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Hey! You can toggle fullscreen with the ESC key (I know it's not really intuitive :P).

There are some problems with fullscreen depending on configuration. You might need to use the configure app to enable/disable widescreen mode or switch between OpenGL and DirectX. It's very hard covering all the hardware configurations, even with a great library like SDL helping you!

Is there a download link to the newest version? I couldn't seem to find it.

Sorry, the latest version is only on iOS now, but will be out for desktop pretty soon (Mac and PC, although it runs great under WINE in linux).

In the meanwhile you can download Mysterious Castle Classic, there is a link on the home pages sidebar.


Check it out!

My tactics-roguelike Mysterious Castle has hit 1.10 and is out now! Control up to 4 characters as they journey through a huge procedurally generated forest filled with caves, castles and dungeons, swamps and more.

Now featuring permadeath!

There will be a whole new dimension to the game in the next version, I think I've got a winning idea. Included in this dimension is the possibility of recruitment.

Cool link, I already adhere to most of those, although I deviate from a few.

I'm not going to do a checklist, but permadeath has always been on my mind. I just figured out a simple way to do it in a party based system with a slow save system, so that if any party member dies, they stay dead, even in the case of reloads and other hackery.

I'm updating the game soon with a roguelike requirement: permadeath! Yes, finally adding the things that make a roguelike a roguelike. What other things do I need to turn the game into a true roguelike?

Programming / Re: Simultaneous turns?
« on: February 29, 2012, 04:56:27 AM »
This reminds me of those secret card duel games, you know, where each player lays down a card and they're revealed simultaneously. There's an element of prediction and resource management to it. Could be very cool.

I'd reckon the plan is to take some time for things to simmer down before outlining the plan for the big 2.0 release in the times to come?

Also, whatever happened with the IndieDb situation?  It seemed like it had been functioning, but now I see a move to Amazon for the latest demo, which to their credit did download right quick.

More or less, I'm going to focus on releasing on Linux, and updating the iOS version. I've got a million ideas for the next version so if I'm definitely not sitting on my hands. I expect a few small patches for 1.9, while I work out the details for 2.0.

I'm going to upload the demos to Indie DB as well, just wanted a direct link on the homepage, so that people can try it without going through a ton of links.

I'll keep this thread updated!

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Mysterious Castle, Tactics-Roguelike
« on: February 28, 2012, 01:19:26 PM »
What do you get when you try and cross ZAngband with Final Fantasy Tactics?

So much has changed since my first release almost a year ago. I'm grateful for all the support of the community. I hope to bring the game more towards it's roguelike roots in the coming months. If anyone has any questions, comments, ideas, criticisms, anything, I'd love to hear them.

Very interesting...

I hacked together something not entirely unlike your scheme, but using C++ and template meta-programming, minus the directions as a class. I found that it made designing algorithms far simpler and more powerful.

I'm not very familiar with Lisp, but will take a look at your implementation when I find time (where has all my time gone?).

For whatever it's worth, I think that such an approach is the future of complex procedural map generation, where there is a lot of generation stages interspersed with complex analysis.

Good stuff! I'll get back to you when I wrap my head around it.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: Mysterious Castle 1.9
« on: February 06, 2012, 07:02:24 AM »
Well, the interface is certainly non-standard! Remember to press the arrow keys to show the various panels.

You can speed up button clicks by going to the options pane and selecting 'select action' instead of 'select+confirm action'. The default is two clicks because it's a tactical game made for iOS and I hate misclicks in tactical games.

The download links are all in the same place, on indieDB. Will fix textbox speed. Right now the text is pretty pointless though :P

I'll consider customizable keymappings soon. What is a good fullscreen key on windows?

Moving is the easiest part! Just click!

Thanks for taking the time to post!

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Re: IRDC London 2012 - Call for Dates
« on: February 02, 2012, 02:15:13 PM »
I won't be coming, although I'd really love to. Seems likely that the city will be really busy in preparation for the 2012 games.

Has any thought been given to some video uplinks, via skype or google?

Programming / Re: Cardlike - Doing another version for this year's 7DRL
« on: February 02, 2012, 07:08:00 AM »
Edit: You know I hear that many developers do not actually play their own games much...Does that seem odd to anyone? I guess the act of creation and the enjoyment of the end product are totally different experiences.

