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Hello everyone. It's been far too long since I've been around here and since my work on ITD++ began.
I've been really busy with Computer Sciency stuff at college and I even landed a couple of part time jobs.
This all boring stuff reinvigorated my motivation for finishing ITD++ and as you all know finishing a game is really the hardest part.

So without further ado, I present you new version of Into the Dungeon++:

My site:

Download page:

Code: [Select]
Version Beta 0.9, 22.09.2013.
# Disabled features:
- At the moment highscore tracking, saving and loading the game is disabled
- Using mouse in game is also disabled
- Chain lightning may now chain on player
- Changed behaviour and skills of boss
- Boss monster may now select any of his skills and perform them in one turn
- Boss's AOE skills are reduced to single missile that deals damage in 2x2 area
- Smoother fog of war and line of sight effect
- New player animations
- Teleport animation
- Damage indicators now properly disappear in arrival order after 2 seconds
- The game is now licensed under GNU GPL
- Refactored the game engine design to be entity-system based (instead of OO)

Unfortunately the changes aren't that significant, they might even feel like a step back. Should have this been ITD++ 0.7? Perhaps, perhaps not. The reason for that is, I've done most of my work on re factoring the code. Most of the game data can now be accessed through .XML files so the game is easier to mod and add new content... And there will be more content! Psiweapon is enthusiastically drawing new animations into the late hours and I'm designing a skill system. That's right, this game will have a sort of a skill tree in order to provide more tactical and strategical options to the player!
Expect more updates in shorter time periods!
Oh and the game is now open source. I haven't hosted the code yet, so if anyone is interested send me an e-mail.
When I clean up the old code and system I'll put it on github or something.

Programming / How to distribute executables with shared libraries?
« on: September 16, 2012, 10:55:04 AM »
It's about time I ask this newbie question.

As some of you may know, I'm making a roguelike with SDL library and I am compiling it both on Linux and Windows.
What I have trouble with is providing the people with binary version for Linux that works by executing the binary and doesn't require from the user to find and install needed library dependencies.

On Windows I just put in SDL.dll files along with the binary and everything works by double clicking on the exe.
How can I get pretty much the same result on Linux?

Thanks for your help!

P.S. I've been looking on google but I can't find a straightforward answer... Should I put .so files with the binary and create a script for user that sets his LD_LIBRARY_PATH to target where provided .so files are or what?!

Hello everyone!
It's been a long time since I've updated my very first game. I believe the ARRP last year saw the introduction of my game and now you can enjoy its almost finished state.

How this game came into existence and what can I say about it:

Into The Dungeon++ started off as a roguelike in C. I had some free time during college so I started to code a game (Into The Dungeon) in roguelike genre that I like really much. If you haven’t heard about roguelikes I suggest to check the definition out on RogueBasin and Wikipedia. As the game grew bigger and code messier I decided to rewrite the game in C++ and I would add graphics instead of using ASCII symbols. Thus I appended “++” to the title name and Into The Dungeon++ was born.

Main Features:
*Randomized Dungeons, Enemies and Loot
*Boss Fights
*Animated sprites
*Original soundtrack
*Moral unobvious choices storyline (to be implemented)
*Turn Based Combat
*Permanent Death
*Lighter than most roguelikes but still carries a great challenge to finish

General overview:

When wierd and foul things begin sprouting out of a dungeon, nearby townsfolk begins to worry a lot and sends an investigation team. Unfortunately they never return and people are getting scared even more. You, a mighty adventurer decide to help clear the matter. As you move closer to the Dungeon you can feel an evil force trying to corrupt you and lure you to loot (represented by a candle and being able to see loot through Fog of War). Will you be able to balance out the search for better equipment, corruption level and the dangers within?

A lot has changed since last year's ARRP so I'll just list the changes between the previous (v.07) and current realease:

Code: [Select]
#Bugfixes & Tweaks
- Items no longer spawn on ladder tiles
- Under the hood changes for better performance (saving, menus...)
- Boss will no longer spawn monsters inside other monsters if there is no room

- Criticals ignore armor instead of increasing damage
- Backstabs are 100% criticals instead of increasing damage
- Traps can now be disarmed (25% for success)
- Traps can now be picked up and deployed (one time use only)
- Unsuccessful disarm destroys the trap
- Monsters no longer respawn on levels

The game can be downloaded here:

What remains to be done is the story with multiple endings and treasure chests. After that I will consider the game finished and move onto wasting my free time on some new project. Ofcourse, I will probably come to revisit the game with bugfixes and gameplay changes as requested from the community.

Have fun, and don't forget to provide feedback!

Hello everyone! It was a while since the last time I showed up here but I'm alive and still trying to get the game to a state I'd consider finished.

Without further ado I present you the new version of Into the Dungeon++! This time I even have a website where I will post updates so feel free to comment on things.

