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p.s. Will I finally find a spiked mace?
Some day...  :-[

I've been playing this for a while now and I'm having a good time with it.  Almost everything about the game is solid.  The tiles look really nice and the spooky sound effects help with the atmosphere a lot.  I like that there aren't many pointless or weak items.  Basically everything is either useful or dangerous, and the fact that the player's stats barely go up means you really appreciate small advantages.
Great to hear!

The rogue class seems enormously superior to the others.  Am I building my characters wrong or are the classes really that unbalanced?  I want to be a weird crazy wizard but I can't make it work
In the previous version Occultist was considered the strongest class. It should be just as strong now, I haven't changed anything about it. But Rogue on the other hand is much stronger now, mainly due to a fixed backstabbing bug, and perhaps also because a prerequisite was removed from the "Imperceptible" trait.

Someone made this image about the Occultist, I love it ;D

Infra Arcana v17.0 is released!

* Monsters can now be allied to the player
* Added spell/manuscript "Summon Creature"
* The "Pestilence" spell now summons allied critters, and can be learned by both the player and monsters
* Renamed "Sentry Device" to "Blaster Device", and added a new "Sentry Drone Device" which will hover around you when activated and attack your enemies
* Added (rare) magic Amulets and Rings
* Added spell (and manuscript) of "Light" (illuminates the area around the caster for a number of turns)
* Added forest rooms
* Removed the old way of making cave like rooms, and added a new improved cave room
* Some of the old rooms are now occasionally cave shaped (e.g. flooded rooms and spider rooms)
* Added in-game descriptions for all items and spells
* Some items now causes ability penalties while used (e.g. the Iron Suite makes it more difficult to dodge) - all penalties are mentioned in the item descriptions
* A vast majority of the common fountains are now "refreshing" (restores HP, SPI and shock), many of the beneficial properties (RFire, RFear, etc) granted from fountains lasts twice as long. Golden fountains are much rarer than before and gives three effects (always beneficial).
* Some map features can catch fire, which can spread to adjacent cells over time
* Smoke causes blinding and choking
* Added Gas mask (the war veteran starts with one)
* Added Smoke grenades (the war veteran starts with some)
* Removed wounds - instead passive HP regeneration is now much slower, the Medical Bag can be used for restoring HP at a quick rate.
* Your inventory is no longer limited by the number of items (only by weight)
* Items can now exist on revealed traps (in previous versions, revealing a trap would "push" away any item to an adjacent cell, which was very annoying if you intended to pick up the item) - traps covered by an item are drawn with a background color corresponding to the trap type.
* You now start with a fixed number of items (instead of a random range), and your starting items depend more on the chosen background (e.g. the Rogue always starts with a +1 Dagger).
* Added trait "Summoner" - Reduced cost for summoning spells, and lower risk that called creatures are hostile
* Added trait "Vicious" - +50% backstab damage
* Added trait "Bane of the Undead" - +2 melee/ranged attack damage against undead monsters, attacks against ethereal undead monsters (e.g. Ghosts) never pass through them (although you can still miss in the ordinary way)
* Added trait "Unbreakable" - This is a continuation of "Tough"/"Rugged" (HP bonus, carry weight bonus, etc)
* The Electric Lantern now lasts a specific number of turns (displayed in the item name) instead of having a random chance per turn to break (but it can still randomly malfunction).
* Kicking a statue can cause it to topple over, damaging any monster behind it
* Doors no longer have a "broken" state - instead, breaking them simply converts them to "rubble"
* Brown Jenkin now does more melee damage, has very high sneak skills, and knows the teleport spell
* Added a bunch of new monsters
* The Mi-go Electric gun is now a "real" weapon that the Mi-go can drop, and can be used by the player - the Tesla Cannon has been removed (redundant). The "yellow cultists" now use the Mi-go Electric gun.
* Added Mi-go Biological Armor - this can be used by the player
* Monsters now drop all their items when they die (in previous versions, each item had 50% chance to be destroyed)
* Reworked how you interact with lootable features (chests etc). This is now a lot quicker - there is no need to search repeatedly with  (that command has been removed) - you use  to disarm/search for chest traps and check if the chest is locked, and you are either able to spot the trap or not (based on Observant/Perceptive traits) - searching repeatedly makes no difference. Attempting to disarm a known chest trap only either succeeds or triggers the trap, there is never any need to disarm repeatedly.
* When picking up Electric Lanterns or Medical Bags, those items are now combined with existing Lanterns/Medical Bags instead of adding a separate item in the inventory
* Removed insanity as a factor in score (it is now purely based on XP and dungeon level reached)
* Graves are no longer placed in the forest intro level for winning characters
* Firearms and thrown weapons have limited effective ranges, beyond which their damage is halved. When selecting target, the marker is colored orange beyond the effective range.
* Added phobia for darkness

