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Remix and re-shape my combat puzzler XONG into anything you desire under free licenses.

See for details.

Early Dev / XIOTANK 7DRL (Seven Day Roguelike) for Win/Mac/Linux
« on: March 17, 2010, 12:25:14 AM »
The game XIOTANK, my 2010 7-Day Roguelike Challenge game design compo entry, has been released for Windows, Mac OSX (Intel), and Linux. In this roguelike multidirectional "audio shooter" game you must fight numerous twitchy enemies as you attempt to establish tone and rhythm by activating different audio objects in the environment. Much more is planned for this game.

Here is the page link:

Here is a screenshot:

Comments, questions, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. We've already collected many suggestions for improvement and some bug reports. Thank you!


- By the way, my general games page is

I'm pleased to announce the beta release of the 7DRL (Seven Day Roguelike) Sanctuary for Windows, Mac OSX (Intel), and GNU/Linux. The game was designed and developed in 7 days using my custom Common Lisp game-making engine "XE2", for no contest in particular, just a personal challenge to do a roguelike in 7 days. Also I really wanted to do a fantasy game, after doing only sci-fi and puzzle games before.

Sanctuary page here:


Hello. I am pleased to announce the release of XONG 1.4; thanks so much to everyone who provided feedback and bug reports, as many of the fixes/suggestions made it into 1.4. XONG is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX (Intel only for now), and GNU/Linux (32-bit binaries currently available, 64-bit coming).

Highlights include bugfixes, graphical changes, and a whole new tutorial zone.

Downloads are available from and the webpage for XONG (with installation notes, please read!) may be found at

The download area also includes something called Sanctuary. This is an early testing release of a "ambient roguelike vignette" I'm working on. Feedback there appreciated too. (The installation notes from XONG linked above also apply, because the same game engine is used.)

A few pics of XONG and Sanctuary:

Temple of the Roguelike / Re: Send your banners!
« on: November 25, 2009, 02:47:58 PM »
Here's my banner:

Please have it link to

Thank you!

Announcing the semi-roguelike action puzzler XONG 1.2, now in release for Windows, Mac OSX Intel, and GNU/Linux.

See for details, here's a screenshot:

Download the game from

The graphics and music have a deliberately retro feel, so please keep this in mind when judging the visuals. That being said, I'd like people to play and give their most honest feeback and criticism about the gameplay. Is this fun? Would certain rule changes increase fun and reduce frustration? I'd like feedback on how well the game's elements balance together. My goal is to have a challenging, fast puzzle game that may have difficult moments, but manages the frustration level carefully so that players don't give up. Try to play for awhile and see what situations come up. Also, bug reports are welcome.

In addition to posting feedback and questions here, you can visit us on channel #lispgames!

I am David O'Toole, a musician and programmer. After a stint at Irrational Games (now 2K Boston and 2K Australia) in 2003-2005 I left the games industry to work on independent projects.

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