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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Lost Labyrinth 4.8.0 is out
« on: February 17, 2012, 06:35:37 PM »
I have to ask them about that.
In the release system I see only one entry for Windows and 2 for Linux.
Seems 64 Bit is not existing for Windows or it works differently.

We will continue with the worldlevel as this was too big of a change to make it in the 4.8.0 release.
But the roomeditor already supports editing/creating townblocks as well.
So we just have to polish everything up and make it really work.
The 5.0.0 will be a big step for laby.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Lost Labyrinth 4.8.0 is out
« on: February 17, 2012, 03:27:22 PM »
You can finally get laby on Desura.

Here is the update list:

- New room system that allows custom player created rooms (improved modding support)
- French translation!
- Changed Undead into Vampirism skill. (4 CP, must be Outcast and Forsaken - Do not need food or water. Can drink blood to heal 1-6 life. Humanoids drop blood 40% chance. Cannot use healing herbs as living creatrues)
- New Warlock spell: True Strike
- New curse: Weakness (Reduces strength to 1)
- Improved dungeon generation algorithms
- Reworked how Visions and Futuresight works
- Various performance optimizations
- Improved random treasure (blue chests should contain more interesting items now)
- Improved monster sounds
- When you die, the reason of death is now displayed
- Spell compendium can now be accessed in the skill selection screen
- Improved item descriptions (potions, scrolls and mushooms describe effect when identified)
- 10 new mushrooms
- 5 new potions
- 2 new magic weapons
- New graphics mode: stretched (windows only)
- Desert special levels are now more interesting
- Improved archpielgo level generation algorithm
- Extended version owners will see 7 additional new monsters

- Reduced damage taken from fumbles
- Food is now more likely to spawn in normal brown chests
- Heavy Carrier is now Pack Mule (2 CP - Gives 8 additional inventory slots)
- Identified scroll value now depends on its contents

- Numerous bugfixes and crash fixes

Classic Roguelikes / Re: Lost Labyrinth 4.7.1
« on: October 15, 2011, 03:26:08 PM »
Now we are working on laby 5.0.0.
This will be big step forwards as the next version will feature 2 major improvements:
  • Game will finally have a world with different dungeons in it.
  • And it will have a roomeditor so the players can modify the rooms the game has and create new ones.

In the end we want it to be that players can upload their roomcreations to the homepage.
And all players can then rate them.
We probably should give them a difficulty rating if its a good room or a bad room and how good or bad it is.
That people can select their unique roommix if they want to.


Classic Roguelikes / Lost Labyrinth 4.7.1
« on: October 14, 2011, 09:07:02 PM »
Lost Labyrinth Version 4.7.1
This is a bugfix release as we found some horrible bugs in last release
- Title screen now displays if the game is compiled in 32-bit or 64-bit
- 7 new monsters for extended version
- Fear makes monsters flee from the mage now
- Halved monster spawn rate
- Reduced number of Altars appearing and altars are now use-activated
- Increased player base hit chance by 20% (so on level 1 against monsters with 0 Dodge you have 50/50 chance to hit)
- Arcane Writing skills now automatically generates a new scroll each level
- Arcane Writing can now craft new scrolls (cost mana and gold, can fail)
- Song of Travels now gives +2 Speed instead of +1
- Helpful Winds now gives +(Spell Power) Speed instead of only +3
- Windmaster spell now gives +100% Speed instead of +2
- Fire and Frost aura now gain +1 damage per 4 spell power
- Summon Demon can now only be cast once per dungeon level
- Merged Speed and Swift Fingers into one Swiftness skill
- fixed 0 tile from dead man\'s gold
- open, tunnel spells work again
- empty room fixed
- split stacks in inventory and identified items working again
- random tile appearing bug
- last 2 skills on screen unselectable with mouse

Lost Labyrinth Version 4.7.0
- Spell compendium screen
- Animated book for reading all the books in the game
(Well there is only one for now, but this will change)
- Added ability descriptions to level up screen
- Polish translation (Special thanks to Kamil Tajs)
- Level Up screen now displays which spells you will gain if you increase Spell Circle
- Added the ability to swap between 10 different quickbars
- New options screen (A lot nicer and comes with sliders for volume control)
- New time traveller item: Force Shield
- Improved and updated the tavern room (2 new tiles, tables and ale kegs)
- Improved extended version reminder screen
- Old messages are now stored in savegames
- Spiderwebs (you get stuck in there)
- New spell effects for Blind, Magic Flame and Sleep spell
- 7 new monsters for extended mode
- Akolyth skill now reveals Altar and Sanctum in the same way as Spelunker reveals exit
- Pit Traps only appear on level 10 and above now
- Arcane Shot skill now costs 1 CP
- Paladin skill now refills 1 life and mana per undead kill instead of 50% chance for gold
- Players now start with 12 mana instead of 3
- Pick Pocket is no longer limited to 2 per level, but to once per monster instead
- Herb Lore now allows you to \"sense\" Healing Herbs, Mushrooms and Crysolites
- Reduced monster base hit chance from 50% to 30%
- Fixed Weapon Mastery not preventing Fumble

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