Name: Into The Dungeon++
Synopsis:  Fantasy, graphical roguelike with original sound and music
Version number:  0.7 Beta
Release Date:  Feb 24, 2012

Linky link


This is my 1st game project that I do in my free time. Written in C++ and uses SDL API, Into the Dungeon++ is my take at a coffeebreak roguelike intended to introduce people to roguelike genre with atmospheric pixel art, music and sound. Pixel art is done by Psiweapon and music & sounds by Foox.
Dungeons and items are procedurally generated while monsters and spells have fixed looks and stats. Every 5th level a player encounters a Boss with specialized AI and Spells. Instead of food there is a corruption mechanic represented by the candle. It allows the player to see the loot through the fog of war but prevents staying too long on a level. It will feature a choice driven storyline and multiple endings.


#Bugfixes & Tweaks
- Items no longer spawn on statues (being unable to pick up)
- Dead Enemies are rendered below everything (so not to obstruct items)
- No longer able to use scroll of ID on identified item
- Character Sheet is now properly rendered (minor graphical glitch)
- Other minor bugfixes

- New Menu! Still Work in Progress but looks heck of a lot better
   than the old one. Courtesy of Psiweapon.
- Exe and Tray bar Icons added!
- Added the basic particle effects (e.g. on torches)
- Tweaked certain text pop-ups (like Level Up, damage display)
- Added the death animation and corpse for the boss

- Mouse support in menu! Left click selects, Right goes back
- Tutorial tips added to the game (they turn off after some play time)

- Traps added!
- Dead Skeletons now may give free tips if you press Enter on them
- Items and Monsters now have special properties (e.g. LifeStealing)
- Item generation tweaks (e.g. greater chance of being unidentified)

This time don't restrict your criticism on the game only but feel free to criticise the website also!
Oh and if you want to support Psiweapon, Foox and me there is a donate button. (although I think it doesn't work because my account isn't verified yet... and probably because I'm in Croatia)

Early Dev / Into the Dungeon++ New [ALPHA 0.2] LF Pixel Artist
« on: May 03, 2011, 03:17:53 PM »
Hello everyone!
I joined couple of days ago and I said in newcomers topic I'm working on a roguelike.

Game overview:

Developer: Teon Banek (that would be me)
Graphical Artist: also me, but if anyone is willing to draw sprites that would be awesome! (my pixel art is pretty bad)
P. Language: C++ with SDL library
Licensing: Closed Source, Freeware
Platforms: Linux, Windows
Influences: Rogue, Diablo, 100 Rogues, NetHack, Dungeon Crawl

About the game:

This is my first roguelike and my first project like this.
Items are taken from a basic pool and randomized by giving them better stats, cursing them or making them unindentified. Depending on the bonus they get suffixes to their basic names. The same thing is applied to potions, although cursing them makes them take away your health.
Spell system is implemented via one use scrolls. Scrolls are hardcoded and some damage spells get better based on the dungeon level. So far there are scrolls: emergency random teleport, hp regen, fireball, identify, bless (remove curse), enchant item (gives +1 attack/armor)
There are no classes nor magic points of any sort, what you find is what you use and need to use to survive.
Inventory can carry up to 20 items. Each item takes 1 slot, even potions. This should result in choice strategies when more items are brought up.
There are 7 equipment types (headgear, weapon, shield, armor, amulet, ring, boots) and equiping items does not free the inventory.
So far there is an endboss randomly selected from possible monsters on level 10 which ends the game.
The game was imagined as a coffeebreak roguelike, played in short bursts with boss fights after certain levels.
Items and Monsters are easily modified and added via editing the text files in data folder and drawing the graphics and adding them to gfx folder.

To get it working on Windows you will need some dll files:
Extract those and put them in /windows/system/

And then download my game and run the exe:

Linux version, you will need SDL library, Use your favourite software manager to install necessary SDL libraries (SDL, SDL_image, SDL_ttf)

The game is obviously work in progress and I will appreciate any help you give me.
Feel free to point out both good and bad things with the game.

A pixel artist willing to work with me on this game would be amazing!

Edit: A friend found a bug when encountering Dragons. Sometimes HUD disappears, save & quit then restarting fixes it. I'll look into it.
Also, apparently the game is now too easy (was too hard before)
It seems I forgot to save highscore after finishing the game

Edit2: I don't want to double post. I've released a new version. Here are the important changes (rest are in .txt included with the game)
Code: [Select]
- Made the game harder (less drops, stronger enemies)
- The game now has a minimap toggled by TAB
- Added Fog of War mechanic toggled by F11
- Damage over Time effects now display HP damage/regen over characters
- Items are now color coded for your convenience (white<blue<green, cursed=red)
- When viewing items a new window of an item you already have equipped next to
  the item you are viewing (for easier comparing which is better)
- When spawning on a new floor the Dungeon Level is now displayed briefly
  above the main character
- HighScore List now has pages (Left & Right Arrow Keys change the pages)
- Added HelpScreen/Control list toggled by F1

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