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Really glad to see the developers are still doing  a great work. Looking forward to get back into playing this gem once I find some time; haven't played it since October and looks like there's lots of new additions since then.
Is the high ego esp still overpowered or have they balanced things a bit?
Is it still common to find infinite amounts of water?

I have just sent you a PM with my idea on how to raise funds not only for Roguetemple but also for the Roguelike community and developers altogether. Let me know Slash  8)

Just cast Silence on it.

I just finished playing one very successful non-roguelike game, Witcher 3.
Great graphics and music, thousands of conversation lines, very polished under many aspects.
I only enjoy hard games and it was satisfying to manage to win the game in the hardest mode, "death march".
And that soundtrack.. magnificient! Felt like dancing with eurofolk music while mutilating ghouls with my beautiful long silver sword, dodging attacks with extraordinary agility, feeling the adrenaline.
The ending was so so but the story overall very good with several characters with their own personalities which I felt attached to (in particular Lambert, Vesemir, Keira Metz, and also minor characters such as Thaler, Dijkstra and general Morvran Vhooris or some sadistic villains like Whoreson Junior and his gang and that Nicolas Pastodi whoremonger priest). Let alone how beautiful were some of the cinematic sequences, such as when Ciri gets inside that cave to find the three Crones drinking random body parts soup whilst in form of absolutely gorgeous naked girls, just with blood all over them from their human meat feast. It was great to have choices affecting the game plot and the final ending of the game.
And I could happily disregard minor plot holes, issues and inconsitencies such as potatoes selling for 30 golds each, the freaking horse constantly getting stuck, the whole crafting thing being completely useless for exception of witcher gear, etc.

Having said this, the good parts I have highlighted are all components which I normally could appreciate also in books and movies - it is the artistic part of the game.

However in terms of the "gaming" part of the game, I can't say it was a particularly remarkable experience.
For instance there's stuff like "level loot" which ruins everything.

It completely ruins the free roaming aspect of the game.
It is never interesting to go back to location with low level enemies because only low level enemies will spawn there, which constitute no challenge nor reward to the player.
On the other end, it would be interesting to explore areas where the player knows they are likely to find out of depth enemies, but the problem is that it ends up being unrealistically tough boars or wild dogs which are 100 times stronger than a lower level arch griffin or dragon, and on top of this the loot is capped to the level of the player. There's also minimal experience gain to slay those enemies.

This sucks.
So much effort in polishing all the smallest technical visual and audio details of the game, and such poor design.
It feels like you are locked in a story and all the rpg component is merely a facade.

It made me think that the following components need to always be present together in order to obtain an ultimate gaming experience:

- possibility to find out of depth enemies (possibly alongside free roaming)
- uncapped loot
- no level restrictions for equippable items
- no monsters levels (ok with legendary ones to be tougher but that's about it)

The question is how to then manage to keep the game interesting after an out of depth item is found and equipped.
Well we all know how cool it is to find an eternium double sword of devastation in the small cave in Adom with your level 1 character, or start a Caverns of Qud game and find out that  you have in your backpack an Electro Crossbow or some other ultra powerful technological device.
It feels freaking good!
But does it spoil the game? No way! Because there's always the possibility that either
- that item could break or be stolen or destroyed by some trap, monster, etc
- the pc could develop some sort of corruption, or illness, or anything that could then make being strong in combat go on a second scale of importance
- permadeath is worth mentioning but ok, I understand a 100 hours game such as Witcher 3 would need to find ways around that
- the pc could become cocky and then find himself surrounded by randomly spawned enemies which happen to be not particularly susceptible by that equipment

And more and more could be done! But that is the way to go. "Level loot", equipment level restriction, non randomness of spawns and all of that are very lazy way to circumvent the potential risks of giving freedom to the player, and in my opinion they make that freedom disappear when it comes to gaming experience.
This is a great game for what concerns what should be the quintessential property of it: the actual gaming experience.

Then there's other things I like about roguelikes such as the minimalistic graphic interface, turn based tactics, etc - but the random and freedom components I have discussed above are what I really love the most and unfortunately I have yet to find in a non-roguelike game as of 2017.

Any thoughts?

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: Console videogames
« on: November 19, 2017, 02:44:57 AM »
Paper Mario.. I'll give it a try if I can find it, but I think it's only for Nintendo.
I do have a Nintendo 3DS which I bought solely to play tactical RPG Fire Emblem: Awakening.. do you know that one?

I wouldn't say I prefer the Witcher to good old roguelikes hey, just it's I guess more user friendly to be able to play on the couch with minimal physical and mental effort when I return home from work and just enjoy the nice graphics, digital tits and dismembing enemies, trying to disregard stuff I dislike such as constantly getting stuck in irrelevant background props, equipment level requirements and that Yennefer feminist sorceress the main character has a crush on (he slays vampires, beats the crap out of the roughest blokes from the docks, steals from the poor, bangs every single prostitute in Novigrad.. but still keeps a relationship with a 7/10 who treats him like an idiot? come on).

