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I love roguelikes and I like to play them, not only the major ones but also the smaller, uncompleted, abandoned ones. I think it's very satisfying to learn how to immers and adapt to new world logics and create tactics to compete with a new challenge every time I start to play a new roguelike.

The only problem that sometimes keeps me away to start to play a new game is control keys: every roguelike seems to have a different key set!
So everytime I know I have to print a page with all the keys and then learn again how to interact with a keyboard in a new world (but performing the same actions).
And if this is a little-medium problem for me (a roguelike lover), this is a bigger problem for people who know and like only one major roguelike; those persons may be fully unincentivied by this problem and consequently kept away from other games. Even from other major roguelikes, because if you take for example Doom Rl, Ivan, Adom and Angband you'll notice that they all have very different keyset. Two friends of mine love, love, love adom but never played other roguelikes, and I think it's just for this problem.

In my opinion, a very important thing for the whole roguelike community could be to create a general standard about control keys for the commands present in almost every roguelike (take stairs, get item, equip, inventory, attack ranged, pass turn, dip item, skills..).

A sort of "esperanto" between the major games keyset.
Not something to follow strictly (even because some roguelike has some actions that don't exist in others), just something to know and can be really, really useful for the gamers, the developers, and the roguelike community itself.

Off-topic (Locked) / Monster's den
« on: October 28, 2009, 08:57:29 AM »

A coffebreak tactical rpg where you create a party of 4 heroes to explore dungeons.
There are 5 classes: warrior (good armor/weapon), cleric (heal, good armor), mage (bad armor, powerful ranged and close attacks), rogue (average fighter but some nice skills), ranger (strong ranged and close attacks).
Levelling up, every class can raise attributes and select a new skill/spell.

What's your strategy?
My best parties are (I'm obviously talking about the extreme difficult level ;)):

- Three wizards (intelligence at level up) casting incinerate and a cleric (intelligence at level up) behind them healing, reviving, casting holy light in big battles and smite against undeads.
Pros: three incinerate attacks per turn deal a huge amount of damage, and even if wizards have the worst armor, there are three of them to dissipate frontal attacks so it's not a big problem and against boss they can cast magic armor
Cons: incinerate needs a good staff to be effective, and with three wizards you'll probably never have them with a staff with the level they currently are;  furthermore the cleric is also not at full activity; his armor is useless and ofter he has to pass turn
edit: I just realized incinerate doesn't need a good staff, but it needs intelligence! hahaah, I'll try to put those points there next time

- One cleric (endurance) absorbing all damage, healing party and attacking with fervor and three rangers (strengh/dexterity) behind attacking with crossbows/bows (pin, rain of arrows) and spears (force of nature)
Pros: the cleric armor and ability is really useful, and three rangers have a great power attack (and also tactical due to the very handy pin attack); creature levels are also very easy with the hunter prowness ranger skill
Cons: I don't know, this is a very effective party

- Two rogues (endurance) attacking with create opening and instakilling enemies (with coup de grace) stunned by the pin attacks shot by the two bow/crossbow rangers (dexterity) behind them.
Pros: pin + coup de grace combo is really cool
Cons: two rogues in the front line are often not hard enough to resist enemies attacks; bosses are immune to instakill; most important, no cleric so the only heal spells are the ranger's balms and mediocre heal

A cool trick I usually try to use is to equip mass damagers (Wizards - electric bolts; Rangers - hail of arrows and somewhat Warriors - cleave) with poisoning weapons; poison damage add over time, and for example after a first turn when the level boss party take 3 hail of poisoned arrows, it will take a lot of damages at the start of every other turn.

Other Announcements / Re: 1st Person Roguelikes?
« on: October 27, 2009, 02:46:05 PM »
(sorry double post)

Other Announcements / Re: 1st Person Roguelikes?
« on: October 27, 2009, 02:45:12 PM »
I do remember that the eye of the beholder games were very good, but my memory has died on me, were they turn based??

