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Challenges / Module Contest: Last day of voting!
« on: December 31, 2013, 11:54:54 AM »
The last day of voting on the modules contest is at hand!

Those of you that didn't participate yet, take a look; those games are fun, well made and for most very roguelikish !

The top 3 will get monetary rewards, and you want them to, it encourages the developers to go on!

Take a look:


So my minions, have you been naughty?

If you have, then here is your Santascape gift: Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.1.3 ! See
Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all (on Windows).

Since I wanted to give you all a little present in addition to boring bugfixes I've rushed a little on something I wanted to do for a long time:
A new Doomed tree that gives them some nice & fun utility!

The Roguelike of the Year 2013 poll is still running, if you like ToME, go help it there (and check out all those other nice games too!):
Also the modules contest is still running too:

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
Release highlights:
    New Doomed tree
    Many important fixes

Expanded changelist:
    New Doomed tree: One with Shadows
    Fixed dying as you win the Derth arena
    Fixed correctly dying while killing the chronolith twins
    Added the missing unlock text for Madness
    Sanctum portal has a message about requiring the orb of many ways
    Fixed achievements borders ingame for various difficulties
    Corrupted Shell also provides 20% armour hardiness
    Wait longer for login
    Fixed the video options dialog
    The game will detect if it was not started sucessfully (up to the main menu) last time it was run and automatically enable safe mode in this case
    A few sanity paranoid code checks
    Moderators are shown as such
    Achievement tiles for most online events

Merry Santascape to you all!
Ho, Ho, Ho ... *SPANK*

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.1.2 ! See
Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all (on Windows).
Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

The Roguelike of the Year 2013 poll is still running, if you like ToME, go help it there (and check out all those other nice games too!):
Also the modules contest is still running too:

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

Release highlights:
    New random worldmap event, get yourself a kitty!
    Many important fixes

Expanded changelist:
    New Game option will show the module list if there are incompatible modules found
    Added requested window positioning option to the VideoOptions dialog. Useful for borderless windows and multi-monitor setups.
    Achievement images for the santascape event
    Enabled window position saving & restoring
    Entity:addTemporaryValue will not lose value for higest/lowest/last number setting
    Fixed Lichform in ID or Arena
    Learning Solipsism gives psi pool
    Fillarel will only talk once
    Flash Bang Trap now also deals physical damage
    Reduced Gravitic Trap damage
    Fixed the bug where sometimes the tooltip did not appear on targeting
    Celia now has mana
    Alchemists can correctly make lapis lazuli and fire opal gems
    Using Venomous Strike with a ranged weapon now correctly deals nature damage
    New rare cute worldmap encounter
    Artifact gems are wearable for the alchemist golem
    Shade of Telos will always track the player
    Fixed Legacy of the Naloren
    Fixed the "stores wont talk to me" bug
    Fixed multiple artifacts
    Fixed undying npcs
    Shadows summoned by summons will not attack the original summoner
    Fixed a strange bug when the player managed to die in the transmo dialog between a level switch
    New gameplay option to disable mouse targeting
    New color for ingame chat moderators & general helping guys: gold!
    Animus Purge can be used while a husk exists, it will dispell it (even if no new husk is made!)
    Glimmerstone has a description
    Wormhole does not respect automelee targetting
    Ardhungol quest is available without having gone west after level 20
    Yeeks now have a way, under certain circumstances, to not do waht they do at the last battle
    New achievement for having Aeryn survive the last battle
    Fixed Curse of the Meek
    New video mode: borderless window

Have fun!

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.6 ! See
Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
The patch is huge this time because I've re-organized the way the game is packaged so the later updates be smaller and easier even if the game grows.
Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
Release highlights:
    New necromancer tree: Animus
    All achievements now feature beautiful 128x128 images
    Improved Alchemist interaction with its golem
    Tons of fixes and balance adjustements
    Many improvements for addon creators, including a way to enable debug mode and a tool (inthe debug menu) to register and upload addons to directly from the game.
Expanded changelist:
    Shadowstep now will work if the target is seen and either: is not in vault or is in LOS
    Fixed Indiscernible Anatomy
    Achievements are not gained in debug mode
    Murgol lair has the underwater effect
    Fixed Unstoppable
    New "callbackOnArcheryAttack"
    Put in a failsave in the lost wife dream
    When slasul make his portal, he will move if he stands on it
    New colors.hex1 function, use like: colors.hex1"ff45d5"
    The various callbackOn* of talents now also work on temp effects
    New callbackOnMeleeAttack when the actor attacks
    Ambush should be safer
    melinda always erupts
    Much improved Melinda quest line, she looks less a dummy too
    Spacetime Tunning is now given upon learning a paradox using talent
    Fixed tooltip offset in charsheet
    Fixed Revisionist History on autocast
    Cauterize now protects you until the next time you can act
    Switched over the Yeek Wayist dialog so that the hostile action is not the default one
    Removed the "secret" room of Reknor 4
    Changed mindlash gfx
    Fixed Probability Travel debuff name
    Changed Wrath of the Wood icon to remove confusion with Heorism
    Improved the look of out of time zones
    Actors can implement canWearObjectCustom for additional wear checks
    Alchemist's Refit Golem split into two talents: Refit and Interact
    Alchemist's Interact talent lets the player change talents, name, tactics and inventory without switching to the golem. Inventory in this mode is special, the equipment side is the golem's and the inventory side is the player's
    Stores display gold remainig in their title
    Disabled the advanced tutorial until it can be updated
    Eclipse will only increase the positive/negative regen when below the threshold
    Fixed Alchemist Golem Blighted Summoning
    Solipsist's Projections can not create Thought-forms
    Fixed Lay Web
    Character sheet records the number of creatures/elites/rares/bosses killed
    *Perhaps* fixed the rare double-death bug
    Fixed Living Mucus limit
    Fixed Umbraphage cooldown
    Adventurer items start in the transmo chest
    Default Inventory tab is "all"
    Fixed inventory tab traversal after re-opening
    Protector Myssil has learnt Tricky Defenses and Unbreakable Will prodigies
    Big particle error should no longer bring down the game
    Online events forbidden in tutorials
    Tutorial character is correctly having infinite lives
    New achievement frames, looks much nicer
    starting to add rexo achievements picture
    Reduced the cooldowns on the talents of the mice in the dream of vulnerability
    Stone Alchemy cant destroy tagged items
    Fixed Defiling Touch 6+
    Tree of Life will not spam the log
    Split tome team file into 3 files for easier packaging & update
    Mystical Cunning only gives traps/poisons depending how what you know
    Made the alternate ruined dungeon orbs more obvious
    Ruined dungeon guardians will not be wall-walkers
    Fix Psiblades with "clone" effects
    Reduced the power of ego diggers
    Fixed self targetting with spells
    Bone Grab range now scales with talent level
    Buffed Gorbat a little bit
    Made Summoners more awesome looking
    Fixed speeds on the character sheet
    Fixed merchant artifact offering for antimagic characters when browsing the misc category
    Make alchemists look somewhat more awesome
    Fixed setting armour hardiness on training dummies
    Shadow of the player is now trigger when bone shield is either drained or removed
    Fixed cancelling Fearscape
    Can not Reload when at full ammo
    Tweaked some artifacts
    Better ingame registration handling
    Never Stop Running does not cost a turn to enable
    Never Stop Running cost fixed
    Ambuscade shadow now will dissipate if out of sight for too long
    Fixed Shadowstep to make it respect LOS
    Fixed "all achievements tab"
    New fbo:png() method
    New Necromancer's tree: Animus
    Sher'tul Fortress Control Orb now displays the current energy count
    Cheat mode (called Developer Mode) can be enabled/disabled from the options in the main menu
    Shader uniforms are now available directly as autogenerated methods of the shader, i.e: fooshader.shad:uniMyuniformname(5)
    Shaders uniforms are set much more efficiently
    Short staves are now dual wieldable by characters that have talents to do so (like Reavers)

Have fun!

Challenges / TE4 Modules Contest voting has started!
« on: December 01, 2013, 12:33:50 PM »
For 1 year some people have been working hard to create new roguelikes using TE4 and today is the moment of truth!

Their work of love is now available at:
Please go there, download and play them (and then vote) for feedback is essential to developers and the winner will win 500€!

