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Early Dev / Ganymede Gate - Sci-fi roguelike (Alpha7)
« on: June 14, 2015, 08:42:14 PM »
Hi all! I've been a little shy here and just realized that i was posting on the wrong sub-forum. The Incubator seems rather dead and there's a lot of action going on here on early dev.

Ganymede Gate

Download the ASCII version on

A Sci-fi futuristic game: you're exploring a human base on Ganymede that stopped communicatin home several months ago, there were some promising experiments with AI-bio engineering, but things seem to have went horribly wrong. The jovian moon is set to be nuked, but as the sole member on the UN board against this procedure you blast off with a team to the base to find out what happened and prevent the disaster taking place.

The game features multiplayer gameplay, turn based and *realtime* (don't hate me, just optional) modes, procedural weapon creation and will feature in the near future procedural monster creation, procedural quest lines, daily runs and support for multiple client technologies.

Currently, the game plays on the browser (you need a fairly recent browser with WebGL and WebSockets support) and the server runs on Node.js. The code is up on Github with the latest semi-stable release and support for npm deployment with the command "npm install MultiRL".

Current demo instance running on an Openshift server

Currently the game has 0 analytics (neither client nor server side) so, if you run into a bug or have suggestion just reply here and i'll be sure to reply asap.

7DRLs / Conservation of Ninjutsu [7DRL 2015] [Finished + mini-update]
« on: March 14, 2015, 06:02:18 PM »

Conservation of Ninjutsu

A game where you are a ninja pitted against a king's army, in a mission to assasinate the evil king.

Play with your mouse or cursor keys. WebGL and Android (awaiting to be published) builds available.

Android link

Incubator / Alpha development: Ganymede Gate
« on: February 22, 2015, 05:03:00 PM »
Hi everyone! Been a /r/roguelikedev regular for some time already but haven't taken the time to come here and post a proper forum thread.

So, today i present you "Ganymede Gate" (alpha quality).

The game is a multiplayer sci-fi roguelike, with optional game modes: Turn Based, Turn Based with Deadline and Continuous Turn Based. It is meant to be run on a local multiplayer server, but i haven't yet packaged it to be downloaded.

However, i have a testing server currently on and there you can playtest it. It is unbelievable hard at the moment and there's no level switching, there's a lot to solve yet because the game is being actively developed.

You can control the player with VI keys, WASD+(QEZC (diagonals))+X for wait or the arrow keys. F fires (double F for auto fire nearest), G grabs from the floor, R reloads, Space activates and I opens the inventory. There's currently partial support for mouse controls, but they're buggy atm.

Any questions, advice, critics are well received.

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