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Quote from: Legend
Awesome! That's so cool that you added the menu navigations. Thanks a ton. I know I'm probably the only one it really matters to.
Well I find more joy doing something for one person who thanks me for it, than a hundred people who play silently.

Quote from: Legend
Just wish I hadn't found it just now. I have to go to sleep and get up in about five hours to work a 12 hour shift. But I wanna play! lol.
Hehe "Just one quick game, it'll only take a couple of minutes".

Quote from: Legend
The chain idea in the version 5 post sounds cool. Anything Hellraiser influenced is cool to me.
If I ever add it, I would certainly not spoil it in the change log or anywhere else tough. ;)

Quote from: Legend
Maybe the Scarrow from Clive Barkers Undying would fit in the game too. It has a very lovecraft look to it and is interesting because it can appear out of the floor and can blind the player. Not sure how difficult that would be to code, but still think it would fit.
Oh yeah Undying is awesome. It's kind of a stretch to use creatures from it in IA though, but the traits you describe would be piece of cake.

Quote from: Legend
It would be kinda cool if thrown rocks could be used to distract enemies to go in another direction as long as you are not in their line of sight already. It would give it a little survival Horror feel.
That's outside the capabilities of the engine at the moment. 99% of the time you'd simply slaughter them, so the benefit/work-ratio to implement it isn't very good.

Quote from: Legend
Would a blunderbuss fit the time period?
It's an old place so they could have them lying around. But wouldn't it be extremely weak compared to the Tommy gun and shotgun? It would need to have terrible damage and aim? :)

Yeah they reported input problems on the bay12 forums.

The trouble only happened on US (or non-Swedish at least) keyboards.

I worked like a maniac there for a couple of minutes to resolve it. Browsing the code, googling, searching old threads feverishly.  ;D

I hope everything works now, sorry for the trouble.

Oh yes.  8)

Release 6 (August 5, 2011)
New features
*High Score
*New explosive weapon: Molotov Cocktail
*New thrown weapon: Rocks
*Explosions destroy walls and doors (destroyed walls may leave rocks)
*Pressing the wait command gives status "Still" for one turn. This gives slightly better hit chance with firearms and thrown weapons.
*A wait command can also be made with the period (.) key (as well as the '5'-key)
*Menus can be navigated using the movement keys and enter (as well as typing a letter)
*Alternative commands for diagonal movement (PgUp/Home/End/PgDwn -- or -- arrow keys + shift/ctrl)
*New status effect: Fainted
*One new monster
*The tombstone screen has a command to quit the game

*The game restarts smoother (doesn't restart the renderer when going to main menu)
*Zombies leave no corpse the second time they are killed
*The pre-set player name is empty instead of "Player"
*While paralysed, the character info did not show damage taken until the player could move (now it updates for each hit)
*Cancellation commands in some places where they were missing
*Rewrote level up-bonus description text

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Infra Arcana release 5
« on: August 05, 2011, 08:04:18 AM »
Just curious, ever think about adding some hellraiser/hellbound heart inspired creatures to the game? I always thought some clive barker inspired cenobite-like creatures  and/or elements would be cool in a roguelike. Maybe even the LeMarchand box as a rare item.
I have thought about it. You could have chains flying out of the walls and hooking on to you. It would take quite a bit of special code to simulate the chains though (unless you do it the super easy way - immediately restrict movement in all directions).

Btw, Legend, I've made it so you can navigate all the menus with the movement keys + enter.

Roguelike-ism isn't binary, it's a percentage value.  :)

I'd say this game is more Roguelike than not.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Infra Arcana release 5
« on: July 28, 2011, 02:30:47 PM »
Ah nice, a huge wall of feedback.  ;D

Ok one thing at a time-

I especially like the idea of the height mechanic, although I'm not totally sure what the difference is between firing a shot at a shorter enemy versus a taller one is command-wise.
Command-wise it only depends on where you aim. The rules are there only because a rat shouldn't block your shot when you aim at a person.

Kinda weird how the program seems to close then open when returning to the main menu after dying.
Yeah this is only due to lazy programming. It shuts down and restarts almost the entire program, because then I need to worry less about things left over from the previous session. I intend to improve this situation sometime.

How do I throw missiles? I had throwing knives, but every time I used the throw command, I got a message saying I have nothing to throw. They can't seem to be equipped either. Is this not fully implemented yet or am I missing something?
It seems to work for me. The throw command is 't', and missiles are equipped in the "missiles" slot. They should be equipped in that slot when the game starts.

