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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Cogmind (now at Beta 7.1)
« on: November 16, 2018, 07:25:12 PM »
Something I noticed: Cogmind and Cataclysm DDA have been the two hottest roguelikes in 4chan's /v general threads in the last weeks.

Design / Re: Corridors considered harmful
« on: November 12, 2018, 06:42:43 AM »
I see; semi-random generation through randomly selected predetermined chunks. That's an interesting concept indeed, as long as there is plenty of chunks available so that dungeons never feel samey.

Design / Re: Corridors considered harmful
« on: November 11, 2018, 10:51:38 PM »
No procedural content generation => not a roguelike.

Design / Re: Thoughts on this identification system idea?
« on: November 08, 2018, 11:20:38 PM »
corremn raises an interesting point.

I think it was a joke. As if roguelikes should be watered down to "modern" (whatever it is) players. Identification game can be fun it's well thought, but it can become tedious as well. My explanation for not using identification in my games is that I'm using rigid, static data structures for item data and it feels like a pesky task to make the identification system in that scheme in the first place.

Not sure.. have you played his game Warlock of Firetop Mountains? Stuff is unidentified only as long as you don't pick it up. True that it's a roguelike version of Ian Livingstone's omonymous gamebook.

Design / Re: Thoughts on this identification system idea?
« on: November 07, 2018, 01:38:23 AM »
corremn raises an interesting point.

Personally I (mid 30s bloke) like the identification mini-game as gauging odds and gambling accordingly is part of a satisfying gaming experience. For example, throwing that potion at an enemy hoping it's a confusion or blindness one knowing that there's a good chance for that is really rewarding when the prediction is right and I manage to get out of an otherwise deadly situation.

However I do agree that some players, in particular new ones who didn't go through certain videogames in their childhood might prefer instant gratification.

The solution from my point of view resides in making both types of gaming experience possible within a system which favours customization within character building.
Hate the identification mini-game? Fine, but you must chose a certain character class (mad scientist.. sage..) who insta indentifies loot.. or you must chose a certain skill (herbalism.. medicine.. arcane lore) which grants immediate identification of all potions automatically.
This way you hit two birds with one stone.รน

And same can be done with any other features certain players like and others don't.

By the way.. did anyone understood if there's any use for statues and altars?
I kind of like it though that there's no wiki whatsoever.
These days I've been experimenting different Ghoul builds.. so far I quite like the standar progression melee fighter + ravenous + foul + toxic.. after which I usually go for vigilant as an incredible amount of my ghouls die by invisible stuff.
Frenzy is crucial.. with it in corridors most enemies are tasty snacks.. another very nice perk of it is that phobias stop being such a hindrance since the frenzy status automatically removes terrified (and also weakness). Seeing in the dark is also neat as. And no diseases also super good. Wounds and low hp can be fixed by feeding off opponents, dead or alive (with ravenous + claws). With all of this melee fighting, armour is usually what makes the difference. Friendly worms are an excellent perk as well when running away from invisible stuff (those things kill at least 1/3 of my characters), spirit/life leeches and in corridors when not frenzied. Saving potions of blindness once identified can be a lifesaver to get out of unconvenient situation while frenzied.

On the next update, please make it that on level up, the ENTER key has to be pressed in order for the trait to be picked. Otherwise when someone is playing fast they might accidentally get the wrong trait.

I want to leave this world with completed roguelike game. My tombstone will say "He didn't do much, but at least left the world one completed roguelike."

Ha I wish we could see this more often.

I really like the clever use of minimalistic graphics and sound.. minimal indeed, but contributes immensly to the atmosphere of the game. Infra Arcana has much more immersiveness than several mainstream million dollar games.
Very nice classes and skills system as well; each class requires a different approach to the game and makes it a new overall experience. (However for the sake of plot it's a bit weird to think about a ghoul getting phobias and finding psychological comfort by holding a flare and things like that - also why the heck was a ghoul venturing there)
I also like that the game is now quite hard. There's almost no zero-challenge enemy.. minimal backtracking, and the new xp system is clever, fun, and ensures there's no grinding. Reasonably good also for how much the mechanics are made clear to the player (damage input per weapon, chance to hit modifier.. and also chance to hit per single enemy, however it's a bit tedious to check as one needs to press a few keys).
As Legends said, the game rewards exploration rather than mindless killing of enemies. So many times however I found the stairs early but died in the process of exploring the dungeon a bit more before descending. Possibly the game rewards equally exploration and getting the hell out of there as soon as the stairs are found..!

Absolutely excellent game, and a pure roguelike.

Next release could be awhile yet, yet will be loaded:

That's good to hear getter.

I tried right clicking into the folder.. can do "run into terminal" from there. Typed "./ia" but got this error:
"./ia: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
What a pain in the ass is linux.
* update #2*
Just accepted I have to play the windows version via Wine emulator.

Anyone got news of NON?
Hopefully he will continue to work on this great game.

I was trying to run it on my Linux Mint Cinnamon.. double clicking on the ia file nothing happens though.
Any advice?
Right clicking on it I don't get the "run on terminal" option.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: IVAN (release 0.54)
« on: October 20, 2018, 07:29:14 AM »
Really glad to see the game is still under improvement.
I really like the surreal "anything can happen" feeling and sense of humor.

Interesting stuff to read in the development plans, such as

    the player will have to sleep
        the player could gain things from dreams
        affect food burning rate; Affect stats; Affect item spawning rate
        finding spells only from the dreams
        dream world

Oh, and as to whether it's a great gamebook - it's decent.  It was one of only two Fighting Fantasy books that I was able to beat on my first try (the other being The Shamutanti Hills).  Deathtrap Dungeon was always my favourite FF.

Good old deathtrap dungeon.. the favourite game book of many.. great memories as a child.

You raise three valid interesting points Vosvek. Yeah the minigame thing used to be cool when first implemented some 20-15 years ago but is now kind of unoriginal and doesn't offer much value anymore.

Anyway I am still touched by how wonderful Witcher 3 was.
Whenever I listen to those random youtube RPG atmosphere sountrack compilations and there's something from Witcher 3, I get happily reminiscent of the good times playing as Geralt of Rivia. What a wonderful adventure playing and finishing the game on "hard" mode (which wasn't really hard for us hardcore calloused roguelike bearmen). Just listening to the soundtrack reminds me all of those memories. It's like I personally lived that adventure and it's now part of my past experiences, it actually added something to my life - I know it sounds autistic and r9kish but there you go.

And the thing is: Witcher 3 failed in any single game design aspects of those me and you mentioned.
It failed as a game per se, but it kicked ass as a kinda interactive narrative immersive experience.

I think I have yet to see a product which offers the best of both worlds, but when it comes in the market, it will hopefully modify the way big hits are made.

Ah yes Damo and Darren, what a classic.
True.. Western Australia has really the worst of the worst of the bogans haha.

Mike Nolan is a spin off of the Big Lez Show, an Australian series made entirely with microsoft paint.
Very Australian humour, it's funny because it really depicts the soul and culture of most bogan tradies in a very minimalistic yet impactful way.

FTC (my favourite episode)

All episodes

Mike Nolan for councilman (actually from Big Lez S3E2)

This is an Australian adaptation of Rick and Morty:

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