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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Hydra Slayer 2DRL
« on: August 09, 2010, 09:20:02 AM »
> You have won!

Effortlessly. :-(
Having giant supplies at start proved to be disastrous to game balance. All challenge was gone. In my second game of HS 2.0 I decided that usage of Strength and Life Potions shall be disallowed.

> Items found and used:
>   Rune of Growth (1/11)
>   Rune of Cancellation (6/14)
>   Rune of Decapitation (2/6)

Hey! I like the new name a lot.

>   Rune of Stunning (8/10)
>   Rune of Conflict (0/8)
>   Rune of Fungification (21/102)

This gives experience? Great!

>   Scroll of Transmutation (13/110)
>   Scroll of the Big Stick (105/119)
>   Potion of Power Swipe (3/11)
>   Potion of Weapon Charge (21/104)

Whenever you end a charge with damaging but not weeding out completely a mushroom your character is not moved. See this example:


If you charge with a longsword (-5) the 4 will get killed and 2 damaged for 1
cut. The @ will not move though.

>   Potion of Extreme Speed (3/3)
>   Potion of Knowledge (0/122)
>   Potion of Strength (0/4)
>   Potion of Mushroom Seeds (1/4)
>   Potion of Life (0/2)

> Items used on the last level:
>   Rune of Stunning (5)
>   Scroll of Transmutation (4)
>   Scroll of the Big Stick (80)
>   Potion of Weapon Charge (14)
>   Potion of Extreme Speed (2)
>   Potion of Mushroom Seeds (1)

Constantly stunning ancient hydra I didn't even take a single wound. To finish it I had to do some running. Two missile hits were needed.

> Weapons at the end:
>   obsidian legendary sword (-90, obsidian dagger from Level 8)
>   flaming legendary star (M20, golden shuriken from Level 8)

Missiles are really fun addition. They obey the same rules swords do and allow some very creative fighting. Unfortunately when a missile kills hydra standing on any weapon it is gone. I suggest creating some find-free-tile mechanism.

> Various stats:

Next four still need identation. Otherwise it looks neat.

> 599 total wounds (134 HP left)
> 5371 total turns (hydra movements)
> 3415 total seconds of real time
> 12 levels solved
>   326 total blade attacks
>   88 hydras killed by your blades
>   10961 heads cut by your attacks
>   116 heads regrown after your attacks
>   90 total missile attacks
>   8300 total stunned heads cut
>   94 mushrooms destroyed by blades
>   126 mushrooms destroyed by crushing
>   829 mushroom heads destroyed
>   2 total hydras killed by Rune of Decapitation
>   72 total heads removed by Rune of Decapitation (killing)
>   1 heads grown by Rune of Growth
>   23851 heads stunned by Rune of Stunning

There is a small problem with this. It doesn't take into account heads recovered by waking up hydra. Another thing worthy placing there is number of heads stunned by Weapon Charge.

>   1 max hydras killed at once with a Weapon Charge

I find shields to be a fine addition. At the moment there is too much helpful things for the hydra slayer. Losing requires some awesome feat of carelessnes. I'll download fixed version.

Another thing changed was representation. I liked former more because now 40-headed hydra has same glyph as 250-headed hydra and ancient one.

The circling asterisk effect is funny but it looks weird when you power swipe with a great mace and stun three hydras but only last one has animation.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Re: Rogue Planets
« on: August 08, 2010, 06:31:05 AM »

Once ago I registered at this board just to post feedback after playing few rounds of Rogue Planets. Unfortunately two obstacles prevented me from doing that.

First and foremost being a USENET guy I really loathe any kind of forums. Newsreader makes checking for new posts very easy. With forums I need to login to each board and check them separately wasting much time and energy.

Sencond thing when I registered system asked me to wait until my account is validated by an admin. This really broke down my morale. I got out of my way and decided to use inferior technology just to be turned away? Please wait?

I couln't find your email anywhere and just gave up at that point. Next stop was creating a small page at RogueBasin. I am pleased you liked it. I just finished expanding it using information you provided.