Ah maybe you pressed the command to EQUIP missiles ('m'). Then it would say "You have nothing to use as a thrown weapon". Which means there is nothing in the inventory to equip.

t = throw equipped missile
m = equip missile

Some commands like bashing doors or closing them can't be cancelled using the esc key like other commands.
Good call, I'll fix that for next release.

A yes/no confirmation before lighting dynamite would be extremely helpful. or an option to extinguish it right after you light it in case you did it by accident. Like I did.
I've been meaning to add more dynamite/bomb-type weapons (like Molotov cocktails). So then you'd get a query which dynamite/bomb you want to ready. That will work as a confirmation query.

Vilomaxus and the Fungi handed my butt to me. Almost unfairly so. They kept diseasing me from a distance.
Vilomaxus? What? Who?  :)
Well, I balance the game after my own play testing, and I don't think they are that much of a problem. They always fall for the old 'wait-around-the-corner-with-a-shotgun' trick.  ;)

Btw, how does a fungi wave it's hand and have an alien electric gun? Is that supposed to be like the Tesla Cannon/THunderbolt from Blood/Quake?
I don't know if you've read Lovecraft. Those are extremely evolved fungi. As it says in their in-game description they look like crustaceans and have wings, several limbs and a tail. The electric gun is one invention of this great scientific race. Yes, the gun could look like the one from Quake.

The reanimating corpses are very annoying, but very cool.
Hm, "annoying" isn't good.

Haven't tried it yet, but can they be completely stopped by making them blow up or dismembered somehow? I think that would make sense that they keep getting up if shot or stabbed, but can be stopped for good if they are blown up or somehow completely dismembered by a heavy duty bladed weapon.
I've had others comment on this. But the zombies can actually only rise once. Kill them twice and they lie down forever. I've been thinking about making them always blow apart the second time you kill them, so that there is no corpse left to worry about. I'll make it so for next release.

I really like the healing mechanic where you have to find somewhere safe to try and heel instead of just healing every few turns like most other roguelikes.

Is there an arm-mounted chainsaw somewhere? That would be awesome! Any kind of chainsaw?
Evil Dead eh?  ;)  Maybe some day.

Any chance of making a power-up, scroll, skill, etc. or some sort of way to dual-wield a melee weapon and a firearm so you don't have to switch weapons so often? Not as a standard permanent ability, but some way to earn it?
I've been doing some planning for dual wielding, and it would be nice to have. But there's a bunch of other stuff that must be done first.

It would be nice if there was also a command to exit the game from the Tombstone screen instead of having to return to the main menu to do so.
Adding it.

Maybe the Necronomicon could be used kinda like the Tome of Power from Heretic/Hexen II? a Temporary buff to your weapons.
I intend to use it (and other tomes) for learning spells.

Is saving implemented yet and I'm just missing it?
No it's not there yet.

Is there a way to change the default player name or make it start blank so you don't have to delete "player1" everytime you start a game?
I could add a setting for this in the config file.

Any chance of adding the page up/down and home/end keys as an alternate diagonal movement? I play on a laptop so I have no number pad and it's kinda annoying to use the number row at the top of the keys for diagonal movement.
Yeah that should be easy to add. Something that could also be used:
shift + left = up left
shift + right = up right
ctrl + left = down left
ctrl + right = down right.

What do you think of that?

Think it would also be possible to make it possible to navigate the menus using the arrow keys and enter to select the option/item/etc
I'll see if I can add it.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Infra Arcana release 5
« on: July 24, 2011, 08:00:00 PM »

New features:
*Monster spell casting
*New monsters
*Throwing weapons
*Postmortem information
*A command to print the postmortem info to a memorial file
*Player can name the character
*New status effects: Diseased, Slowed
*Some rats and clawing zombies are diseased (attack causes disease). Ghouls always cause disease
*Some Cultist Acolytes can cast a few spells (very rare). Some Mi-Go (Fungi) can cast spells (somewhat rare)

*Fixed a bug that caused unique monsters to sometimes spawn more than once
*The minimum value for any skill roll was 5%, causing hidden things to be found much too easily even without "Alertness". This value is now 1%
*Monsters give less xp (to compensate for spawning)
*The "Melee" and "Firearms" skills now only gives better chance to hit
*Safeguard against accidental quitting

Early Dev / Re: Graphics concept for Infra Arcana
« on: July 15, 2011, 06:01:43 PM »
Perhaps it benefits most from the layer of obscurity that is ASCII symbols. Leaving things to imagination and all that...

Early Dev / Graphics concept for Infra Arcana
« on: July 15, 2011, 01:11:33 PM »
Whaddya think?

(Yeah that's three players in the top right picture)

The Nethack floor gives good contrast with many colors, but it may look out of place.

