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Other Announcements / Re: Rogue Genesis
« on: January 12, 2008, 03:03:52 PM »
those screens are godaweful.

makes me think of a munged up version of Powder.

have you played powder El_Dorado?

Other Announcements / Re: Update
« on: January 10, 2008, 01:02:47 PM »
I am a bit unconviced by Jade. Everyone is doing monster inventories etc now. I dont see the big deal, but then I never liked ADOM much anyway. It didnt grab me and convince me to keep playing time and time again. After a couple of failed plays it was like.. OK. done. next game to check out.

Will Jade blow everything away? I guess its a wait and see, but I probably wont be downloading and playing it.

Other Announcements / Re: Plans for the new year
« on: January 09, 2008, 05:46:23 PM »
Some new releases of Cracks and Crevices (working on 0.4 right now, its a lot more fun to play...)

Get my traditional CRPG out the door on the GP2X and PSP (Things are looking good. working on a version of the ssi 'goldbox' combat engine now, which is the last big coding part the game needs.)

Other Announcements / Re: Roguelike Wikipedia Article
« on: January 07, 2008, 11:37:00 PM »
can we just move the  content to the real roguelike wiki and be done with it? I'm sick and tired of all the CfD's of the roguelike articles (7dlr etc). Im done debating on wikipedia about it grrrrrr

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: They Who Are Too Busy
« on: November 30, 2007, 01:38:20 PM »
Im on critical path and doing 6 days a week until probably end of january.

Corremn, I'd move back home (australia) if I could.. :)

Other Announcements / Re: ADOM easter egg on mac site
« on: November 16, 2007, 05:08:12 PM »
yeah it was. zork that is.

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: What do you do for a living?
« on: November 06, 2007, 03:18:42 PM »
fulltime developer, dad, husband, hiker, gardener, mountain biker, shotgunner and roguelike code monkey and homebrew developer!

Occasionally I try and get a couple of hours sleep a day. Maybe pull a couple of vegetables from the garden.

I dev Underdark and Cracks and Crevices.

Programming / Re: cracks
« on: November 02, 2007, 11:31:26 AM »
It is :) Now monsters drop gold, except they drop them underneath the player when they die lol! So I was advancing through without backtracking and kept thinking hmmm Im not seeing any gold drops... only to have a trail of gold drops all behind me!!! ahahaha

aaaah what a debugging day it was.

(I still have to fix the gold problem)

Programming / cracks
« on: November 01, 2007, 10:37:33 PM »
Sometime back I rewrote a large chunk of code.. and lately I've been taking the rough edges off, things are all good again.. So I go through with a more thorough play testing... I'm playing for ages and a flag isnt triggerging... I keep playing... Eventually I give up in frustration.

augh! Turns out I had not advanced the clock at all. sigh. I spent hours playtesting and debugging! doh! One simple line of code.

I feel like an iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidiot... :) {headbuts desk}

Programming / Re: Should I continue to develop Subterrane?
« on: August 10, 2007, 01:23:19 AM »
two months? thats like a drop in the bucket. if you think of giving up after not touching it in just two months, maybe you should. (why do you need us to give you validation to continue it?).

if its not fun anymore, dont do it.

My interest was piqued when I first played 'Amulet of Yendor', Don Knellers port of hack, doing floppy swaps for saved games.

"Its ascii! It cant be that hard......"


Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Cracks and Crevices 0.3 release
« on: July 10, 2007, 12:45:49 AM »
Source + Binaries here;

Fixed the nasty keyboard bug people were hitting...

0.3 20070709
- Removed dependancy on SDL_Image
- Removed win32 debug console
- Brilhasti will boost new characters mana first time only
- Fixed bug in passing cooked keys back to gkey loop

thanks for the headsup on numlock, i'll check it out

edit -- I tested with the numlock on and it does indeed block... very odd.. will have to check it out tonight after work.

the rest key wont regen health.. I'm debating if it will or not in future. its too easy to hide somewhere and hit the rest key continually....

right now its a very delicate balance at the start, you need 29gold right now to 'survive' so to speak (that should get a short sword and tanned leather armour)...  next best thing is short sword and lizard hide...

there is no real balance yet ;)

are you playing it on windows? several windows users have reported a bug not letting them buy/leave in the shop...

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