The games range from modern retakes of old Rogue concepts to re-creation of D&D and space-derelict-looting :)

Oh and lastly to those that do not like ToME, please do not confuse ToME and its engine; those games have nothing in common with ToME, they each are their very own games :)

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.5 ! See
Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
This release is *huge* and I hope you'll have as much fun exploring it as I did creating it!
Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
Release highlights:
    Huge improvements to many visual effects, spells and tiles
    Combat log reworked to be far more readable, log heals, shiedsl, absorbs
    New special effects for each point accuracy over defence
    New difficulty mode: Madness, for those that mastered Insane ;)
    Training room in the Sher'tul Fortress
    Faster saves
    New Archers tree: Excellence (new tree), Poisons and Traps
    Many new hooks and tools for addons/modules makers
    Infinite scaling: talents should scale much better past 5/5
    Tons of rebalancing and improvements to many talents, objects, artifacts and zones
    IMPORTANT: saves are not compatible from 1.0.4

Expanded changelist:
    Added a graphical effect for healing and regen effects to most of those effects
    Using Aegis on shields will visualy change them
    Damage shields, absorbs, ... are now noted in the log
    Heals are now noted in the log
    Venom drakes can now appear in the noxious caldera and in gorbat pride
    Flat damage cap% is now applied after shields
    Disruption Shield now partially absorbs the hit that makes it explode
    New "punches" sounds for barehand combat
    NPCs can use Shoot Down
    Adventurers start with both gloves and gauntlets
    Unarmed 0.6 attack speed is bound to Empty Hands, not to being a Brawler
    New Actor:checkPool method to facilitate learning pools/... on talents learnt
    Adventurers now learn Empty Hands when learning barehand talents
    Swords, axes, maces, staves, daggers, whips, tridents, bows and slings now have special "unique" effects when hitting a foe for each attack you have over their defence
    Player can now tag objects with a name; tagged objects can not be dropped, destroyed or transmogrified until the tag is removed
    Fixed actor execution loop to crrectly resume at the next actor after the pause: aka this should fix Through the Crowd
    Automatic talents will be used in order: instant ones first, then higher CD ones first. Only one non-instant talent will be used each turn
    Orcs will search your buddies for the staff too
    Stone Walking and Gem Portal do not fail due to melee autotarget
    Corpses (from the curse) coming out in the middle of an attack will not be destroyed by said attack
    Improved combat logs
    New achievements for Normal (Roguelike), Nightmare/Insane/Madness (Adventure)
    Achievements list onyl shows the ones for the current difficulty to reduce clutter
    Add range to the map tooltip
    Temporal Augmentation Robes talent level reduced
    Nerf Colaryem a little
    Most summoned actors do not drop loot anymore
    Buffed starting gold to 15
    Marauder's Thuggery tree is now Generic
    Marauder's gained Bloodthirst tree (1.1, locked)
    Staff Mastery & Mindstar Mastery trainings now respect previous knowledge and do not screw you over
    When leaving a level with a dominated npc it will be freed from the control instead of waiting for your return
    Torment ammo doesnt have wielder bonuses and instead gets combat bonuses
    archery_projectile is now available to addons
    Alchemists can now unlock a golem replacement: the Drolem !
    Drolem is buffed a little
    Tannen's Tower level 4 has a different LOS system, making the Drolem obscure more of the field again
    Nourishing Moss tactical infos fixed
    Female Dwarves can unlock some cosmetic facial pilosity (because the lore says so!)
    Keybinds are displays more succinctly, so [A]+[ S ]+Keypad 6 will now appear as ASk6
    Actor's on_takehit and hook "Actor:takeHit" now get a parameter that telsl them the damage type, if available
    New Fortress feature to unlock for 50 energy: training room!
    Fixed mind talent procs happening more than once per turn
    Runic Golem can not be unlearnt
    New GameOptions:tabs hook
    New melee "whirlwind" effect
    New effect for Tempest
    When leaving a level all player originated projectiles are removed
    Ward talent lists available wards
    Wraithform now teleports if you end up in a wall
    Applied infinite scalingto prodigies
    Gem Golem can not be unlearnt
    Temporal Clone can not be used out of range
    Aether Beam and Gravitic Trap can not be placed in walls
    Nature's Pride goes on cooldown even if there was room for only one treant
    NPC are less confused by being LOS'ed
    Rares should be more interresting/powerfull
    Allow Gestures to respect Gloom status effects
    If the Weird Pedestals event can not generate an artifact it will make a randart
    Lost merchant will not generate antiamgic items for arcane characters
    Clarification to Heightened Senses/Infravision tooltips
    Scaling Bug fix in Darkness talent radius
    Scaling fix to hate generation
    Fixed typos in NPC definitions to prevent unintended agro
    Fixed bug in BattleTrance
    Fixed Grim Resolve not curing poison/disease
    Fixed Vimsense power when used with items
    Fixed tactical ai info for Mindlash talent
    Fixed character sheet to correctly show archery damage based on ammo
    Added addons url to the addons menu
    UIs can now have special mouse cursors
    Added two new hooks to the boot module "Boot:load" and "Boot:run"
    Fix maestrom
    Fix necrotic aura
    Infinite scaling applied to npc talents
    New gfx effect for Frostdusk
    New hook "GameOptions:UIs" to add new uis to the ui selector
    UIs definitions are now loaded from files in /data/gfx/ui/definitions/ so that addons can add new ones
    Attachement spots for particles can be read from a file per tileset
    Fixed Projectile class subclassing
    Tooltip for projectiles now shows who cast them and their self/friendly fire status
    Wards are now correctly colored by damage type
    Projectiles can be fired over chasms in the alt-maze
    Meteoric Crash can now crit (using the highest of spell or mind crit chance)
    New Uttercold visuals
    New Wings of Flames graphics! Find them!
    Argoniel learnt how to use Irresistible Sun
    Applied infinite scaling to afflicted
    New Flames of Urh'Rok gfx effect
    Juggernaut effect is now correctly classified as physical. For Zonk, with love
    Brawler's combo points last two more turns
    Fixed Pulverizing Auger in some zones
    Shields now "wooble" when hit
    Fixed crystal set proc
    Fixed slight particles display position error
    Added a slight outline to currently moused over item on the map
    New starfield shader is hungry, so a new video option to enable volumetric shaders is added. It is *off by default*, turn it on if you trust your GPU :)
    Fixed strange graphical artifacts around some texts
    Text outlines are much better now with shaders enabled
    Improved shields shader
    When disarmed the weapon will disappear from the character doll
    Buffs with charges (like Combo points) now display their charges
    Buff/debuff remaining time is correctly centered
    Added the Excellence tree to Archers, granting them more utility and survivability
    Venomous Strike works with ranged weapons too
    Implode has a distortion effect
    Archers now get access to both Poisons and Traps trees
    Poisons now work on both arrows and shots
    Distortion tree got .. distortion shader effects
    Irresistible Sun got distotion effects
    Added distortion effect to meteor crashes
    Added options to disabled "advanced" and distorting shader effects
    Improved water display (with a shader)
    Applied infinite scaling to chronomancy
    Particle systems can have a subparticle attached
    New fireflash and flame effects
    New Gravity Well effect
    Fast Curse Dispel is considered an important achievement
    Applied infinite scaling to corruptions
    Particle systems can now define a global use_shader={type="foo"} to attach a shader
    Particle systems can check availability of shaders
    Particle systems can now also the background that is under them, allowing things like distortion effects
    New distortion effect for the Repulsion Blast and Gravity Spike
    The final artifact from the final fight now requires less to wear so you can bask in its glory
    Applied infinite scaling to celestial
    Weapons can have multiple masteries talents, the best is used
    Added "Chat:load" and "Chat:add" hooks
    Through the Crowd now also makes you like being in the crowd, +10 all saves for each friendlies in sight
    Infinite scaling applied to psionics; solipsism mechanics have been adjusted
    Temporal Form only converts 50%
    Reduced Guardian of the Wood all resistance bonus
    Buffed artifact ammos
    Highscore core is less ToME-centric
    New difficulty mode: Madness (locked). More high level foes, stronger, with much more rares, more randbosses and a unique "Hunted!" debuff!
    Block is only used in melee by tactical AI
    Fixed bloated ooze damage absorb when using only one ooze
    Added an option to disallow online event pushes (but why would anyone do that is beyond me!)
    Online events can now happen in the Infinite Dungeon too!
    Thieves NPCs are now correctly competent with a dagger
    Dominant Will works on elites
    Burnt to the ground achievement is now achievable
    Prothotipe's Prismatic Eye correctly imbues its spell proc whem imbued on an item
    Grappling correctly checks no_breath
    Mitosis & Call of the Ooze correctly respect maxes
    Bear NPCs stats changed to str/con
    Bloodspring triggers at 15%
    Steamroller makes Rush cost only 2 stamina
    Revisionist History lasts 20 turns
    Corrupted Shell increases life by 250
    Fungal Blood also removes up to 10 magical effects
    Never Stop Running cost reduced to 12
    Vital Shot cooldown reduced to 10
    Windblade radius increased to 4
    Superpower grants 50% of strength as mindpower
    You Shall Be My Weapon and Massive Blow cooldown reduced to 10
    Windtouched Speed increased to 20%
    Mental Tyranny now only converts 33% of the damage
    Temporal Form prodigy temporal damage is now always *current* highest +30%
    Swift Hands prodigy allows wear/takoff for free only once per turn
    I Can Carry The World! prodigy also granst 20 strength
    Talents can now have properties: callbackOnAct, callbackOnActBase, callbackOnMove, callbackOnRest, callbackOnMeleeHit, callbackOnMeleeMiss, callbackOnArcheryHit, callbackOnArcheryMiss
    Altered/tweaked/improved many artifacts, keep your eyes open for new fun stuff!
    Special effects on artifacts can now be described with wielder.special_desc
    Achievement for killing all 4 slime tunnel bosses
    In cheat mode one can shift+left/right click on buffs/debuffs to adjust duration
    Ruined Dungeon can have a different set of clues
    Added infinite scaling to techniques
    Ruined Dungeon will not generate without the 6 guardians
    Orc babies do not drop loot
    Traps disarm & detection power scale with level
    Ruined Dungeon orb summons do not drop items
    Sludgenest wall poping slimes power now gradualy increases. Staying inside is not advisable.
    Added 5 achievements for staying in the sludgenest for many turns (one every 100 wall slime pops)
    Improved look of the huge sandworm burrower
    Yaechs and Nagas in Murgol lair have dropped damage by 35%
    The Ritch Hive Mother dropped damage by 30%
    Chant of Light now also increases fire damage
    Golem Power now also adds mastery with staves, daggers and exotic weapons (but not mindstars)
    Fixed Star Shot
    Prodigies dialog allows to unselect
    Huge tweaks to many ego items to make them more interresting
    Changed Evasion talents to not let characters become melee immune
    Applied infinite scaling to the cunning tree
    Saving happens in a separate OS thread, making saves much less painful
    Zones can have a temporary memory cache. ToME uses it to keep the last 3 visited zones (and associated levels) in memory, making switching between them much faster
    Bathe in the Light now provides a damage shield to all affected creatures and fire damage to all damage creatures
    Precognition dissipates when switching level
    NPC will not use automatic talents with hostile targets
    Eldritch eyes do not affect a yeek when they are destroyed when dominated
    Really, do not annoy Linaniil ... but if you do you get an achievement
    Yeeks can not dominate themselves
    Diggers now provide a dig talent and can be used while carrier instead of wielded
    Bone Shield looses a charge only if the damage is > 0
    Meteoric Crash stun chance uses spell or mind power, as the damage does
    Fixed anmalice proc
    Protective Aura correctly grants physical saves
    Combat Training talents split into two lines
    Object tooltip now shows which talent mastery affects them
    Last level of Reknor can not have obelisks and such
    Added "alter_level_data(zone, lev)" possible callback for level creation
    Alternate Daikara has pyroclasts falling whe nthe players getin range 6 instead of 3 and the last level has more trees
    Alternate Sandworm lair has more giant tunnelers
    Alternate Norgos lost Frozen Feet and the shivgoroths got a little damage penalty
    Alternate Maze "normal" horrors have been replaced by temporal ones
    Nerfed Shardskin damage and changed his talents a bit
    Air bubbles have a more explicit description
    Killing an aquatic horror will fill the surroundings with air bubbles
    Reduced Maleable Body effect
    Converted all wild gifts to infinite scaling
    Diggers should be instantly usale even at high speed
    Upgraded LuaJIT to 2.0.2
    getCharmPower now takes a first parameter "who"
    Objects from worldmap ambushes and farportal zones grant less money
    Birther can apply data to the party
    Easy mode now also halves all detrimental status effects
    Fixed traps in immediate melee mode
    Cavern generator can place doors
    Doors can have a "door_sound" field to tell which file to play when opened
    New hook "UISet:Classic:Resources"
    Fixed Prox halfling Feet when used on a halfling
    Allow quests to be in addons data folder, referncing them like zones with an "addonname+" prefix
    Chagned the particle effect for aerther vortex (thanks umbrall)
    In zones with walls on grass you can see small leaves of grass extending over the walls
    New dirt road gfx in the trollmire
    Roomer generator can now understand the = symbol to define tunnels, if not present it defaults as it did before to the floor
    Upgraded the grass to look like nice foresty grass
    Fixed stealth/invisibility: npcs could go straight to the target (it still hindered them though)
    Updated grass to look more like grass and less like golf terrain :)
    Ctrl+P (by default) now allows disabling/enabling all automatic talents
    Tentacles can not be summoned out of range
    Ambuscade shadow can not teleport
    When a summon dies/disappears, any NPCs targetting it will start looking for the summoner
    Added "infinite scaling" methods
    Applied infinite scaling methods to all spells
    Eggsack & crystal shard summons do not grant exp when killed
    Retch now also has a chance to remove a detrimental or beneficial (depending on undead status) physical effect
    Ghoulish Leap cooldown reduces with level
    Ghoul talent now provides a maximum damage cap. No blows can deal more than X% of their total life
    Animate Blade / Crystal Shard summons do not drop items
    Leveling up/down Mimic removes the effect
    Buffed Quick Recovery, Fast metabolism and Spell Shield, they now have bigger bonuses and scale with mastery
    Buffed the Eternal Night set
    Timed effect duration reduction from Time Shield and other such effectsonly affects detrimental ones
    Fixed Doomed unlock
    Removed Rain of Death vault
    Pulverizing Auger max range limited to 10
    Thalore Blight resistance reduced
    Fixed Receptive Mind debuff
    Rockwalk does not break Body of Stone
    Eldritch Stone now grants mana regen on rest
    Fix Deeprock Form preventing unlearning last talents
    Eldritch Stone now is affected by Aegis
    Eldritch Stone graphics updated
    Stone Wardens automatically unlocks Wilders
    Elemental Split only takes a turn if at least one half got summoned
    Mountainhewn Deeprock correctly grants immunities
    Eldritch Stone durations scale with talent
    Eldritch Stone effects have 100% chance to trigger
    Eldritch Stone effects apply power is based on the highest of spell or physical power
    Stone Wardens Stone Half now correctly knows Stoneshield
    Angolwen shops are finally free from their gfx glitch
    Mindlash psi cost now increases the more it is spammed
    Boosted Stealth initial value
    Lost Merchant artifact creation list is split into subcategories
    Birth screen will not spin the CPU madly
    Target tactical info now looks better!
    Addons in chardump will be stoerd differently to make the Vault able to search them correctly
    Wraithform has a graphical effect
    Increased font size on main menu
    Heat Beam Rune, Frozen Spear Rune and Insidious Poison Infusion will not affect crosstier effects anymore
    Resting will not spam the log with messages about party members healing
    Long chat dialogs will scroll
    Archery launchers can now have a damage multiplier and an on fire callback
    When in underwater levels the screen will very slightly .. hum .. wooble
    Buffed Mind Parasite
    Reduced Mucus equilibrium regen
    Natural Acid and Corrosive Nature now have a cooldown
    Mindslayer spiked shields have a new gfx effect
    Added a hook "GameOptions:generateList"
    Add new hook "ToME:runDone"
    New awesome graphical lore for Nur, made by "Impy"
    New achievement for winning the game without ever going west.
    When using a hotkey to trigger a talent/item that requires a target, pressing the hotkey again will validate the target just like enter and space
    Shatter won't stop at the first non-frozen foe it finds