* Added a quick move command , to automatically move in some direction until interrupted
* Removed the Inventory menu  and the Use menu  - instead you now view and handle your inventory from a single menu, accessed with .
* Removed the examine command
* Added a shortcut key  to quickly activate the two most common items - Medical bag and Electric Lantern. When you press  the game asks if you want to use  Medical Bag or  Electric Lantern (perhaps in the future, shortcuts like these could be customized by the player).
* You no longer choose Medical Bag actions through a popup menu, instead it first sanitizes an infection if you have one, otherwise it restores HP.
* The "--More--" prompts now only accepts space or esc to proceed, this prompt is also added to more messages, for example triggering or avoiding traps - making it much easier to notice
* Changed the general color theme of the game's interface
* When viewing map cells with , information is printed for everything in that cell (not just the "top" thing) - e.g.: "I see here: A dart trap. A murky potion"
* Monster corpses are now included when viewing map cells with
* Monster corpses are now referred to in more interesting ways, e.g. "A lifeless gruesome corpse" instead of "A body of a Reanimated Corpse"
* Monster corpses are now rendered in the same color as the living monster, making them easier to distinguish
* Adjacent dark cells are now rendered darker than normal cells to make it easier to notice darkness
* Walls now draw the front wall tile instead of the top tile if the cell below is unexplored
* Fountains are now either blue (common) or yellow (golden), then turns to gray when they are dried up
* Added more sound effects
* Number of turns left on the Electric Lantern is printed in the map screen interface (e.g. "L:498") - the number is printed with yellow color when the Lantern is lit
* Removed the status line at the bottom of the map that said "It is dark here" / "The darkness is lit up" (etc)
* Lit cells are no longer colored completely yellow - instead they are just colored slightly brighter (with more weight on yellow)
* The game no longer prints hit chance percent when aiming at ethereal monsters (this number was misleading)
* The graves in the intro level forest now also display the background of the characters
* Throwing explosives in tiles mode now draws the items tile instead of its ASCII character
* The game no longer draws/delays at each intermediate cell when creatures are knocked back (or pulled by a Vortex), only when the creature reach the "destination" cell - this feels more intuitive and responsive.

Bug fixes
* Fixed a bug that prevented backstabs from giving hit chance bonus in many cases
* Fixed a crash that occurred if enter was pressed while equipping a slot with no available items
* Fixed a crash that occurred if shift + enter (drop item) was pressed while a slot with no item was selected
* Fixed a bug that caused properties to "stick" on an item if it was dropped while wearing it (if the item was picked up again, the properties were enabled on the player even when the item was just carried in the backpack)
* Thrown objects may now pass through ethereal monsters (in the previous version, this rule mistakenly only applied to firearms and melee attacks)
* The Electric Lantern on/off state is now stored when saving the game
* Flying monsters can no longer be killed by kicking them into chasms
* The audio player now attempts to find a free channel, instead of just picking the next channel (this could stop other sounds, which frequently happened with long tracks like the ambient background noises)

Early Dev / Re: The Temple of Torment
« on: August 14, 2014, 12:04:00 PM »
Edit: A simplified (Infra Arcana-like) graphics style is another way to reduce visual noise...
We both want to keep the graphics style away from cuteness. Going with "cute" graphics does remove most of the noise but we believe it also takes away what the game is trying to represent; then we have 16x16 limitation which forces us to add noise so that the undesirable pattern effect is kept at bay. I hope one day we can move towards 32x32. :D
Oh god this post makes my blood boil.

Are you saying IA looks "cute"? Have you even looked at it? It's very simplistic and crude, almost like ASCII graphics - which is perfect for someone like myself who can't stand cute graphics either.

I guess it could depend on what you put in the term "cute" though. They do have a sort of quaint minimalism.

