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IVAN 0.50.8 has been released for Windows:


    New Christmas trees in Attnam!!!*
    New Grand Stollen Knife of Attnam!!!
    New Message when sitting on an Iron Maiden!?
    Periodic warnings for leprosy.
    Fountain dipping works like other dipping.
    Significant re-balancing of prayer effects.
    Quest items can no longer be sold.
    As usual, multifarious grammatical corrections :)
    Lots of rearranging of the Tomb of Xinroch (TX)
    New world map icon for TX.
    Sun shines on TX level 1.
    Vampire bats.
    Vampires and werewolves hate each other.
    Significant updates to priests and priestesses.

For devs: Now with Travis Continuous Integration
Can now restrict monsters and items to generate only in specific dungeons. (This can be specified in the script files)

See v0507...v0508 for a list of changes since 0.50.7

*Only during Christmas (24th & 25th of December)

Hi guys!




    Green Valpurium!
    Users can add dungeons in a generic way to the world map by scripting alone, there are 32 slots available for this
    SDL_UpdateTexture is replace with texture locking + pixel memcpy
    Dungeon data files now appear as individual files in Script/dungeons, one file per dungeon
    These files are found automatically
    Game automatically counts the number of dungeons
    World terrains now appear in data files gwterra.dat and owterra.dat
    Screenshot directory is automatically created
    Player can talk to Ivan Gorovits again without the game crashing

See for a list of changes since 0.50.5

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