There's another RPG which seems interesting, called Torment, Tides of Numenera.
Created by the same ideator of Torment, but staged in the weird universe of Numenera, an ultra-futuristic sci-fi scenario where civilzations control space and time and the playing character is some kind of immortal divinity who reconstruct himself every time he dies. Seems quite properly RPGish, mostly based on text which is very rare today with console games. Just tried it for the first time yesterday, wasn't expecting to be stumbling upon something like that with a PS4.

Off-topic (Locked) / Console videogames
« on: November 17, 2017, 03:24:03 AM »
Just bought a PS4 after something like 15 years away from consoles.
Having a good time with Witcher 3. Naked chicks, playing trading cards, love stories, semilinear storyline, and obviously the stunning graphics you get these days.

But still lots of issues that similar games had 15 years ago.
Like getting stuck in furniture, having to ravage in rubbish and backtrack whenever you are teleported after a mission, occasional bugs, equipment you can't use unless you are of a certain level, high level guards that require like 1000 sword hits to die, and all other crap which roguelikes fixed 40 years ago.

But yeah, enjoying it as it sometimes creates interesting scenarios. Like just played a mission where I was with this hot mage chick on a masquerade ball where I happen to steal lots of food from the banquet, met aristocrat contacts, beat the shit out of a drunk dude who was looking for trouble, saw naked dancing prostitutes on the moonlight, and other drunk noblemen embarassing themselves, kissed the mage chick under the fireworks, and won a trading card game tournament. All felt real enough for that to be lived as a kind of real experience.

Anyone has other console games to recommend?

Off-topic (Locked) / Ladyboys
« on: October 29, 2017, 07:06:14 AM »
Anyone into ladyboys here at RogueTemple?

After having been dating women all my life, I recently developed a serious liking for ladyboys. I like the exotic beauty, the femininity, the higher sex drive compared to women, and am fascinated by their usually maudit hard core troubled existances. Some of them aren't into bars and live a somewhat normal life though.

Some videos from Pattaya

Lots of ladyboys there.
I remember going to a ladyboy gogo bar where there was a show with ladyboys dancing on poles, etc. Felt like paradise - nice house music, red lights, sexy asses, tipping chicks, buying drinks left and right.
Knowing that in some gogo bars Thai girls perform into a 'ping pong show' which consists of them inserting ping pong balls inside their p***y and then shooting them with their pelvic muscles. @------°, I was then very puzzled by a sign stating '10 ping pong balls, x bath' since there wasn't any woman, all ladyboys.
I asked the mamasan if that would have meant ladyboys doing a private ping pong show with their bums ha. She looked at me like WTF. I felt slightly autistic.

Here in Australia people are making a great fuzz about legalizing gay marriage

I think they should make marriage illegal everywhere and for everyone.

Hahahaha.. good one Krice!

Sultans now marry spouses from the cultures they're trying to curry favor with. For example, when a sultan cements her friendship with crabs via matrimony, she'll appropriately marry a crab now instead of, say, a robot.

Here in Australia people are making a great fuzz about legalizing gay marriage, meanwhile CoQ is promoting interspecies marriage.

Thanks Getter   :D

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, etc
« on: September 22, 2017, 12:21:39 PM »
Both cryptos and fiat have not intrinsec value.

The advantage of cryptocurrencies over fiat currencies is that cryptos are decentralized.

The drawback is that you can't pay everyday things such as ladyboys and alcohol with them :-(

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Re: Most exciting upcoming Roguelike
« on: September 13, 2017, 10:10:06 AM »
Unoriginally, Jupiter Hell. That Kornel Kisielewicz has done such a great job with DoomRL (now DRL).
Also having a blast with Caverns of Qud and looking forward for the project to be launched officially for the complete version.
That's about it as I haven't been playing much recently.

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, etc
« on: September 12, 2017, 12:31:36 PM »
Hahhaah.. good old Krice. Yes actually that wouldn't be bad except we couldn't play roguelikes!
Maybe going back to the '80s would be enough ha.

Off-topic (Locked) / Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, etc
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:19:18 AM »
Anyone enjoying investing in cryptos and ICOs on RogueTemple?

Looks like the devs have been introducing some interesting updates! Haven't played for a while but really looking forward to. Did they manage to balance things a bit with hi ego mind controllers?

Skeletor, a Steam forum scan suggests that you can revert to a previous version in the betas tab? So you might not need to locate the save files at all.

Thanks Jim, good to see you're still around. So many years we've been in this forum ha.
Can't find this betas tab on steam though, where is it?

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