Now here's some examples of what I consider cute in a bad sense:
* The new ADOM tiles -
* Dungeons of Dredmor -

How far deep does the dungeon go, anyhow? I hit level 19 (with tremendous luck), it was looking pretty end game-y before I died horribly. If that's only the halfway mark I should probably abandon hope.
100 levels
(30 levels :P)

Design / Re: Wound system
« on: April 30, 2014, 07:29:22 PM »
Yeah I think death from insanity almost never happens. Players tend to worry about it a lot though ("omg I'm only at lvl 3 and I'm 35% insane!"), but very few actually seem to die from it.

It's fitting that your game makes people paranoid.
Well that's true ;D

Design / Re: Wound system
« on: April 30, 2014, 05:56:50 PM »
That's pretty much how Infra Arcana's sanity system works...

Which is kinda funny, since there was a bug in IA that would crash game, when you reach 100% insanity. Guess not many players reached that state and just died long before that.
Yeah I think death from insanity almost never happens. Players tend to worry about it a lot though ("omg I'm only at lvl 3 and I'm 35% insane!"), but very few actually seem to die from it.

Going off topic here, but I want to mention that I plan to remove the long-term insanity clock. I don't think it plays an interesting role in the game. The counter currently called "shock" will be renamed to "insanity" instead (along with all references to it such as "Shock resistance" -> "Insanity resistance"). In the interface you would simply see for example:

There should be more "insanity symptoms" added, with more harsh effects than exists now. But the symptoms should be designed as chains, so for example "Mild Rat phobia" could lead to "Strong Rat phobia", which in turn could lead to "Severe Rat phobia". In the first stage you would receive some fear from rats, whereas in the last stage of the symptom you could become terrified for many turns or even faint from seeing rats.

There probably shouldn't exist death as a direct result from insanity, but you could become so riddled with problems that it may be close to impossible to survive.

Right now wound distribution is random, but flat. Chance of getting wound at low and high HP is the same. Penalties for wound are there, yet if need you can play few levels with wound in critical situation relaying more on other resources (using more ammo etc).
The idea to only apply wounds when below 50% HP applied to the current wound system is the best way I think. It seems to be the most supported way here too.

Next version will be more about adding new content (in terms of items and environment), so it's a better time to add some weapon like that. There will probably be some magic/ritual daggers and stuff like that too.

The Spiked mace for knockback of enemies and bashing corpses/automatically bashing corpses on the first hit.  Just make them more rare to balance it out. I also think it fits the theme, brutal and gruesome nature of the game. And it is a bit more eerie and unsettling item than say a sword.
Sounds like cool properties for that weapon.

While I can see it being plausible that several traps  are setup down a straight line in a hallway, it is just annoying in this particular circumstance from a gameplay perspective. They are practically unavoidable and can often cause death.
Have you tried 'd'isarming them?

It would be nice if the clustered traps could be the same as they are now but with the exception of if it is a corridor, that only a single trap would be generated. Or maybe two at the max.
I can agree with this. And it should be easy to just add a check to see if the original trap is created in a choke point, then don't spawn any extra traps around it.

Design / Re: Wound system
« on: April 29, 2014, 10:52:07 AM »
But now we are talking about the current system of listing the number of "Wound" effects you have (each Wound is a serious thing, and you can only have 4 of them simultaneously before you die). It's not something that can be applied proportionally.

Design / Re: Wound system
« on: April 29, 2014, 06:51:15 AM »
I think the old wound system would work fine if you could only receive wounds when your health is below a certain point.
Yeah I've been considering this, and Legend suggested it elsewhere too. It could really be the way to go.

I wonder if damage should be able to cause a wound if HP is below 50% *before* or *after* the HP is subtracted though.

Two choices:

HP must be < 50% before the damage is applied. Then for example an attack with 10 damage (this is a lot) would not cause a wound if it takes you from 16/16 to 6/16. That seems strange.

HP is checked after the damage is applied to see if a wound could occur. Then there would not be a "safe" zone where you cannot take any wounds at all. It mereley requires a much stronger attack to cause a wound from full HP (and a weaker attack is required the closer you get to 50%).

Method (2) seems more realistic.

