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Oh right, here we go. Super late to join the forum but I've been lurking here earlier too but never had any need to post myself.

My name is Antti, I'm a Finnish software developer and a hobbyist game dev too. Been making games for almost as long as I've been playing them, close to 30 years now.

Got into roguelikes in the late 90s through finding NetHack. After maybe like thousand runs, it started getting stale (pretty much just became a winning checklist) and I transitioned to ADOM. Never managed to beat it and actually pretty much stopped playing games overall for few years around that time.

I haven't really gotten deep into traditional roguelikes since that but really love the more modern roguelites that have started surfacing after Isaac. And I've made a fair share of such games myself too, including three entries to the #7DRL challenge.

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