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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Infra Arcana r7
« on: August 29, 2011, 04:28:30 PM »
Uploaded a small fix for the following issues:

*Every melee attack was presented like a back-stab (only the message was bugged though)
*Fixed a horrible horrible bug that prevented the player from dodging melee attacks
*CPU usage % should be much lower
*The inventory can store more items
*Windowed mode is now the default

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Infra Arcana r7
« on: August 27, 2011, 06:56:04 AM »
About twisted dwarfs and archaic weaponry-
Maybe Tcho-Tcho's:

It would've been nice if there where descriptions of them as inventors, or being technologically adept. Kind of like dwarfs in mythology being good at making armour, weapons and valuable things. But I haven't seen anything like that at all.

They could wield weird weapons like the nail gun, and there could be special Tcho-Tcho workshop rooms where you tend to find things like that.

Of course just because it's not mentioned anywhere in the literature doesn't mean I can't give them this trait in the game. It has been said that Lovecraft did not want people to slavishly copy his monsters.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Infra Arcana r7
« on: August 26, 2011, 10:32:34 AM »
and I find it annoying to use numbers whenever i wish to go sw,ne,nw,se
You are aware that you can also move like this?:
Shift + left  = up left
Shift + right = up right
Ctrl  + left  = down left
Ctrl  + right = down right

Both left and right side shift/ctrl should work.

And you can also move diagonally using page up/page down/home/end if that works for you.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Infra Arcana r7
« on: August 26, 2011, 05:48:24 AM »
Quote from: getter77
Heh, aiming to crash the ARRP 2011 party with a meaty r8 in a few weeks time?
Oh yeah.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Infra Arcana r7
« on: August 25, 2011, 05:26:09 PM »

Release 7 (August 25, 2011)
New features
*Save function
*Sneaking (unaware creatures are marked with an underscore)
*Backstabbing ("You stab the Cultist covertly with a dagger")
*Entry for sneaking and backstabbing in the manual
*Three new level-up bonuses to choose from
*Slot for prepared weapon (for fast switching)
*More insanity effects (including permanent effects)
*The back-story is written in the game
*Some text (e.g. insanity events) is shown in a pop-up box instead of the message log (they were too easy to miss)

*Lower monster spawn rate
*Removed hunger (the sanity system made it redundant)
*Animals listen for sound
*+1 or 2 HP when levelling up (randomly)
*More HP restored when levelling up
*Using the 'fire' command while aiming at yourself cancels the aiming mode
*Scroll of corruption can not take you to 0 HP
*Removed the "It was a scroll of" message when reading unknown scrolls
*Much higher shock from reading and identifying scrolls
*Toughness increases HP instead of decreasing damage taken
*You can no longer use the throwing attack while "Terrified"

The version is finished now. Manual is updated, game folder created, et c. Just need some more testing. I'll release it within 24 hours from this post, unless a natural disaster happens or something. :)

Thanks! Release 7 is coming this week...

Early Dev / Re: Graphics concept for Infra Arcana
« on: August 24, 2011, 12:25:57 PM »
this is the great concept the actual structure's virtual model is being analyzed through graphics.
??? Is this some kind of spam?

Stick with ascii is my humble opinion. I mean your game uses the ascii-chars in a very good way, it looks really nice already. The colors are cool and the overall impression is that it's a beautiful game to play.
Yes I've decided to keep using ASCII. It will look a hell of a lot better than anything I can draw (in a reasonable amount of time).
Plus, like I said, I think the setting benefits from having purely symbolic representation.

Quote from: Legend
It also kinda eliminates some of the risk/reward factor for actively engaging the enemies and trying to explore the entire level.
Yeah that could be a problem. It would encourage fast diving. Sure there are items to get from exploring, but maybe always descending when finding the stairs would be the superior "strategy". That is something I really want to avoid.

EDIT: This can be solved by making it extremely hard for a player with poor items to win. A spontaneous idea is a monster that's practically impossible to beat, so you are forced to solve the situation by for example using some item granting invisibility. Maybe not a perfect idea, just something to show that exploration can be encouraged or even forced.

Quote from: getter77
Perhaps a mix in order?   Certain power trees come from combat, some from treasure finding/exploration/general dungeoneering from a given level, and some from descent outright
Then people going heavy on sneaking would get descension bonuses, while fighters would get descension+fighting bonuses. Sneaking characters would still miss out.

It's all good ideas

I'm about to implement some things to make the game more sneak-and-evade-oriented:
*Sneak skill - There is a certain chance that a monster do not become aware of you even if it has line of sight. This is re-rolled each turn until it becomes aware.
*Listening skill - You listen for footsteps or other idle monster sounds. This can give clues to what's behind a door for example. Maybe it can also print an 'X' on the map in the direction of the sound.
*Backstabbing (or something equivalent) - Attacking a monster in melee when it is not aware of you may give bonus to hit chance and damage.

To emphasize this new aspect even further, I am very tempted to change the way you gain new levels. The idea is to get rid of xp; instead you gain a level when you go to the next dungeon level.

This would mean that the player is rewarded as much for evading a monster as for killing it. You could build a sneaky character without feeling cheated of xp.

or I may just not be paying enough attention or interpreting what's happening wrong and it's kinda all in my head.
This sometimes happens to me. It's pretty common to hit a move button, then think that you issued a move command, when you actually just confirmed a [MORE] prompt.

I'm thinking of having [MORE] prompts only be confirmed by the space button. This would be nice in certain instances, like when you step on a teleport trap. As it is now I tend to walk a few steps before I realize what happened. There could be an option in the config file to make any button confirm the prompt.

Maybe it could be some sort of trait/skill? For each level of it you can carry a few more items or ammo? I think that would be interesting.