Have fun!

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.4 ! See
Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
And do not forget to vote for ToME on Steam Greenlight!
Release highlights:
    Performance improvements
    Many bugfixes and improvements

Expanded changelist:
    Zones can now be defined inside an addons /data folder and called upon like that: "addonname+zonename"
    Preternatural Senses now provide stealth and invisibility vision
    Corrosive Seeds use mindpower
    Removed eidolon protection as it was not really working anyway
    Fixed underwater door tiles
    New option (on by default) to make the immediate melee targetting mode autoselect when there is only one foe
    In immediate melee targetting mode '5' will select self
    Huge Sandworm Tunneler will try very very hard to get to the exit. It truly is relentless !
    Timed died/lifes left are shown on textual chardump
    Psibalde mindpower & stats bonus work correctly when first activated
    Conduit damage from Mindlash respects range
    Fixed Acid Wave rune description
    Trap cost is not refunded if the trap was triggered
    Reload can be used while stealthed
    The Possessed correctly drops an artifact
    Entering the Iron Council from the worldmap places the player correctly
    Adventurers start with a bow, sling and ammo for both
    Reverted binaries to 1.0.1 ones to fix slugishness
    Bone Shield does not deactivates when empty, instead bones regenerate slowly
    Retribution goes on cooldown when it explodes
    Fixed zero hp creatures sometimes not dying
    Fixed Morrigor
    Norgos the Frozen should be a bit more dangerous
    Fixed Shadow Blindeside tooltip
    Worn items in the hotkeys toolbar will be outlined as yellow
    Fixed some randart powers not being applied
    Clarified that Corrupted Negation requires a spell save check
    Achievements are now classified in three kinds (important, first time, others) which can be filtered independantly
    Achievements filtering config reseted to account for the new classification
    Movement infusions and Lightning Speed can not be used while pinned down
    Learning Flash Bang Trap from the merchant correctly removes gold
    Fixed Gravitic Trap after a reload
    Burning Hex doesnt make you explode on the levelup screen
    Distortion effects now reduce physical resist
    Reduced Forge Bellows and Dream Forge damage
    Reduced Dream Forge radius
    Solipsism now reduces a percentage of psi damage taken
    Psinic channeling does not break on item or talent use anymore
    Time Shield changed to heal you instead of damage you
    Fixed Abyssal Horror tile
    Syntax errors in superloaded files will correctly report in the log
    Resting will wait for Bone Shield to replenish
    Morrigor is now a one handed weapon
    Whips have a 80% attack speed; also added whipping sounds for them

Have fun!

