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Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: August 16, 2023, 02:49:15 PM »
Hello everyone,

The game is now free to play and here is a new patch I was working on the last months. Have fun!

- see what collected items do in pause menu and game over menu
- progress after each game to unlock new items
- fast ground enemy
- item: destroyed enemies spawn blue gas which hurts enemies
- sparkle animation when collecting items
- sound for jump pads


- reduced active shield time of shield enemy
- increase lil buddy spawn probability from items
- increased lil buddy movement speed
- code optimization and cleanup

fixed bugs:
- enemies get stuck in jump through platforms
- ground enemy gets stuck on destroyable box
- double money item not working for 2nd player
- heart bottle item reducing max health
- crash on some items on 2 player mode

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: April 05, 2022, 09:30:04 AM »
Hello everyone,

the Release Candidate 2 is finished, including several quality of life changes. Only for Windows for now, I need to get the Linux setup up and running again.

- popup info when you get credits, health or armor
- option in settings to disable popup info
- lil buddy explosion animation
- item: chance spawning a lil buddy when taking damage
- item: reset ability cooldown when taking damage
- sounds for getting credits, health or armor from items
- sound when losing armor instead of health
- sound when dodging
- sound when losing shield from item
- sound when destroying a box
- fading animation for invisible enemies
- hidden achievement
- immune time after dodge
- very rare platin credit worth 10 credits

- improved popup info for dodges and critical hits
- every instance spawning a credit can be a golden or even platin credit now
- cure item now heals completely instead of only 2
- credit value of ruby, emerald and diamond now 8, 10 and 12
- menu selection more consistent
- code optimization and cleanup

fixed bugs:
- laser of endboss sometimes not disappearing
- protector item wrong color
- missing floor in one room
- incorrect item description

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: March 22, 2022, 09:05:12 PM »
Hello everyone,

back at developing. Trying to finish version 1.0 with the first Release Candidate 1

- menu usable with keyboard and controller
- variable jump height
- new rooms for each stage
- new block graphics
- 10 more text lines for each character

- code optimization and cleanup
- items which increase max health won't heal anymore
- abilities are now grayed out if they can't be used

fixed bugs:
- projectiles disappearing when pausing the game
- unified texts across the game
- being able to instantaneously kill boss with spike touch damage item

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: October 16, 2018, 09:15:47 AM »
Hello everyone,

Rebinding controller and keyboard keys is now easier, more animations and various bugfixes!

- changeable controller bindings for both players
- changeable keyboard bindings for player 2
- number keys now also bindable
- restore default buttons for both players
- show blood option for enable/disable
- animation to blue and enemy green gas
- player die animation
- active door animation
- next stage teleporter animation
- credits, armor and health which spawns in the air now falls to the ground
- new text lines for each character

- improved laser boss movement pattern
- recoded unique items for 2 player games
- made blue gas from item more visible
- revised ingame help text

fixed bugs:
- shop items not showing what they do
- bosses attack pattern can break when resuming from pause
- laser boss getting two shotted by laser weapon
- having items not displaying properly in pause menu
- blood of previous game still displaying
- invisible fire source in one room
- reset all stats not working

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: October 06, 2018, 09:19:35 AM »
Hello everyone,

Finally the steam achievements are implemented! I plan on adding more in later patches!

- 36 steam achievements
- achievements for beating the game with each character on normal and hard difficulty
- achievements for collecting credits
- achievements for completing challenges
- achievements for exploring rooms
- achievements for destroying enemies
- and several special achievements

- code rewrite collecting credits
- code rewrite for saving stats

fixed bugs:
- armor collecting for player 2
- lil buddy following player 2

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: September 24, 2018, 05:28:00 PM »
Hello everyone,

new content, mainly new items:

- new item which lets you shoot very slow but long lasting lasers
- new item which lets you loose your money instead of your health
- new item which lets you choose between 3 items after each room instead of 2
- new item which lets you enter a room stealthed and enemies start attacking only after you attacked them or took dmg
- new item which stops enemies movement when you take dmg
- new slot machine which randomizes all owned items

- huge code rewrite of the items functionality, making new items possible
- made slot machines texts clearer
- beating a boss lets you chose afterwards between 3 items instead of 2

fixed bugs:
- health to dmg
- health to shield
- surprise item

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: May 28, 2017, 12:30:00 PM »
Patch v0.41