I'm in the process of comming up with more bonuses at the moment, so this is a welcome idea. There could be a bonus called "Carrying" (just one rank), with Toughness rank 1 as a prerequisite.

Just curious if there was a sythe weapon in the game? Seems like it would fit. SPiked Mace?
No such things yet. I agree that they could fit, but the melee weapons that are there now needs to be differentiated more first. No sense in adding another one that differs only in name, damage, and hit difficulty.

Just wanted to say that I enjoy your game very much and I think that although it may have a tiny bit of similarity with DoomRL (and some of my input/feedback may have been influenced by it as well), it is definitely it's own entire game.
Thank you. And you can bet it will stand out more as time passes, and all the weird shit I have planned gets added. :)

Of course with a video you get to see the game in action.

I watch lots of "Let's plays" of Roguelikes. Its a nice way to get to know a game. I would enjoy watching runs of new or less known games, preferably with someone talking about the game and explaining what's happening.

I'll be getting attacked by enemies and try to make my next move a step away from them. My player doesn't move, I get the action messages about how the whatever enemy hit or missed me, and my guy still hasn't moved but it's my turn again. Very occasionally he does move though. But this is only when I am getting attacked by several enemies at once. Like 3 to 5, but not completely surrounded like there wasn't a space to move.
I did some testing, and everything seemed to work fine. I got myself almost surrounded, and I could move between and around the group in every way. I did it both with the numpad and the new shift/ctrl+arrow keys movement.

Does the problem occur only when you use a game pad?

I just opened a door and got mauled by 6 reanimating corpses on the very first level
Perhaps their group sizes should be restricted on the first level or two.

On the other hand, I personally enjoy knowing that even on the first level, there is a risk of facing an overwhelming force behind any door.
Same thing goes for the wolves. Most games you're just fine. Then there is that off game where they come at you from everywhere and tear you to pieces (or you actually handle the situation and start with a big xp advantage). :)

About the inventory; It would perhaps be nice to have more space.
But come on? Three half-empty pistol clips? Just throw it away or use it quick. :)

a command to switch between the prepared and wielded ones.
Will do.
I suppose people want DoomRL semantics, so I'll put 'z' as "swap to prepared weapon", and 'Z' for "select prepared weapon".

it might be kinda nice if you get at least partially healed if you are applying first aid and get interrupted.
Yeah I've thought about this too. It's rather annoying when something finds you and you have 6 turns left. I suppose you could be half-restored after half the healing time.

Or maybe some sort of small semi-rare healing item for when you are in tight situations and the time for first aid is simply not an option.
There are scrolls of healing. :)

Quote from: Legend
I noticed dynamite doesn't seem to blow up the trees in the intro level.
Yes I know, it's a limitation I did to make certain things easier for me, and I'm totally fine with this. The forest is such a small part anyway.

Quote from: Legend
Some variation to the church lay out would be cool.
That could be nice.

Quote from: Legend
Can you do anything to/at the altar?
Short answer: No. Long answer: Well, stuff like prayer or sacrifice means having some sort of religion-system. This is something I certainly want to add in some manner, but now is not the time.

Quote from: Legend
What about the graves?
I originally imagined zombies crawling up from them. But I think that would get very repetitive and predictable. I have some other ideas for zombie surprises though.

Quote from: Legend
Might be cool if the spiders had more interesting descriptive names instead of just white/black/green/etc. Unless the effect of different colored spiders was randomized each game like potions in Rogue. I've never seen random enemy effects in a roguelike before.
Yeah I should do a little spider research some day, to make the names more interesting.
Random traits and attack effects was something I actually intended at first, but I guess I moved on to something else.

Quote from: Legend
I read some comments on another board about your game and I think I have to agree with toning down the respawning a little. I rarely make it past the first level of the dungeon because I just keep getting swamped by creatures and no way to find a safe place to heal since I can't get away from them and find a door that isn't broken to close. Plus I have very little equipment and have only gotten as high as level 3 once while still on the first level.
Hehe, you're a Codexer? Do you post there? Or did you just stumble upon the thread?
I can agree that the spawn rate is a bit much.

I'll ask the same question here as there;
Is it the initial amount of monsters, or the rate at which they spawn during exploration that you find too high (or both?)

Quote from: Legend
I noticed that I can't seem to move from enemies while they are attacking me. Particularly trying to move diagonally away from them or between to enemies. I can never seem to move diagonally between them.
I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you saying that the game literally refuses to let you take a step away from them? I'm a little confused and worried. :P

Quote from: Legend
Maybe some other traits that could be picked would be specific melee weapon proficiency like bladed, blunt, pointed, etc.
Yes that post concerning more and smaller bonuses was interesting. I'll have to sketch up a revised bonus list when I find the time.

Quote from: Legend
Can't wait for potions.
Me neither.

Quote from: Legend
I never get a throwing knife back if it lands on something else like a doorway or a corps etc. At least not that I've noticed.
I don't think I've seen this happen. Testing it later.

Quote from: Legend
Haven't been able to find anything by searching yet. Is there anything to find implemented yet?
The search button is more like a wait button (that's all it does, you wait for 10 turns). But the character searches for traps and hidden doors every turn just like when you walk around normally.
So its primary use is when you have good reason to think there is a hidden door in a certain spot, you can press 's' instead of '5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5'.
It's also good for waiting out things like blindness, or waiting for a corpse to rise again.

Quote from: Legend
Could you please elaborate on the effects of insanity? I can't seem to figure out what it does.
I could to that, but first let me ask you, did you read the "Insanity" section in the manual?

Well, at the risk of sounding like an idiot... NON is there anyway to save a game yet? Can't seem to figure out how.
Sorry, there is no save function yet (it would of course be listed in the "commands" section of the manual).

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