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Other Announcements / Rage of Mages 2 (online RPG multiplayer server)
« on: July 05, 2024, 07:20:23 PM »

For past 5 years I maintain - free open-source multiplayer server in Rage of Mages 2 - oldschool classic (MMO)RPG. hidden gem of the golden age of RPGs.

Recently we have a new season with some interesting, roguelike-inspired mechanics:

Reborn: When moving to a new server, your character undergoes a reset, keeping only essential items and stats.

Reclass: Transform your character by reaching max experience, unlocking new classes.

Ascension: Overcome great challenges by ascending Amazon and Witch classes, and earn unique rewards - the Golden Crown and the Staff of the Great Mage.

If you want to try some "new" oldies-goldies game - RoM2 might be a good choice

Our discord:

Tangaria (multiplayer roguelike) MAJOR update -- "New modes":

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:

Other Announcements / Gaming with dad
« on: January 12, 2024, 09:54:05 AM »
I've returned to my ancient "Gamer series" channel with a new gamer comedy vid:

Programming / Re: [video] Roguelike development tutorials
« on: January 12, 2024, 09:50:59 AM »
Great! :D really glad to hear that! Wish you best luck with your project!

Tangaria (multiplayer roguelike) MAJOR update -- " Second chance":

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:

Hiho! I'm developer of Tangaria - free open-source multiplayer roguelike game (MMORL).

Tangaria combines the complexity and unpredictability of roguelike genre and social features of MMORPG: fight monsters together with your friends, chat, PvP (on demand), build a house and open a store to trade your goods with other players… with advanced real-time gameplay – you can 'slow down' time manually (with a hotkey) or make it flow faster.. or just use a default settings so game will become semi turn-based when your character is injured automatically :)

Screenshots (Tangaria got two modes: graphical and ASCII):

Since my last post we had cool update - "Golem Delux" ( ) which presents new special race - Golem - designed for people who play without Numpad:

- Golem can not move diagonally; can only in straight directions (use regular 4-direction arrows), though Golem can move diagonally while in town;
- Instead of food, golems consume oil: from flasks, lanterns, light sources. Oil flasks now rare. You can drink oil by _ key (while not standing on top of fountain);
- Golem can build clay walls; one per time (as they can not use anti-summoning corridors like other races). It takes time and energy to build one;
- Golem resistant to poison; suffer a bit less from physical damage; can not suffocate in water; have less speed penalty due overweight;
- Golems are not resistance to paralysis anymore, but can overcome it sometimes.

...and there are much more stuff incoming :) See updates at our website and development tracker in Discord ( )!

You can take a sneak peak at how gameplay looks like at Tangaria youtube channel:

Tangaria (multiplayer roguelike) video stream: GOLEM TROLL-HUNTER

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:

Tangaria (unique multiplayer roguelike)... continue video stream with new race - GOLEM!

And today we have.... !!! ARROW OF DESTINY !!!

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:

Tangaria (unique multiplayer roguelike)... continue video stream with new race - GOLEM!

And today we have.... !!! Fall of the golem !!!

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:

Tangaria (multiplayer roguelike) video stream with new unusual race - GOLEM!

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:

Tangaria (multiplayer roguelike) update -- "Bards and troglodytes":

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:

Tangaria (MMO-roguelike) BARD from Israel

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:

Hello! I've made C language roguelike-tutorial at my YT channel:

Initially I've made just a template of roguelike game, but at the end I've decided to make it more playable and added a bit more features on top.. so now it's a tiny game :) I called it 'Roglik' as it's very simple.

Source code (+ binary for Windows):

Roglik is the game in public domain, no credits, copyrights etc. Enjoy! :D

Now.. There are detailed video lessons - how such game could be written with a full explanation:

0) - most basic tutorial.. how to make basic rlg template with Conio.h . Might be useful for beginners who don't know how to begin.. :)

1) - we move to NCurses and implement basic movement

2) - we make room and walls

3) - random generation of character and room

4) - generate NPC and random rooms

5) - switching to PDCurses and make proper room generation

6) - create corridors in dungeon

7) - C language structures for monsters

8) - staircases and event messages

9) - monsters diversity (adding moar monster's types)

10) - simple AI of monsters. Movement and attack

Playlist with all these vids:

In case if you need basics of C language (as roguelike tutorial assumes that you know some minimum), there is also a full C language playlist where I explain stuff from scratch:


Tangaria (multiplayer roguelike) got latest version of PWMAngband!

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord:

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