I can understand that in the non-roguelike non-procedurally built world (it's sooooooo tedious), but I personally play my own game more than any other, and I enjoy it. Wonder what other roguedevs do...?

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Mysterious Castle 1.9
« on: February 02, 2012, 06:45:29 AM »

I've just released version 1.9, now with dungeons!

It's available for OSX now, Windows version is still at 1.8, but will be updating soon. Here's the changelog:



*   Dungeons! Errr... Mysterious Castles!

*   Treasure chests are now generated in caves as well as in the forest.


*   Added a custom cursor.

*   Transfering items further streamlined.

*   Weapons and armor now display basic stats.

*   All stat and skill increasing books now contain information about the
     stat or skill they increase. For instance, reading a book about the
     'sneak' skill will explain how it is used in the game.
*   You can now 'read' spellbooks to get detailed info on spell effects.

*   Moved the action bar, which showed how many action points a character
     had, from the bottom left corner, to a status bar hovering over the
*   Character pool size increased to 9.


*   Medium armor gives penalties -1 dex, -1 init, and -1 arcane.

*   Heavy armor gives penalties -2 dex, -2 init, -2 arcane, and -1 move.

*   You can now take a five foot step before making a full round action.

*   Canceled spells no longer waste your turn.

*   Greatly reduced the frequency of certain powerful items.

*   The 'curse' spell no longer stacks.


*   Added a dark guild faction, members include dark monks, warriors,
     trolls, and ogres.
*   Enemies can now 'power strike' you.

*   Enemies are now immune to certain types of energy, ie. fire elementals
     don't take damage from fire (duh!).


*   Fixed broken "web" immunity.

*   Fixed 'bless party' ability of obelisks.

*   Fixed a bug where sneaking characters loaded from a file used their
     normal light source.
*   Fixed light cloning when using autoequip.
*   Fixed the impassable fence of doom bug.

*   Several other bugfixes.

And please tell me again how the nethack towel is more intuitive than my paperdoll suggestion.
It does only have put on and wear. After trying those out I can be sure I have exhausted equipping possibilities.

Forgive me, I've never played nethack, but how do you know that you only have those two options? Is it intuitive that you can only do those, are they listed as possible actions or is it found by trial and error (serious question).

The paperdoll is not a menu, it is half of an interaction context.
A menu is not an interaction context then? It could have menu items with hands and head. How is that different from an image?

Interaction: head interact with helmet. hands interact with weapon. The result of these interactions are easy to guess, hence more intuitive.

Well designed commands with context are always far more intuitive that contextless commands, and such a mouse UI, while less efficient than keys, can be designed to map to thousands of different game actions.
While I fully agree with second part of this sentence the first assertion eludes me. In what way is it more intuitive?

By mimicking the way real world objects work, it's more intuitive. Real world objects don't exist in a vacuum, they interact. Hence interaction context. Compare 'use meat on fire', to 'select meat, press c'. At face value it's obvious that I can guess that the first will result in either cooking (or burning :P). The second is only understandable in this discussion because I contrast it with the contextual example. If I just come to any non-RL player on the street and present one of those two 'commands' and ask them to guess what happens, the first would garner far more correct guesses.

For examples of good context sensitive UI's I suggest taking a serious look at Ultima 7 through Ultima Online.
I did so a few years ago. Played on a private server. I loved how you could double click an empty pitcher and target a cow to get milk. However, players were upset there was no possibility to empty it without drinking the contents. Developers acknowledged it and proposed double clicking on a non-empty pitcher would also ask for a target. Picking ground would pour contents out. Yay, intuitive and simple! But then there were cries drinking does not work intuitively and bug reports one can't target other people to feed them. Players were led thinking if a target is asked for one also can pick other players and NPC.

The gripe I have with Ultima is you never know the boundaries of its UI. A strict set of commands is just easier for me to grasp.

I completely agree with you, but as I stated in my response above, just because you can find some failure in the UI presentation, it doesn't prevent the UI from being an unqualified and enormous success in intuitively presenting complex gameplay. It does take extraordinary effort to design interactions well, but the result is very much worth it.

Anyways, I've hijacked this thread long enough, I'm pretty sure we understand each other, and I respect your opinion, you've made several valid points that have got me thinking. I hope you've learned a little bit from the conversation too.

Mouse based interface fan :)

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