Design / Re: Wound system
« on: April 28, 2014, 06:13:39 PM »
Personally, I don't see an issue with how wounds work now in the game.  A chance of receiving a wound when you receive a critical hit is pretty fair and still adds challenge.
That's good to hear. Sometimes when you only see one or two negative opinions on something, and no positive, it's easy to think it's universally hated :P

I could see it being more reasonable if the current wound system was combined with the idea of having them occur after the player has reached below %50 or even %75 health.
Yeah I was thinking about that option as well. It could very well be applied to the current wound system, that you can only receive wounds below 50% HP. It could give some opportunity to back away before you take a wound. Thus adding some tactics and predictability to it.

Design / Re: Wound system
« on: April 28, 2014, 02:01:56 PM »
Also once the max HP is reduced, is the 50% mark still the original MHP or the new MHP?
I imagine it would be 50% of the current max HP. Otherwise if you were at 10/10(20) for example, you'd receive critical wounds for any damage at all, even just a little bite from a rat.

Design / Re: Wound system
« on: April 28, 2014, 12:13:12 PM »
Quoting myself here, from the first post:
Your HP will regenerate naturally over time, up to the current maximum HP. To heal your critical wounds and raise your max HP to the potential max HP, you need to spend many turns healing, consuming medical supplies.
Alternatively, critical wounds could also regenerate, just very slowly (something like 200 turns for 1 HP). This would give you at least a chance to surive if you run out of medical supplies.

Design / Re: Wound system
« on: April 28, 2014, 12:08:32 PM »
The system you are describing is pretty much exactly what I have now. You just differentiate wounds into subtypes.

Every hit the character would suffer could have a chance of producing a penalization wound.
That's exactly how it is now, and that's what I want to get away from (random, unpredictable penalties).

Also, I prefer a simpler, more abstract system, rather than "fractured bone", "deep cut", etc. Explicit wounds draws too much attention to how the character can survive multiple axe wounds, stabbings, getting shot with a pistol, etc, and in just a short moment heal up to perfect health. With hit points or a very abstract "wound" counter I'm more Ok with this.

I know wounds like the one's you listed can be interesting, and make the game more gritty and realistic. But it really shines a strong light on the more implausible aspects of it.

I was thinking about a new wound system. Started a new thread for it here:

Design / Wound system
« on: April 28, 2014, 08:26:57 AM »
I have an idea for a new wound system that I'd like to see your opinions on. This is intended for my game Infra Arcana, but could be applicable for most roguelikes.

In the current version of IA, a wound is received when you take a hit that does at least 6 damage. As Vanguard pointed out in this thread, this system can seem like you are being randomly penalized. I can agree with this. I suspect it would work better in a pen-and-paper RPG, where you roll the dice yourself and clearly see when and why wounds are happening.

If the idea explained below seems fun and solid, I would remove the "Wound" status effect from IA.

You have your regular cur/max HP:

Now I was thinking that "critical" wounds could have the effect of lowering your maximum HP. For example you might have critical wounds corresponding to 2 HP. This could be represented in the interface like cur/max/potential HP:

Your HP will regenerate naturally over time, up to the current maximum HP. To heal your critical wounds and raise your max HP to the potential max HP, you need to spend many turns healing, consuming medical supplies.

When should critical wounds be received? What I'm concidering is that this happens when you take damage while your HP is below 50% of maximum. For each HP lost below 50%, your max HP is also reduced by one.

For example:
You are at 10/20/20 HP. You take 4 damage. You are now at 6/16/20 HP. You have 4 HP worth of critical wounds.

Another example:
You are at 18/20/20 HP. You take 3 damage. You are now at 15/20/20 HP. No critical wounds was received in this case.

Yet another example:
You are at 12/20/20 HP. You take 4 damage. You are now at 8/18/20 HP. You have 2 HP worth of critical wounds.

This should make it much easier to see exactly when and why this is happening right? No hidden randomized numbers. You know that below 50% is the "danger zone".

It also makes (at least some) logical sense since HP is usually viewed as your general fighting ability, fatigue, and minor wounds, bruises, and sprains. Low HP would then mean that you are no longer in top fighting condition, and is unable to "ward off" attacks.

What do you think about this idea? Is there some game/roguelike that does something similar to this?

An alternative presentation could be cur/max(potential) HP, for example:
Maybe it's clearer.

Edit: If this system is too harsh, it could be tuned for example by halving the critical wound rate. For example if you lose 4 HP, your max HP is only reduced by 2. (This could also be implemented as Traits you can pick when gaining levels).

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