As for Rogue Planets itself it is a fun game. Problem is that it has no Linux version. I ran it under wine but it worked really bad on my older computer. Application screen refreshing significantly slowed every move degenerating gameplay to boring patient trudge. A native Unix version would really help. Now my machine is slightly better. It allows me play the game at twitch speed. Planets Bront and Holten are available to me now. :-)

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Hydra Slayer 2DRL
« on: August 07, 2010, 03:50:09 AM »

I would like to report on my victory in Hydra Nest. Here is commented log file:

> You have won!

Yeah! Like ten attempts it took. Once a promising character was devoured by a floating point error. My guess is sometimes hydras get placed on X or Y coord equal zero.

> Items found and used:
>   Rune of Growth (6/19)
>   Rune of Cancellation (9/18)
>   Rune of Death (5/9)
>   Rune of Stunning (8/8)

Lost one due to a typo.

>   Rune of Conflict (2/13)

Found these to be difficult to use effectively. Must practice more.

>   Scroll of Transmutation (5/16)

Sometimes full info revealed key weaknesses.

>   Scroll of the Big Stick (7/15)
>   Potion of Power Swipe (2/6)

Love those. I plan to get quad kill someday.

>   Potion of Speed (4/14)
>   Potion of Knowledge (2/19)

Quickly learned to deal with creatures myself. Used only out of curiosity what would game hint.

>   Potion of Strength (4/4)

The slayer looks like a marilith now.

>   Potion of Mushroom Seeds (1/4)
>   Potion of Life (0/3)

By time I found them ancient hydra was dead. After reading description decided to save all three.

> Items used on the last level:
>   Rune of Stunning (1)

Single glance at the Ancient Hydra convinced me I would be oneshotted uness this was employed. Rune of Death was tempting but killing that beast with "conventional" methods gave more satisfaction. :-)

> Weapons at the end:
>   amethyst triple staff (x12)

Often used to minimize wounds taken if target Hydra could not be slain with three/four hits or less.

>   acid dagger (-1)

Carried mostly to cut mushrooms. Mushroom heads is a cool feature. You will want to have multiple-headed shrooms when doing Power Swipes. How about allowing mushrooms to be crushed barehanded? Tactical value of fungi would not diminish and at the same time opening road to more Hydras becomes matter of dropping a weapon for a moment.

>   poisoned triple sword (-12)
>   Chaos Trisector (/3)

Found a decimator but considered this to be more useful.

>   frozen claymore (-11)
>   bone legendary sword (-14)

Some runes of Big Stick were used on this. Boy it is really mean stick!

> Various stats:

All entries should get two spaces like above.

> 611 total wounds (39 HP left)
> 4200 total turns (hydra movements)
> 11 levels solved
> 242 total blade attacks
> 97 hydras killed by your blades
> 10 total divisor attacks

Five employed against Ancient Hydra.

> 10949 heads cut by your attacks
> 213 heads regrown after your attacks
> 22 total blunt weapon attacks

Meh. Me prefers blades.

> 216 total heads stunned
> 224 total stunned heads cut

How could I cut more stunned heads than actually have been stunned?

> 95 mushrooms destroyed
> 180 mushroom heads destroyed
> 18 total attacks in conflict
> 91 total heads cut in conflict
> 120 total heads regrown in conflict

I made two hydras fight themselves and offed winner with a Stun & Death rune combo.

> 4 total hydras killed by Rune of Death

Some larger targets were either stunned with hammer or rune and then dealt with.

> 48 total heads removed by Rune of Death

I found a 49 headed foe. Stunned 48 heads in four hits and stabbed the last.

> 19 heads grown by Rune of Growth
> 10053 heads stunned by Rune of Stunning

Over nine thousand belonged to Ancient Hydra.

> 2 max hydras killed at once

Allowed myself to be surrounded by two four-headed monsters. There also happened to be three-headed mushroom in between those. With a Power Swipe of my frozen claymore I made a double kill.

> 2 max runes active at once

Ditto. Probably a conflict and a stun due to typo.

Thank you for a very fun game. Pure tactics rocks!
And oh ... please make game print "press 'G' to descend" when you first walk over stairs.

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