, rah, rah, rah!)

P.s.s Binary will come when I can be bothered finding somewhere to upload it. (i used to always use google code - which has not worked for a few years - did I mention that this is m first release in quite some time. )

P.s.s.s And some random proof that this game is not a figment of my imagination

P.S.S.S  Btooom! is a Japanese manga series, with an animated series on Netflix, based around hand activated bomb combat.

Is there a way to save the game progress, or is there only a "quit" function which kills your run?

Yep, there is no save feature.  So ok, graphics and a save feature before final release.
Good point. Cheers.

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