Hello everyone,

This patch introduces lil buddies, which are small friendly flying suicide robots, wall jump behaviour, new items, animation improvements and other smaller game polishing changes:

- lil buddies: which are small friendly robots which are flying near the player and once
  an enemy is close, they fly towards it and explode. they share other buddy item upgrades
- new sprite/graphic when player is near a wall and able to wall jump
- dust cloud animation, when player jumps or slides down next to a wall
- error sound when you use a slot machine but don't have enough money/health
- sound for the items regenerate, nanobots and credit generator when they trigger
- boss laser beam sound
- new item: shows you the shop and boss room on the minimap
- new item: your laser projectiles move in sine waves
- new item: chance your lasers create laser bursts
- new item: get temporary dmg for each dmg taken per room
- new item: your buddies are immune to enemy projectiles
- new item: spawns six lil buddies
- new item: chance to spawn a lil buddy each room
- new item: chance destroyed enemies spawn a lil buddy
- new item: player laser evading walls and changes direction in a right angle before touching it
- new item: gives you a random item
- new item: your ability cooldown time is halfed
- new item: shows you all rooms on the minimap

- player moves slower downwards when he slides down next to a wall
- reduced item spawn probability of the two hearts/shields spawning items from destroyed enemies
- more noticable and different sounds when taking damage
- updated graphic of buddy speed item and buddy laser speed item
- increased text popup display time a bit
- streamlined programming code in the background for more consistency
- grenade launcher and shooting through walls item now work together
- renamed Shield to Armor
- reduced sniper laser lifetime
- made fire, gas and saw collision a bit smaller

fixed bugs:
- rare game crash with ability active aura
- buddies were not damaged by all enemy projectile types
- the items regenerate, nanobots and credit generator were not working for player 2
- in some rooms spikes had bigger collision size than spike sprite
- shield of shield enemies could sometimes remain when the owner was destroyed

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: May 24, 2017, 07:41:38 AM »
Hello everyone,

This patch contains mainly new content and a few bugfixes:

- new item: shows healthbar of each enemy
- new item: your laser can explode on impact
- new item: teleports you to the endboss
- new item: small laser aimbot
- new item: cool laser pointer on your weapon to help aiming
- new item: spawning blue gas which hurts enemies
- new item: your laser can be a deadly laser which kills enemies it touches
- new item: on losing health laser bursts in all directions
- new item: on destroying enemy laser can burst in all directions
- new item: on losing armor laser bursts in all directions
- new item: destroyed enemies can spawn health
- new item: destroyed enemies can spawn armor
- new item: destroyed enemies can spawn money
- new collectable (like credit, heart, armor): heartshield, gives you a heart if you
are not at full health, otherwise gives you armor

- laser color now changes depending on collected items (slow, root, knockback, etc.)

fixed bugs:
- touch dmg condition not always triggering
- one room had moving spikes too close to the entrance
- buddies were not shooting in boss fights

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: February 12, 2017, 03:13:01 PM »
Patch v0.39 - Linux support

Hello everyone,

This patch introduces the Linux version of the game. It's now downloadable from the Steam library.
Here is the changelist, though there are not many besides the Linux support:

- Linux support
- new enemy which you can't harm and will explode after all other enemies are destroyed
- the game should support two controllers in coop mode now

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: January 21, 2017, 11:08:16 AM »
Patch v0.37

Hello everyone,

this patch brings some controller improvements and bugfixes as well as the new 2 player hot seat multiplayer coop game mode.
Creating this game mode possible needed a lot of change in the code, so there may still be some bugs ...
The next patch will concentrate on fixes and improvements!