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.3 ! See
Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
And do not forget to vote for ToME on Steam Greenlight!
Release highlights:
    Rebalancing of many races and classes
    Addons will stay active if the game's patch version is over the required one. So addons for 1.0.1 will work on 1.0.2 (but would not on 1.1.0)
    Most tier1/2 zones can now have alternate layout/stories/... brings some fresh air
    Rak'Shor pride looks more .. necromancy, and is more interresting
    More direct melee-range talent UI
    Many bugfixes and improvements

Expanded changelist:
    Made sure the transmo chest always spawn
    Creepding Darkness will try harder to disappear
    Psychic Lobotomy no longer ignores confusion immunity
    Fixed Conduit when used by a NPC
    Moss now use mindcrit for duration instead of spellcrit
    Fix for OpenGL rendering bug on release builds
    Using a Moss talent will correctly put other Moss talents on cooldown even if they were at 1 or 2 CD already
    Antimagic indicator debuff doesnt prevent worldmap access anymore
    Thalore exp penalty back to 35% (from 30%)
    All Moss talents can not crit their durations anymore (still can crit their damage)
    Nourishing Moss healing factor reduced a little
    Reduced Slippery Moss fail chance a little
    Reduced Slime Roots range
    Number of bloated oozes limited to the Mitosis talent level
    Reabsorb damage reduction reduced to 40%
    Mitosis chance increases with talent level
    Call of the Ooze max life is dependent on Mitosis level
    Upgraded to LuaJIT 2.0.1
    Lowered Shalore exp penalty to 25%
    Increased Call of the Ooze cooldown
    Golem's starting equipment comes identified
    Alchemist potion reward are identified
    Vor Armoury main room is a no teleport zone
    Fixed Shadow's Blindside description
    Buffed Shaloren: Grace of the Eternals scales with dex or mag, Magic of the Eternals also increase crit power, Secrets of the Eternals triggers more easily, Timeless also reduces cooldowns
    Willful Combat correctly states it affects physical power
    New Game:idling(focus) method to detect gaining/losing OS focus
    Ego inscriptions are suffixes, so they all sort by inscription kind
    Fixed alchemist golem resurect
    Rogue poisons can be applied with slings too
    Level 5 Trap Launcher also lets traps be placed without breaking stealth
    Increased Bear Trap and Nigthshade Trap damage
    Reduced Lure cooldown
    Dexterity now also gives a chance to shrug off all kinds of critical damage (just like the oozemancer maleable body talent)
    Sticky Smoke does not affect the rogue anymore
    Fixed online charsheet ESP
    Temporal Form paradox boost reduced to 400
    Fixed blindness on NPCs
    Siding with the Assassin Lord also teaches you the Flash Bang Trap, if you know trapping
    If siding with the merchant you can still get the Flash Bang Trap, only the merchant will sell it .. for a price
    Fixed psiblades
    Oozemancer rares are .. rarer
    Solipsists rare are back !
    Running and resting are stopped when a dialog pops up
    Off-balance reduces damage by 15% instead of global speed
    Fixed Blunt Thrust description
    Big bad popup after the ambush to direct the player to Last Hope
    Limmir will not cry too early
    Lightning daze, acid blind, ice damage now use either spellpower or mindpower for power application
    Fixed Coral Spray gfx effect when blocking a ranged attack
    Low level npcs should be a little more interresting
    Fixed a weird death bug
    Born into Magic arcane damage bonus replaced with a proc on spell damage to buff the damage type
    Overseer of Nations increases blindness resist
    Higher's Bloom duration increased
    You Shall Be My Weapon! starts cooling down even if it missed or kill the target
    Ruined dungeon guardians can not be preset uniques
    Some factions now have symbols, which you can see in store & chats in towns
    Many new artifacts
    Fix errors when running/resting with special events that make you switch characters
    Last Stand won't heal when auto-reactivated by leveling up
    New option to change the speed of flying texts
    Randboss/randelites kills are not recorded in the uniques kill list
    Autouse talents will not trigger sounds
    Echoes from the Past description correctly displays temporal damage bonus
    Naga and Fearscape portals will always popup when walked/rushed/teleported/... on
    Dreamscape can not happen on random bosses
    Addons will stay active if the game's patch version is over the required one. So addons for 1.0.1 will work on 1.0.2 (but would not on 1.1.0)
    Maelstrom will not destroy the stairs from killing the assassin lord
    Breeding pits reduced to entrance + 2 levels
    Psi-wielding a twohanded weapon does not prevent dual-wielding
    Damage Affinity is displayed on charsheet
    The rhaloren camp is sometimes partly overground
    Walls will not look weird when near trees
    Doors will not look weird when near trees
    Sometimes the last level of Nur will be flooded by a failing barrier
    Sometimes the Old Forest is overrun by crystals
    The Grand Corruptor leaves the mark of the spellblaze when you go to Zigur
    Sometimes the Maze will have been destroyed by a quake, leaving holes in the floor leading to deeper maze levels
    Sometimes the scintillating caves hold too much magic which distort them into weird angles
    Sometimes Murgol Lair is being attacked by nagas from the Vargh Republic
    Rungof got his own artifact!
    Sometimes the trollmire is flooded by the rain, leaving it filled with muddy water and some aquatic life
    Norgos lair is sometimes invaded by shivgoroth
    Levitation correctly makes you immune to pinning instead of making you more vulnerable to it
    Sometimes the ruins of Kor'Pul have been invaded by a group of thieves and bandits
    Sometimes an old volcano erupts at the center of the Daikara
    All resource cost for talents can now be functions
    Sometimes the Heart of the Gloom has been purified from the corruption, only to fall pray to a powerful solipsist
    Changed Rak'Shor pride tileset to be more .. flavorful
    Sometimes the sandworm lair has a different layout and a different "guide" .. don't fall of the trail !
    Melee range talents that require a target will now react to direction keys directly instead of using the classic targetting cursor
    Slime Roots can not reset passives or ubers
    Acid Splash radius reduced by 1
    Indiscernible Anatomy lost confusion resistance
    Speeds are always limited to 10% (can never go to 0)
    Game options are now organized by tabs
    Rak'Shor Pride now has some new layout and new "fun" monsters inside !
    Dark Portal correctly triggers on teleport effects
    Electric Eels do not fire lightnings at low level but are buffed

Have fun!

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.1 ! See
This is the first release since V1 and it brings you much new goodness and improvements!
Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

Note for windows users:  the download link is now a download of the launcher/installer which will take care of keeping your game up to date for the next versions. If you place it in your V1 folder (the music version) it will update it to V1.0.1 with a much smaller download. Enjoy!

