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7DRLs / [7DRL-2016] Some Dogs Go To Hell (Sucks a-I mean, success!)
« on: March 08, 2016, 05:33:34 PM »

So this is my first roguelike ever, and I'm starting basically from scratch, and the game is basically totally unplanned and probably overscoped. And I lost yesterday because I had a migraine all day. However, I'm amazing, so chances of success are basically 1200%.

SDGTH is based on a dream I had a few weeks ago where I was a dog in Hell, and I was trying to fight my way out with the help of other dogs whom I had rescued from their eternal canine torment. Upon awaking I decided that'd be an awesome idea for a roguelike, and 7DRL was coming up, so... here I am.

Basically, the player character is a dog, and it must escape nine levels of Hell, fighting sick-nasty demons and stuff with its AI-driven dog pals. You've gotta command your dog pals by "marking" terrain and objects and with body language, since, yanno, you're all dogs.

I'm doing it in Python + TDL (libcotd except with a nicer API) and building binaries with Nuitka.

I actually registered the project on Monday but I didn't know this was the place to put stuff like this until now. I am smert.

Project repository:

I accidentally named the repo 2006 instead of 2016, but that's fine. Oh, and while the thingy on my Gitlab front page shows commits on the 4th, if you actually look at the dates the first contribution was indeed on the 5th. Slanderous lies!



Well, done as in all the critical features are present. There's no win state, but the things I actually considered important, like dogplomacy and smell and intricate stealth-ish combat mechanics are in. It's a fun toy at least.

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