Early Dev / Re: Warhammer, WH40k or Underdark?
« on: July 15, 2011, 06:16:51 AM »
A consistent Underdark setting would be very nice

This is really cool. I love the theme and gameplay mechanics.
Always great to hear.  :)

One small feature request. It would be very cool if it was possible to use the arrow keys and the enter or space key to navigate and make selections in the menu screens. Like the intro screen, picking stats/traits, inventory, equipping, using items, etc.
That... is not a small feature request.  :P

I'll write it down as a to-do for the future. Not for next version but maybe sometime. :)

I bet this game would also be great with sound fx...
I just recently discovered that there is an abundance of free, high quality sounds out there. So I'm looking into including that.

... and music. Maybe a very creepy horror ambient music and sounds? It would add to the atmosphere and would be nice bonus to see after the main parts of the game are polished/done. The Quake and Hellraiser soundtracks go nicely with it.
I think sounds would be fine to add from a data base. But music on the other hand should be original I think. I agree that it could add much to the game, but I'd need to find someone to compose a bunch of tracks. Now I have actually been messing around a lot with composing midi tracks in Guitar Pro over the last 5-6 years. So there is a tiny chance I could do it myself. It would probably be some non-melodic ambient stuff though (simplest to do + doesn't get as repetitive).

Would also be nice to name the character and have a mortem and high score screen.
As suggested by Corremn above. I've been avoiding it because the balance and content still changes a lot. I mean I think the strongest enemy so far is only level 9, so it doesn't get much more difficult if you survive the first third or so of the dungeon. But name/mortem needs to be added anyway so I should probably get to it.

Maybe a little flavour from the original Quake too? It was somewhat inspired by Lovecraft. Maybe some of the enemies like the Vore/Shalrath, Scrag, Fiend, Shambler, or the Polyp/Spawn that always gets forgotten? The nail gun weapons would be fun to see in a roguelike too. Don't know if it would fit the setting exactly, but it might. The ring of Shadows might make a cool item. Just throwing it out there.
I have already planned Dimensional Shambler, Flying Polyp, and lots of other things. I don't know about Quake original monsters... maybe if I run out of other ideas.

Early Dev / Re: Legend of Siegfried 0.1.2 Released!
« on: July 14, 2011, 08:21:46 AM »
I guess your input code read what "physical" key is pressed and not the value of the command.

This is a problem when playing with a Swedish keyboard and the game is written for American(?) keyboards.

The game told me to press '?' for commands. But nothing happens, and I have to look up where the '?'-key is on the American layout.

With SDL I find it better to read keys by their integer value:

Chars cast to integers also work:
int ('>')

That way the keyboard layout doesn't matter.

I like the feel of the game otherwise.

Programming / Re: Some questions about tile graphics
« on: July 13, 2011, 08:21:58 PM »
I don't understand why the situation is different for firearms. In both cases when attacking upwards it seems like attacking from the back, doesn't it?
The difference to me is that with firearms, you actually see the image of a projectile coming out of someone's back.

But I have now been told a sufficient number of times not to worry!  :)

Also here is a good point against top-down rotating graphics from R.G.R.D:

>> Either you have facing or need to implement it for top-down view with
>> rotation to avoid creating false feature or else things are going to
>> look silly at best.

> You mean that if I have rotating graphics, it implies that there is
> underlying game mechanics related to facing (when actually it's purely
> graphical)?

In most graphical turn based games facing serves some purpose. You may
get emails asking whether armor protects equally from front and from
behind, why stabbing someone in the back does not deal extra damage or
asking if evasion changes depending on how you face incoming fire.

Quote from: Z
Of course all our opinions are from Roguelike fans. By asking general public you could possibly get an opinion that anything else than FPP sucks. ;)
Preferably with bloom effects all over it.  :P

Programming / Re: Some questions about tile graphics
« on: July 13, 2011, 03:18:13 PM »
Quote from: Krice
No. The "perspective" rules are wrong anyway, so this is a non-issue. Don't try to think tile based graphics as anything related to realistic, that way it will be much easier.

Quote from: Darren Grey
Agreed.  You can never have perfect facing, so don't waste your effort trying.  Players don't care about such realism anyway.  Stick to a consistent style and you'll be fine.
These are just the responses I hoped for.  :)

Programming / Re: Some questions about tile graphics
« on: July 13, 2011, 02:43:08 PM »
But I want walls from an angled perspetive, which wouldn't make sense if characters are top-down.
Maybe you mean isometric, not perspective?
No I did not mean isometric, only tilted. I don't like the rotation in isometric, because it's not obvious to me which way I go when I press up.

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