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
And do not forget to vote for ToME on Steam Greenlight!
Release highlights:
    Improved UI, notably the chat, allowing you to join custom channels, read multiple channels at once, ...
    New spell effects
    The Oozemancer: a new class, inherently antimagic, dedicated to protect Nature against the assaults of arcane forces
    New zone: the sludgenest
    A huge list of improvements to many classes and features!
Expanded changelist:
    Lowered damage taken requirements of Corrupted Shell and Cauterize to 15k
    Marauders start with Combat Veteran tree unlocked
    Meteoric Crash doesnt stun the caster
    Sun Paladins in Arena mode have a tile
    Temporal Form in addition to increasing paradox also increases the willpower for determining failures & paradox effects by +600
    Reflection Shield rune got it's own icon
    Glowing Chests will not interrupt AE after being openned
    Gesture of Pain correctly checks stun resistance
    Slaves in the Ring of Blood will have all status effects removed when freed
    Disarming Trap now does acid damage too
    When a trap expires without being triggered it refunds 80% of its stamina cost
    Aligned field in registration form
    Fixed Gestures description
    Added a lore popup when wielding an antimagic item as an arcane user
    Added a lore note when killing Ukruk in the ambush, explaining what and why he does what he does
    New lore inthe caverns leading to the valley of the moon
    Added a paper on why sea travel is impossible to the library of Last Hope
    The Demonic Orb of Many Ways can not be used on the High Peak farportals
    All cleansing egos are antimagic
    Stoning Poison does not turn to stone is removed early
    Impending Doom is affected by spell save
    Can swap position with patrols
    Buffed some lesser used artifacts
    Prevent adding more points into Lichform once transformed, as it is useless
    Petrified Wood can be used by the golem with bonuses
    Elemental Surge correctly tiggers from 200 damage, not 300
    Alchemists can not loose Create Alchemist Gems by unlearning Extract Gem
    Talents can be set to require confirmation before use
    Improved talents display to show if a talent has been set with automatic use or confirmation
    Hide In Plain Sight correctly state it takes no turn
    Trapped! quest fails if you somehow escape without killing the assassin or siding with him
    Learning a talent from tree still locked from an escort will not reset mastery
    Note that Fearscape drains vim and ends when reaching 0
    Fixed Flexible Combat to work with weapons
    Great Mummy Lord learnt the Tricks of the Trade prodigy
    Made it clear Nightmare achievements are only when playing Roguelike
    Lowered Irresistible Sun damage a bit
    Easy, Normal and Nightmare mode players are immune to instadeath attacks (but not Insane ones, they are insane after all)
    You Shall Be My Weapon! now only requires being 'big' but ad additional benefits for sizes over it
    No need to use the orb of scrying to id artifacts anymore
    Fixed You Shall Be My Weapon! not triggering its cooldown
    Fixed ambient music in Gorbat Pride
    Increased zigur parties rarity a bit
    Better blood of life description
    Fixed permanent accuracy loss from "Disable" status effect
    Circle of Death and Rigor Mortis can crit
    Impending Doom now "only" reduces healing factor by 100% instead of outright preventing healing
    Doomed talents can now proc mind procs
    Crystaline Focus correctly removes spell save bonus
    Added a failsafe to the staff of absorption quest
    Glyph of Paralysis checks for stun resistance
    Added an ignore option to the chat
    Orc Corruptor in the antimagic test can not crit anymore with spells
    Dream Crusher now (correctly) gives bonus damage and physical power to the dream hammer
    Thought Form Defender resist all bonus from thought form unity reduced
    Dream Forge tree is now generic
    Forge Shield block value reduced, sustain cost increased
    Forge Armor armor and defense values decreased, psi on hit increased
    Reduced Solipsism conversion ratios
    Reduced Balance conversion ratios
    Reduced the save check power on Dismissal
    When the Master resurrects he gloats a bit
    When reaching 0 air you now start suffocating instead of outright dying. Suffocating makes you loose life very quickly and can not be prevented by shields/absorbs/...
    Alchemist gems are now transmogrifiable
    Fixed lore not registering in the library
    Defiled wands now increase max vim instead of procing vim restoration
    Brawlers now get the Mobility tree at 1.2
    Added a confirmation prompt when entering the High Peak
    Added chat channel number aliases (1, 2, 3, ..) and usable quickly by /1 /2 /3 ...
    /r in the talkbox will switch to talking to the last person whispering you
    in the talkbox when whispering will cycle between all last whisperers
    Changed the color and format of whispers when displayed
    Fixed wrong order of loading chained superloads of addons
    Fixed loss of resists/... in some rare conditions when being fed upon
    Sustained talents can now have a "callbackOnAct" method that gets automatically called each turn when sustained
    Drain does not restore vim from your own summons
    Added /join and /part commands to the chat; you can join(and create) any channel you wish (name must be letters & - _ only)
    Added a list of current channels to the options
    Channels are now remembered and will reconnect when the game starts
    Checkboxes now have the box before the text (this is reversable by adding a check_last=true parameter when creating them)
    Fix wild summon:spider healing reduction
    Mind Speed will correctly apply to wild gifts too
    Smoke Bomb cost reduces with level
    Maybe fix the invulnerable after death bug
    Blighted summoning adds Magic to necrotic summons
    Can not drop plot items
    Can not give items to Norgan anymore
    No NPC use talents can not be automatically used either
    Phase Door Rune now also grants a buff that increases defense, resist all and reduces status effects duration
    Invisibility Rune does not prevent healing anymore
    Taint of Telepathy now only reduces mindsave by 10 but also increases mindpower by 35
    Acid Wave Rune now also corrodes the targets
    Lichform does not change donator tile if used
    Can not give items to escorts
    Screen will turn greenish when healing is impossible
    New option to save & exit
    Escorts will never run away further than 10 tiles
    Fixed unlearning talents
    Heat Beam rune now also removes a random physical effect
    Frozen Spear rune now also removes a random mental effect
    Vision runes now also grant ESP for a certain type of creature
    Insidious Poison infusion now also removes one detrimental magical effect
    Greatly increased damage of Wild Growth infusion, it also provides a big boost to armour & hardiness
    Halved the cooldowns of Wild Growth infusion and Taint of Telepathy
    Lightning rune has a higher max potention damage than other runes
    Boss NPCs that can move through walls will have easier time tracking the player; so they wont get lost in walls so much
    Lethality crit chance bonus works for all kinds of weapons
    Fixed Cease To Exist effect tooltip
    Wearing the cloak of deception will make NPC call you human instead of undead
    Slime Tunnels generator will not validate the level unless the 4 pedestals are present
    The Slime Tunnel pedestals now have a nice friendly popup when steped upon to activate them: I'm so nice!
    The Slime Tunnel pedestals now invoke a powerful nasty guardian when activated: I'm so evil!
    Lacerating Strikes is now a costless sustain
    Shivgoroth Form on autocast will not error out in the ring of blood
    Dig spell has turned into Pulverizing Auger; a beam of physical damage that also digs. It switched places with Mudslide in the tree to become tier2
    Stone Wall now also deals damage, cooldown and mana cost slightly lowered
    Body of Stone now also affects Pulverizing Auger and is instant cast
    Can not teleport to the farportal rooms on the side of the last battle
    Irresistible Sun has a particle effect
    Sending an item to a party member correctly marks it as removed from the chest
    Last Stand now also heals you of the amount it increases life and augments the point at which you die (going below 0 like a heroism infusion)
    2handed weapons now show up with a different tile on the player doll
    Glowing chests are displayed open once opened
    New achievement for saving all the lumberjacks
    Increased cooldown of Spell Feedback
    New UISet:Minimalist:Toolbar hook
    Dominating a headless horror eye will not make the player blind
    Randarts dropped by randbosses should be better
    Reset UI positions requires a confirmation now
    Combat:attackTargetWith now gets a crit parameter
    Improved Body of Fire tooltip
    Dream characters do not get saved to the vault
    Fix Shadow Veil
    Fixed Energy Absorption description
    Glowing chest guardians are hostile in the dark crypt even if you previously sided with the Grand Corruptor
    Restart as same character will preserve addons used
    Having many addons may be faster now
    Harkor Zun fragments have independant health bars
    Deflection tooltip updates correctly
    Upstairs from the temple of creation (2) correctly connects
    Can not recall from Tannen Tower
    BigNews displays higher up on the screen
    Pacification hex checks for stun immunity
    Sacrificing oneself at the endgame is now duly noted in the death message
    Wards are not spells anymore
    Can not loose the savefile by saving on a golem while the master is dead
    New invis shader on the actor
    Player can always see her/himself when invis
    The Grand Corruptor wont trigger his chat while the timeline is fractured
    Unlocking the UI will prevent mouse actions on the map
    The transmogrification chest can be found in Bill's lair too
    Cauterize and Corrupted Shell only require 7500 damage taken
    Becoming a Lich while wielding the Scepter of the Archlich will not give you lower mastery than normal on Star Fury
    Thaloren talents are marked as nature gifts
    Yeek talents are considered psionic
    Devourers' Gnashing Teeth can not make the target bleed if it failed to hit
    Hydra's Grand Arrival will not damage other summons
    New command line parameter to change where TE4 stores data: --home /foor/bar
    Wearing antimagic items as an arcane character will give you a visible debuff to notice of the spell failure
    Psiblades now increases mindpower/willpower/cunning on the mindstars by a % too
    Lure is immune to poison
    Zones can have a "on_loaded" code
    Passive talents can be placed in the hotkey bar, they cant be used obviously but they'll show their cooldowns if any
    Swift Hands prodigy also makes wearing/taking off items not take a turn
    Fixed transfering stacks of items between party members
    Fungal Blood is now instant use, scales more with Constitution and allows on heal effects (such as fungal growth)
    Staff Mastery is trainable in Angolwen
    Mindstar Mastery is trainable in Zigur
    Pearls when used as alchemist bomb do a much more powerful liting effect, able to remove magical darkness
    Correctly flagged some non-metallic artifacts as non-metallic
    New icon in the "main bar" to access talents
    Fixed meteors making staris disappear in the temporal rift
    Fix golem getting multiple stacking high peak buffs
    New particle effects for Warshout, Battle Cry, Shattering Shout, Aura of Silence, Bellowing Roar and Mind Sear
    Smarter autoexplore
    Diagonal targetting in a single dug out line should work
    Storming the City quest will note when urkis is dead
    Sped up parts of the movement algorithm
    Fixed Elemental Surge lightning description
    Revisionist History switches to a special talent to cancel the effect so that you can set revisionist history on auto-use
    New temporal tier 5 artifact staff
    Buffed thorny skin totem, wands of firewall and conjuration, torques of the clear mind, mindblast, thermal shield, charged shield and kinetic shield
    Funfacts do not show for modules unless requested
    Through the Crowd talent can now also prevent all friendlyfire
    Dragonskull now has acid resistance
    Buffed a few artifacts
    Two new nature oriented artifacts
    New class: Oozemancers, who are Nature's answer to archmagi, able to use slime and ooze against their foes, they are also inherently antimagic
    New zone: the sludgenest, it can randomly appear on the worldmap after level 30, Thaloren always get it. Beware you'll be slimed to death!
    Elemental Split can not be used while already split
    Dwarven Unity Crystal Half attack will not hit the caster
    Eldritch Vines now add arcane damage
    Volcanic Rock now makes Deeprock Form also increase arcane dam/pen
    Boulder Throw now makes Deeprock Form also increase nature dam/pen
    Stone Spikes can crit (all 4 separate components)
    Rockwalk and Rockswallow cooldown is reduced by talent level

Have fun!