- 2 player hot seat coop multiplayer
>> each player can choose his own unique character and collect items, money, etc. for himself
>> if one player dies, he will revive with 1 hp at the start of the next stage
>> player 2 can only play with gamepad and player 1 with keyboard (will be changed)
>> game pause stats and collected items are for player 1 only (will be changed)
>> jump through platforms are buggy (will be fixed)
- improved controller menu navigation (not finished yet)

- moved position of the HUD due to multiplayer
- increased cooldown of abilities slightly

fixed bugs:
- item description not available ingame
- controller not being able to use abilities and collect items
- controller button may throw you back to main menu
- controller down button not being able to drop through thin platforms
- minor fixes

Patch v0.38

This patch contains mainly bug fixes as well as menu and GUI readability improvements:

- player stats and collected items for player 2 in pause menu in cooop mode
- different trousers and shoe sprites for the characters
- option to disable character ingame talking

- made blue and red color for player 1 and 2 less bright
- added colors to improve readability in the menu
- switched modifier stats of character 1 and 6

fixed bugs:
- not being able to change controls
- wrong player got orbiting projectile item when picked up in coop mode
- game crash if player 2 uses slot machine
- selecting same character with mouse in coop mode
- not showing tipps for player 2 when enabled as option
- laser lifespan showed same value as laser speed on pause screen
- one room had a box without collision
- moved option for showing items on hud to the top so they don't
overlap with the ability in the bottom left anymore

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: January 16, 2017, 07:47:14 PM »
I returned to developement and want to share this new version with you. It's an effort to streamline the game and make characters more unique.

- three more playable characters with own graphic/sprite
- names for each character (may change)
- a unique personality for each character
- after clearing a room based your character has a chance to say something based on his personality

- each character has a fixed weapon, ability and stats modifier now
- abilites have no a cooldown instead of one time use per room
- removed active items from the game and made the existing ones a one time effect when picking them up

fixed bugs:
- vertical text alignment problems
- minor fixes

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: April 13, 2016, 02:55:29 PM »
There is a new alpha version v0.35 which improves the overall uniqueness of the different rooms you encounter in this game. It adds several new objects to interact to make each room more diversified. The game is available in Early Access on Steam and there is currently a 40% discount!

First of all we have jump pads, which push you up in the air and help you get faster to the higher platforms. Next are moving platforms. There are two different ones: horizontal and vertical moving platforms. They act like ground, so you can also walljump on them. Also jump through platforms shouldn't be left out in this game. You can jump through them when you are below them and land right on them. Also if you stand on them and press down, you can let yourself fall down.

Then we have two new enemies. The first one teleports around and is quite hard to get, the next one spawns a shield around him from time to time, making him immune to laser projectiles.

Most of the existing rooms were modified and have now some of the new objects listed above to make them more unique. I also added many new rooms with completely new layouts.

Here is the complete changelog of v0.35:

- new enemy with laser shield
- new enemy which can teleport
- more unique rooms for each stage
- horizontal and vertical moving platforms
- jump through platforms
- jump pad

- added moving and jump through platforms and jump pads to existing rooms
- adapted ground enemy animation speed
- code cleanup

fixed bugs:
- ground saws were moving in wrong direction after pause
- minor fixes

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: February 02, 2016, 10:30:57 AM »
I'm very happy no announce, that Star Rogue is now available on Steam in Early Access.
If you're interested you can click on the image below or use this direct link

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: January 05, 2016, 05:07:58 PM »
Heyho, I created a Star Rogue Gameplay Video with Commentary! Sorry about the microphone quality! :)

And I also released a new version, which you can download here:


-added back button in all menus
-added exit button in main menu
-new animation for ground enemy
-new item with unlock, doubles credit coins collected
-some enemies now create an explosion when getting destroyed
-removed change position item and
 made it an ability with a 1 second cooldown
-stages now spawn shop or slotmachiner room and not both
-added more different rooms
-added hint for wall/double jump and controller support
-code cleanup

-reduced and removed random movement from several enemies
 and made it more predictable
-made exploding enemies with projectiles easier
-made attack speed item weaker
-enemies and bosses gain more health per stage
-slow item now has 50% chance of slowing

fixed bugs:
-fullscreen option saves now between sessions
-laser endboss now gets knocked back correctly
-watch ability doesnt teleport you out of the room
 anymore when used in transfer room between stages
-corrected typo in options
-small fixes

Early Dev / Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelite Platformer
« on: December 29, 2015, 12:03:27 PM »
I'm very excited to announce, that there is a new trailer:
Star Rogue Alpha Greenlight Trailer
and the game is now on Steam Greenlight! Please consider supporting us! :)

Star Rogue on Steam Greenlight

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