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Rogue, Fighter, Mage in: the Goblin Caves

You control a party of three characters in their quest to kill the Goblin King. This is a fantasy roguelike, with an intricate system of magic spells and combat. Each of your three characters has strengths you'll have to play to and weaknesses you'll have to work around. The Goblin Caves are treacherous: full of secrets, traps, monsters and powerful magic.

On the technical side, although RFM is a traditional roguelike in flavour and theme and in the basic language of the game (you'll use 'w' to wield weapons, 'a' to wear armor, etc), it experiments with roguelike mechanics to create a tactically rich adventure.

  • There are no bump attacks. Melee combat happens at the end of the turn. When you end your turn, characters in your party that are next to enemies will fight with one of those enemies. (You press SPACE to end your turn.)
  • Spells and ranged attacks and so on are placed on a stack. When a spell is cast, or when an enemy comes into view, you'll have a chance to respond by firing an arrow yourself, or casting another spell. This lets you do things like teleport away if an arrow is coming your way, or immediately return a volley of arrows if you're fired upon. (You press ENTER to resolve events.)
  • The spell casting system is involved, with many sorts of interactions between items and magic. If Mage can correctly manage her magical resources, she will be able to wreck devastation with her spellbook, and win duels with other mages.

This game was made for the 7drl 2017 challenge. Builds for Windows, macOS and Linux are available.


Version 1.1c (March 15th 2017) github downloads:
  • macOS signed .app bundle (tested on a circa 2014 MacBook Air with Sierra 10.12.2 and a circa 2016 iMac with Sierra 10.12.3)
  • Linux binary (tested on Debian 8 with libsdl2-2.0.0 and gcc 4.9)


If you're delving in before reading the Player's Manual, here are the only things you need to know:

Press TAB to change characters. Press SPACE to end your turn. Press ENTER to resolve pending events. You can shoot (press x), cast spells (press c) and read scrolls (press r) and change characters even if there are pending events. Hold ? for a list of commands. Normally, you can't move around enemies that you are fighting: you have to retreat by moving orthogonally away from them (there are some exceptions).


I released a 7DRL version on March 12th 2017 github downloads:
  • macOS executable (tested on a circa 2014 MacBook Air with Sierra 10.12.2 --- known issues for retina monitors, resolved in version 1.1c)
The 7DRL version has some issues on higher resolution monitors, and also must be run on the command line with the current directory set to the same directory that the executable is in. Version 1.1c builds are the same as the 7DRL version contentwise (even down to the bugs), but with display issues fixed, and support for Linux and Windows. The latest version is always available on and here. The next version will fix the known issues (listed below) and add some more spells and enemies, and gameplay tweaks to improve flow.

Basic Commands
  • ARROWS - Move. You can also use ijkl to move (like a right handed wasd). There is no diagonal movement. To toggle vi-like orthogonal movement (hjkl instead of ijkl), use Ctrl+VI (i.e., hold Ctrl, v and i all at once).
  • TAB/SHIFT+TAB - Switch between the characters in your party. Use TAB to switch to the next character, or SHIFT+TAB to switch to the previous character.
  • Hold ? or / - Help?! Hold down ? or / to show a list of all of the available commands.
  • SPACE - End your turn.
  • RETURN - Yield priority. (This is explained below: You must do this if the green priority bar appears on the bottom of the screen.)
  • DELETE - View inventory and statistics.
  • F1 - Return to the main menu.
  • Ctrl+C - Quit the game (you will be prompted).


A summon spell is countered.


Mage and fighter unleash a volley of arrows against an unsuspecting group of goblins.


Mage is in a magical duel with a vampire, and Rogue has been slain by an arrow to the head.


  • Version 1.1c - (March 13th 2017)

  - Fixed problems with large monitors. (Although you may still want to run in windowed mode on a large monitor, by passing the "--windowed" command line argument).
  - Made it so that the executable can be run regardless of what the current directory is set to.
  - Codesigned the mac binaries.

  • Version 1.1 - 7DRL version (March 12th 2017)

Known Issues

These problems are known to exist for version 1.1c.
  • If your last characters die in an explosion or fireball, you won't receive a "You have lost. (Press F1)" message. If that happens, you can still press F1 to return to the main menu (and you've still lost).
  • Creatures and players don't drop their equipment when they're killed. This makes it quite hard to replenish your supply of arrows or bolts. (This was caused by a last minute addition of looting corpses.)
  • Under some circumstances, you can attack & be attacked through walls. (It's pretty rare --- not sure what triggers it.)

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