They were kind of real time.

Player movement speed was determined by his quickness to press the directional keys. Player attack speed was something different: after attacking with a weapon, it became grey (unavailable) for a lapse of time depending on attributes and the haste spell.

Enemies speed was instead static. Every second an enemy had a move (no more, no less) and an attack. Every monster: from wolves to stone giants.

So you had a great movement and tactical advantage against enemies.
This was somewhat unrealistic, but who cares! The game was great.
It was absolutely awesome to challenge a room full of skeletons, or a no-rest-and-no-turning-back dungeon with spawning margoyles (immune to non magic weapons) and gelatinous cubes (paralyzing, poisoning, item destroying..)!!
That game was pure awesomeness.
The only bad thing was that damn room with 9 buttons on the ground.. hehe, lost months to understand how to proceed.

I love this game, I played a lot many years ago! It was my first board game.

funny that you mentioned Russia. I think russian women are the most beautiful, and generally eastern bloc women.

Yeah, until they reach 35 years.. after that they become fatter and fatter; I don't know, maybe it's the communism effect.

There are a lot of things I don't like about Italy, but italian girls are something I can't complain about (btw the only three other good things in Italy are food, weather and a bid├Ęt in every bathroom).

wasn't there a joke that you have played too much Nethack if you feel afraid of your e-mail address?

 ;D ;D ;D

Here's a video I've just found with Maria Rosaria De Medici.. wow, she's HOT!!

In the communist Russia every old lady looked like Boris Eltsin.

Sounds good!!

A cool thing to know is that Rai Tre is the most communist-oriented channel here in Italy, and back in the '70s (when a lot of people in Italy was pro-communism), if a girl decided to be left-wing she had to be ugly because beauty was intrinsically considered something capitalistic. Luckily communist fashion changed, otherwise I'd never had been able to see Maria Cuffaro.

I live in Italy, and here a channel (Rai Tre) has some of the hottest ladies announcing news.

The first one is Maria Cuffaro.
I think she's absolutely wonderful.

Another one I really like (also from TG3, Rai Tre news program) is Maria Rosaria De Medici.

Other Announcements / Re: Which roguelike have you played the most?
« on: October 19, 2009, 09:54:47 PM »
I also still haven't played Crawl; gotta give it a try. Is "stone soup" the same game?

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: Realtime Roguelike
« on: October 19, 2009, 11:20:25 AM »

I'm currently (several month now) thinking about a realtime roguelike. I can't get enough pro/cons to make a final decision. And almost every week i'm again thinking about it.
Me too, good thread!

Would a realtime roguelike be 'roguesih'?
Why not.. Spleunky is 78% roguelike and it's even a platform game.

What mechanics should be used? Mainly turn-based (commands take time, time progess is continous, e.g. 1round/100ms) or almost realtime with non tilebased movement?
100% realtime. But the game can be paused with a key; in critical situations, this gives the player all time he wants to decide what to do.

Would it be fun? I really like the tense of realtime games but its also hectic and non relaxing.
I agree, turn based is more relaxing and tactical, but the "pause" command can help with this. Another thing that could help would be the implementation of some sort of "slow time" scrolls that make game time go slower for a short lapse so in critical situation the player may have more time to decide what to do.

Should it be chosable? (e.g. player can choose a mode which stops the game logic after the players action is over, or just keep it continous running).
I personally don't like something like that; I think the "pause" command works well.

What about controls? Realtime would force the players to use a mouse.
Take a look at Triangle Wizard. WASD + mouse works pretty well.

What about the target audience? Roguelike scene is very small, it would even be more smaller if it is a realtime rogue....
I don't agree. What keeps people away from roguelikes is usually the huge list of commands they need to learn to play.. real time action is definitely more appealing at first.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Doom Roguelike 0.9.9 released :)
« on: October 18, 2009, 09:50:26 PM »
One of my favourite roguelikes!
Take a look:,2279.0.html

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