Other Announcements / T-Engine4 module contest is open!
« on: January 01, 2013, 04:24:47 PM »
(copied for
People of Maj'Eyal, my minions!

With the release of Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.0 I can now start to create new content again, branch into new campaigns, ... and this shall be great fun.

But there is one side of the game that is not as developed as it could and I wish to change that. It is however not something I can do myself: Modules!
So, in the spirit of promoting the creation of new, quality, games based on TE4 I would like to create a new contest!

During this year 2013 up until the 1st december your task will be to create new, amazing and fun games using TE4. Anyone can, and is welcome to, participate (except me obviously) !
When the contest closes there will be a big vote when ToME players can elect the "best" game.
Players will be asked to rate each game on fun, polish and innovation, the winner being determined by the best average of those factors.

In addition of fame and pleasure of having created a fun game the 1st place will also grant a 500€ reward, the second a 150€ reward and the third a 50€ reward (by paypal).

The rules to participate are as follow:

    Game must be announced on by the 1st of august (but you are encouraged to announce, and start dev much earlier)
    Game must not use a modified TE4 engine (so taking the .team file should work on any ToME installation)
    Game must not be a "variant" of ToME itself, it must be its own thing. Code from ToME can be used, but only in small parts (i.e: taking inspiration of the party code is fine, ripping half the class files is not)
    Game must be comply with TE4 license (but it inherently does anyway)
    Game graphics (if you choose to have) can not use the shockbolt tileset (which is licensed only to ToME)
    Game graphics, musics, ... that are not code can be under a different license (and with the authorization of the authors obviously)
    Game must be released by the 1st december (you can, and are encouraged to continue dev on it afterwards obviously)
    Games are encouraged (but not required) to release often during the year. Remember for players to like your game they must be able to play it!
    Games can be adaption of other games/roguelikes, as long as you respect copyrights, licenses and the wish of the authors
    Game must be published at least on as a game module

You are very welcome to join #tome on where nice people can sometimes help you and post about your game/progress/questions in the modules section of the forums!

Now open your code editors and start coding!T-Engine4 module contest is open!

The board is set, the pieces are moving.

Nearly three years ago I uttered those same words when releasing the first beta of ToME4.
Before that there were 20 closed alphas and since then 43 betas and 4 RC releases, all played and loved by an increasing number of players, now over ten thousand.
During all this time my goal has never changed: to build a game that is both deep and complex but also fun and as accessible as possible. I have never believed in grinding, and have in many cases gone against the "traditional roguelike way" and I have always done it with those goals in mind.
Today is payoff time! For three years I have worked extremely hard on this game because I fell in love with it and I am blessed because others did too: great, fun, nice people; some of which also helped in the making of the game; each in their own way. To them, and to all my players, I send a huge "Thanks, I love you girls and guys!"

Without further annoying chit-chat, and with immense pleasure, I give you: Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.0
Go download it from

If you wish to help me a little more you can do two things:
- Send a donation, they really help:
- Go vote for ToME on Steam:

Now go have fun my minions, live and die in Eyal!

Also, trailer there:

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.0RC4 "The End"
« on: December 28, 2012, 12:30:44 AM »
T-Engine4 and ToME4 1.0.0RC4 is upon thee ! See
Soooonnnn V1 !!
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

And do not forget to vote on ... reams.html

Release highlights:

Expanded changelist:
Fixed Dark Portal
Fix FOV error at the Mouth and others
Casting Cease to Exist on oneself is a bad idea
While on Ambuscade one can not equip items
Magical Combat, Ambush and Shadow Magic are correctly labelled as spells
Yeeks start to skip tier1 levels after the 4th
If the auto hotkey for items option is disbled, it wont do ti for the rod of recall either
Damage Smearing description doesnt say it takes no turn, since the metadata shows it
Vor Armoury npcs are 'vaulted' they will not act before being seen, improving performances there by a *lot*
Campaign name field is longer
Reduced the size of the lost wife dream and the number of creatures to 10 (down from 25)
The altar of dreams will cycle between all dreams in order
Creatures that can pass walls/tunnel will also look for you!
Sandworms & sandworm bosses are not immune to tunnels falling on them
Fixed Shard of Crystallized Time description
Wyrms mindstar have acid now
Drying with Precognition doesnt kill you
Scatter Shot has a tile
Pits creatures are "vaulted"
Reduced the size of Briagh Lair and the number of NPCs
Acid, Frost, Lightning Infusions do not reduce the total damage done
Alchemists Bombs do not use Dex anymore
Fire Body drains 4 times less mana, does more damage and projectiles go throught friends safely
Fire Storm damage increased and cooldown reduced
Smoke Bomb radius increased
Smoke Bomb now will spread burning effects instead of changing LOS if a target is burning

Have fun!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 1.0.0RC3 ! See
Soooonnnn V1 !!
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

And do not forget to vote on
Release highlights:
    Many many bugfixes & polishing
    Prodigies now available at level 30 and 42
    6 new prodigies
Expanded changelist:
    Greatly improved Angrimley and novice mage staying power
    Fixed lore in the ID and graveyard
    Removed particle error debug lines
    Illuminate now has a visual effect
    NPCs can only pass target if the target and the npc given them are within at most sight range
    When an NPC can has been fooled by teleporting away, it stays fooled instead of magicaly finding the way
    Wildfire now prevents fire damage against self
    Uttercold now allows to pierce iceblocks (without destroying them)
    Tempest now grants daze chances to lightning, chain lightning and thunderstorm
    Crystaline Focus now grants physical and spell saves
    Buffed Phantasmal Shield
    Phantasmal Shield now deals light damage
    Game will switch to low FPS when in the background to save CPU
    Stone Wardens correctly gain physical power from shields
    Ai when fooled by teleports will not go straight to the player, they'll search at semi random aruond them in an increasing radius
    Fixed timetravel freezes
    Dimensional Step doesnt lock on npcs
    Load Game can now load older games: WARNING: this WILL destroy the universe
    Frostdusk provides darkness affinity
    Meteor Rain doesnt do selffire
    Meteoric Crash works with either spell or mind power
    AI wanders around when it looses you
    AI can be lost by going out of sight for a while
    6 new prodigies: Superpower(str), Vital Shot(dex), Corrupted Shell(con), Cauterize(mag), Mental Tyrany(wil) and Tricks of the Trade(cun)
    Reduced the rarity of zone specific artifacts
    Sticky Smoke has a graphic
    Added a --safe-mode flag, if the game is ran this way it will start in 800x600 windowed with as much graphical things disabled as possible
    Witnessing Meteoric Crash prodigy will also unlock it
    Prodigies points are gained at levels 30 and 42
    Categories points are learnt at levels 10, 20 and 36
    Level 50 now grants a bonus 10 stat points, 3 class & 3 generic points
    Artifact gems will popup lore as other artifacts
    Pure Aether at level 5 allows Aegis spells to be used while Aether Avatar is active
    Dark Empathy prevents minions from damaging the master
    Bligthed Summoning grants Bone Shield to Bone Giants
    Fix Cornac description

Have fun!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 1.0.0RC2 ! See
RC2! Soon ... soon we shall have V1!
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

And do not forget to vote on
Release highlights:
    Many many bugfixes & polishing
Expanded changelist:
    Yeek & Undead chronomancers do not start in Point Zero
    Can not farm monstreous losgoroth for XP
    Fixed Merkul's Second Eye speed
    Arcane Combat only tries to trigger spells off cooldown
    Changed crit color to blue instead of yellowish
    Fixed particles staying in the faded log
    Dead things wont leech life
    Randbosses cant get two golems
    Shield damage displays for classes that can bump attack with them
    Can drop parts of a stack
    Achievements list on death can scroll
    Fixed the giant health bar for chronomancer taking their first step into Eyal
    Dwarves also excluded from Point Zero. Bad dwarves! Evil dwarves!
    Can only transfer items to things with inventories
    Shard of Crystallized Time hasa neat description
    New option to not auto-bind activate items in the hotkeys
    Fixed knockbacks
    Fix arena when winning
    Nightmare mode level scaling is now 3 + 50%
    Insane mode level scaling is now 5 + 120%
    Alchemist rewards are listed as plot items
    Fixed encoding on some lore
    Shatter shouldnt give the damage achievements when used on critters
    Fix Backlash
    Fix swallow
    Glowing Chests can not pop over other evens
    Fixed bug with Aetherwalk
    Slight bonus to final stage of Spellhunt Remnants
    Elemental undead slightly more common to make up for Rak'Shor only (40 Rarity vs 50)
    Minor Fortune's Eye nerf
    Stores do not loose existing items when restocking
    Dark Sustenance and Shadows do learn the hate bar
    Reset arena data will also pop the store
    Shadows correctly use empathic hex and count as summons for the Blighted Summoning requirement
    Rampage Brutality is correctly checked for the bonus crit duration
    Fillarel does not anger easily
    New Actor:postUseTalent hook
    Added new hook Actor:getTalentFullDescription
    Gloves show attack speed
    Transfer item to party memebr can be cancelled
    Fearscape de-activates when reaching 0 vim
    Stats can only be reduced to their minimum
    Glimmerstone does not daze anymore, instead it randomly grants a chance to daze on the next attack
    Nightmare mode achievements
    Weaver Queen lost her heal
    Levelup dialog now has a button to learn new inscription slots
    Buffed a bit Aether Permeation
    Fixed the donations popup from showing far too often
    Fix alt-tabbing
    Shadow Combat adds a mana bar
    Use a more "work friendly" boot image
    Corrupted Strength does refund 8 vim when it kills something
    Fixed not being able to unlearn the correct amount of talents in some cases
    Aeryn is a bit more resilient
    When comparing items block value is green if there is more
    Lore is now stored by the party instead of the player
    Escorts that happen in tier1 zones now always appear in the first and second tier1 zones you do, no risk of missing them becasue of easy-tier1-zone-skip
    Fix getting the lumberjack event while being attacked
    Updated many talent descriptions
    Full ESP can not appear on rares
    New "video" option in the boot menu: Censor boot; (on by default), when disabled it allows to select between all boot images
    Buffed Deeprock
    Mergeback deosnt fail if one half is dead
    If Rockswallow kills a foe it will still cost a turn & ressources
    Fix Deeprock reqs
    Crystaline Dwarven Half earthen missiles will go through friendlies
    New Game:registerPersistentHook; this is most awesome! Now the server can push new talents, temp effects, ... !
    Fullscreen & resolution switching fixes

Have fun!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 1.0.0RC1 ! See
Yes you read it right, RC1! So this is mostly bug fixes, improvements, ... but a heck of a lot of t hem!
Oh and well I couldnt resist and still added some contents .. ;>

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
Release highlights:
    Many many bugfixes & polishing
    New Chronomancers start: Point Zero, a "town" that "sits" at the beginning of all time threads
    Two bundled addons for donators: Items Vault & Stone Wardens class
    Big new great chunk of lore, go check it out in Elvala
Expanded changelist:
    New hook "mapGeneratorStatic:subgenRegister"
    Corrupted Strength can only trigger once per turn
    Make Elemental Surge more usable and obvious
    Reduced a bit Aether Breach damage
    Aether Permeation doesnt give +15% arcane resist by itself and sets all other resistances to 50% of arcane resist instead of 100%
    Telekinetic Core only hits actors once
    Fixed inspecting oozing horrors
    Fixed Overseer of the Nations description to not include lite radius
    Meteoric Crash will not damage the caster even without Spellcraft
    Seeing Meteor Rain cast also enabled Meteoric Crash prodigy
    New achievement in the temple of creation quest
    "You know who's to blame" achievement is actually doable
    Kill Bill achievement can only be gained by being level 1 as the player
    Weird Pedestals event fixed when not usingshockbolt tiles
    Detrimental status effects that are shrugged off will not stop running
    No more traps in escape from reknor
    Talkbox has no popup animation
    Reintroduced Nightmare mode as a step between normal and insane
    Insane mode is now unlocked by winning on Nightmare mode
    table.concatNice for .. nice formating
    Sher'tul Fortress rooms name is shown before the zone name
    Dwarves can be redhead too if you have the cosmetic unlock!
    Move to normal inventory is the first action when an item is in the transmo chest (unless unidentified)
    Artifacts can now be identified from the inventory if you have the orb/talent/.. to do so anyway
    Zigur patrols will be friendly if you know antimagic, even if you knew spells before (like a Shalore)
    Can not Shadow Simulacrum / Inner Demons time-summoned creatures
    Switch Place while using Onslaught wont clone creatures
    Crystal Focus applied on a staff will remove the ability to change its type
    Dialogs are slightly translucent
    Arcane Vortex now explodes in a ball when the affected creature dies before the end of the effect
    Epic new lore available (for a price) in Elvala: The Spellblaze Chronicles. Learn about the days of the spellblaze, the Shaloren leader and the rise of Linaniil!
    Three new achievements for finding major lore stories
    Gloom stun works like other stuns, it cant put instant talents on cooldown
    Fixed inscriptions in online chardumps
    Slavers control orb can not be used if attacking the slave master
    Fixed Spellblaze Remnants
    Golemancy is usable for Adventurer class
    Bligthed Summoning confers the alchemist golem with corrupted strength and the reaving combat tree
    Fix heroism infusion prices
    Learning a mindslayer talent will autolearn telekinetic graps, beyond the flesh and grant the psionic slot
    Buffed Atamathon, because I'm evil
    Tree of Life graphical effect fixed
    Removed teleport immune rares and randarts
    The appearance of the fortress shadow can be changed to something more .. appealing to all tastes for 60 energy once the rod of recall has been bound to the fortress
    Thalore's Nature's Pride buffed: cooldown reduction more effective, treants last 8 turns, gain resist all equal to the user's blight resistance, gain more accuracy, can taunt and get talent levels equel to the Nature's Pride talent level
    Thalore experience penalty reduced to 30%
    Thalore's Guardian of the Woods grants more disease resistance (up to 100%) and also grants a bit of resists all
    Armour Training reduced to 5 points
    Bellowing Roar only hits foes
    Summons can not be summoned through walls
    Automatic talent use when no foes in sight will not trigger when blind
    Reloading after diabling shaders should still work
    Manasurge runes will regen mana while resting even for those without natural manaregen
    Can not use items from the transmog chest popup on level change
    Mice dream now correctly has foes
    Fix the description of Gravitic Trap
    Pest Control achievement now checks for both multiply talent and clone_on_hit
    The 5 elemental undeads can appear in the ID
    Kryl-Feijan can appear in the ID
    Draconic Body prereqs are automet in the ID/Arena
    Escort talent tooltips are show with a 0.8 mastery if not known
    Counterstrike always has an integer duration
    Artifacts lore popups over store dialogs
    Corrupted Strength and Dual Weapon Training description fixed
    Arcane Blade lost the cooldown penalty on flame/lightning/earthen missiles
    Arcane Blade now has 2h-crippling, shield-offense and dualwield-offense trees locked at 1.0 mastery
    Blighted Summoning affects yeek wayists, thaloren treants and ghoul rot's ghouls
    Corona only targets as far as it can reach
    Buffed rare items
    Talent trees are sorted by known/unknown in the levelup screen
    Rod of Recall and Orb of Many Ways automatically setup in the hotkeys bar when picked up
    Shadow Feed now also increases physical & magical attack speed
    New marauder helm egos
    Dirty Fighting now only takes a turn if the stun lands (and is not shrugged off) otherwise it is free
    Cripple damage increased, now reduced spell, mind, melee speed instead of damage and attack
    Flying combat damage is now bigger and a different color for crits
    Giant Leap now deals 200% damage
    You shall be my weapon! now deals 350% damage
    Massive Blow now deals 150% + 350% damage
    Windblade now deals 220% damage
    Swift Hands removes the cooldown penalty from swapping items
    Steamroller now provides a stacking (up to 100%) +20% damage buff when killing a foe
    Restless Night now deals damage over five turns instead of all at once
    Inner Demon health will be lower when used on higher ranked targets
    Sleep effects now can be resisted with confusion or sleep immunity, which ever is higher
    Trap Handling merged into Heightened Senses
    Heightened Senses moved to first talent of the Survival tree
    New Charm Mastery talent as the second Survival talent, reduces the cooldown of all charms and usable items
    Meteoric Crash triggers of both spells and mind powers
    Roll With It now also grants a 200% movement speed buff
    Giant Leap requirement changed to 50000 damage with any weapon
    Windblade requirement changed to 50000 damage with dualweapons
    Massive Blow requirement changed to 50000 damage with a two handed weapon
    You Shall Be My Weapon! requirement changed to only check size
    Spectral Shield now requires having cast 100 spells
    Feather Wing provides fatigue reduction at level 5
    Adventurers start with more equipment and a manasurge rune
    Celestial/Glyph can now be placed as a hit instead of a bolt
    Armour of Shadows also unlits the tile the user is standing on
    Temporal Form now last 10 turns and also converts all damage done to temporal, sets your temporal damage bonus equal to your highest damage bonus + 30%
    Temporal Form requirement changed to visit out of time zone + having cast 1000 spells
    Redhead option for elves!
    Elves and Halflings can also be redheads
    Spell Feedback now also adds a 30% spell failure chance to the caster
    Gwai Burninator price increased
    Fixed ressource generating charms
    Fix Garkul helm price
    Buffed Rak'Shor, Gorbat, Grushnak and Vor
    Buffed Myssil
    Void shards now only start the explode countdown/trigger after 2 turns
    Sustained talents tooltip updates correctly
    Old battle field and Tombstones events now display graves opened when they were
    Allied Kingdoms patrols can be fought
    Anorithil and Sun Paladin patrols can be fought
    Mousewheel in the combat log removes the fade, as in the chat log
    For 25 fortress energy you can now have the transmogrification chest automatically extract gems (if you know the talent) to increase gold gain
    Arena quest npc appears up to level 13
    Derth attack starts at level 14
    Armour Training can not be unlearnt
    Emotes look and disappear nicer
    Rat Lich event stairs have a few rats near them
    Updated main menu background anim with the new golden shield and lightning particle effects
    Pale Drake learnt Elemental Surge
    Summoners range on summons reduced to 5
    Twilight now has a passive effect, it will set the default value of positive and negative energies. Each turn the energies will raise or lower towars this value instead of 0
    Circle of Warding projectile slow increased fivefolds
    Halfed the cost of all Circles
    Buffed Champions of Urh'Rok
    Buffed Endless Woes procs and it also handles Temporal and Mind elements
    Wind's Whisper now has an additional 25% chance to deflect projectiles to a nearby spot
    High level Sun Infusions can dispel magical darknes
    Arcane Destruction gained a visual effect
    Limmir shouts for help when attacked
    Fix amethys damage bonus
    Buffed Absorb Life
    Fix graphical weirdness like ice going over moutains and such
    Bloodspring now heals for 50% of the damage done
    Wearing an activable item place it in your hotkey bar automatically (and as for talents it remembers where)
    fixed checkbox sizes a bit
    Fixed dex requirement on Spellblaze Shard
    Buffed Militant Mind and Luck of the Little Folk
    Ctrl+v works in all textboxes
    URLs in the chat are parsed and clickable
    Summoner's Detonate doesnt hit friends
    Nagas drop tridents again
    Legacy of the Naloren talent allows you to speak with Slasul to get a big nasty trident artifact
    Buffed Telos Spire of Power
    Poison Breath applies poison with mindpower
    Left/Middle click bound talents must be known to be used
    Fixed the flickering of the tip on the loadscreen
    Rares/randboss/.. can not be Solipsists
    temp effects ids are textual, should help save compat a bit
    Draconic Will does not prevent status effects of type "other"
    Malslek the Accursed's Hat now has a talent on mindpower effect too
    Fixed Lay Web
    Loading screen of ToME will display a random "fun fact" in the top right corner: number of total deaths, playtime, ten killers, ... taken from the vault
    Clarified the activation of Spellblaze Remnants
    Unforunate end can only trigger if the player qualifies
    When minimap is hidden it wont react to clicks
    Adventurer parties and Ziguranth patrols move slower on the worldmap
    Adventurer parties and Ziguranth patrols encounter maps are a tad bigger
    High Peak first levels are more caverny
    Daze changed to not make skip turns; instead it reduces damage, defense and saves to 50%; prevents movement and still breaks on damage
    Each high peak level (except the last) has a zone wide aura changing some things
    Lichform quest is granted when first activating the talent Blurred Mortality
    Fixed the <50 infinite dungeon achievements
    Fixed Leaves Tide to make the bleeding correctly attributed to the caster
    for dekar, with love
    Store levels is not bound to player level anymore, it depends on the number of restocks and the town it is in. So can visit at level 1 without fearing lower items
    Coming up from sublevels should not put players in mountains
    It is impossible to teleport to Celia's room until she opens all the coffins
    Clarified how to get a random name on the birth screen
    Blighted Ruins are only 3 levels
    Can not Time Skip the Fragmented Essence of Harkor'Zun
    Reduced timer on the Charred Scar a bit
    Fixed psionic Backlash from looping forever
    Rod of Recall gets a notification when picked up
    Buffed Frozen Ground and Shatter
    Fixed Timeless not removing effects if it brang them to 0 duration
    Replaced Water's 4th tier talent with Shivgoroth Form
    Creatures in vaults will not be able to act (nor be damaged) until the vault is opened
    Eye of the Wyrm updated to venom drakes
    Eye of the Storm is less spammy
    Dreaming Horrors have a scaling Dreamscape talent instead of a fixed high level one
    Fixed the Selfless win not registering on the vault
    All achievements from winning appear above the death dialog
    The ruined dungeon now has all orbs put near the gate, but they are inactive. In their old places lies 6 guardians which must be defeated to allow interraction with them
    Angolwen NPCs hate antimagic people
    Removed off-guard effect from accuracy vs defense checks
    Dont assign talents on birth does not break tutorial
    Sped up a bit ice shards
    Rampaging into a wall does not anger you that much
    Fix Ak'gishil's Animated Swords tiles
    Draconic Will is available in the ID
    Game log now has a nice little icon for the source of damage kills & tooltips
    Message log now also has entity icons, tooltips and for actors you can right click them to fully inspect
    Message log is now bound to 'h' by default
    Fixed crystaline set on gloves
    Added a right click menu on chat users in the message log
    Added a "report user for bad behavior" option to the message log and chat log; use it with care
    Forbid dreamscape/fearscape on summons
    Randomized music in the ID
    Smoke Bomb affects a radius at higher levels
    Foes affected by smoke bomb do not prevent stealthing (event at close range)
    Hide In Plain Sight chance is now checked once instead of once per foes
    Can not switch place with the Guardians Totem
    New achievement for saving all escorts
    Mindslayer shields now follow the same level&wil requirement as other trees
    Mindslayer shields now gain new elements they protect against as you levelup Absorption Mastery
    Chromatic Harness updated with venom drake aspect
    Nerfed Brotoq ... poor Brotoq
    New hook UISet:Minimalist:Resources to display a new resource
    Added a hasLOS check to aiSeeTargetPos which will cause the actual target position to be obfuscated if it is not in LOS
    Added range checks to Actor:hasLOS in the engine as well as ToME
    Flee_dmap AI now flees from aiSeeTargetPos and not the actual target position when required
    NPCs that receive damage from an unseen target will temporarily gain A* pathing (not temporary effect damage, though)
    Added blocked A* pathing to the engine's move_dmap
    Added NPC shoving to ToME, so simple chokepoints cannot be held as easily
    Adding a forgotten sustain_at_birth for forge-giants
    Fixed a long-standing bug in ToME's tactical AI canFleeDmapKeepLOS and added the ability for ai_tactic.safe_range to take wide corners to avoid player ambushes
    Hate regens to full on death
    Fixed Curse of Death description
    Change the default FOV algorithm for ToME and TE4 to be fully symmetric
    An empty line is inserted in the game log when player turn begins
    Big Arena improvments, including UI
    When more than one party member has access to inventory you get the option to transfer an item in the inventory
    Preventthe Grand Corruptor from being stuck in your own fearscape
    Adding A* pathing to ToME's move_anchor.
    Letting A* pathing use simple if it cannot move along the path (blocked by ACTOR for example).
    Fixing staff projection throwing errors when disarmed.
    Added alchemy bomb gem stats to the tooltips for base gems if the player knows the create alchemy gems talent
    Added a new function to engine.Map to more accurately compute a compass direction (north, southeast, etc) from coordinate differences and updated the slightly misleading escort emotes to use it.
    improve money in arena
    Can not die the same turn as winning in the derth arena
    Can not die at the same turn as winning in the chrono-twins event
    The special farportal event is a bit less rare
    New town: Point Zero, it stands at the begining of all time threads
    New zone: Unhallowed Morass, near Point Zero
    Chronomancers now start in Point Zero
    Escape from Reknor and Blighted Ruins are excluded from rares, whatever the level
    AutoExplore go to "special" terrain (like glowing chests) once like it does items. Tries to ignore them afterwards, but will still stop at them if "block_move" tests to true.
    AutoExplore only go to vault doors once
    AutoExplore don't stop exploring because of losing air until less than 75% max air capacity.
    AutoExplore don't repeatedly stop at escort portals
    AutoExplore specify the direction of seen hostile
    Brawlers start with gloves in inventory
    Meteor will not destroy recall portal

Have fun!

PS: svn 6112

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