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It's too early to be actually useful, but you should do a search for roguelikes with multiple characters (very specific, no? :V) and play them.
To see what you think of their way of implementing multiple characters (personally I think it's a hard enough to keep 1 character alive  :) ).

My brain's still asleep, can't be more useful sorry. I watched your dungeon exploration video though, it looked pretty nice. Maybe consider showing the outlines of dungeon areas that you've explored but can't see anymore (as opposed to everything just going black again).

Well, there's going to be one character at first, but my eventual aim is to allow more and to try to build that in to the game from the start.
For example instead of giving each PC/NPC a full turn of movement at once, I'm going to break down the turns in to phases, so all the characters in the players team can move in the movement phase, then next the monsters move. Then the shooting/ equipment use phase, where if you're not in combat you can swig a potion or fire your crossbow or whatever. Next will be the combat phase where you can try to kill the enemy or concentrate on hiding behind your shield, and finally the recovery/resolution phase where characters with minus health are going to die (or go in to a coma), or else you will regain your strength and movement points ready for the next round. If there's no enemy around we can skip the combat phase.

I've played a lot of single character RPGs and lots of team RPGs and I just prefer to have a team, someone to tank, someone to heal, someone for artillery, there's just something for everyone to do each turn, and the interplay of characters give life to the game. Also it gives you another level of tactical play, especially with permadeath. What happens if your tank gets killed? What if your healer falls down a pit trap and you have to do without him for 3 levels of the dungeon? What if your scholar gets permablinded by spider venom and can't cast spells anymore? Could you just relegate him to carrying loot while your thief learns magic? It's going to be important not to over specialize your characters in case they need to step in to someone elses shoes.

The videos so far are more kind of code tests, they show what can be done but they will be changed somewhat as time goes on. I'm thinking of having the sections of the dungeon stay visible for a number of turns before turning black, maybe greyed out, or just as it is. If you find paper and pens in the dungeon maybe a character can use a map making exploit/skill to keep the sections permanently visible.
I'm going to see how those things turn out in play testing though.

I have actually produced a fairly "complete" game in the past using the blender game engine, which puts me one up on most Blender game engine users. ^^ I learned a lot about procedural generation and enemy mob generation. It's just a high score game, based on the Battletech tabletop game, I had hoped to continue development but my old code turned out to be difficult to move forward with.

You can check it out here if you're interested:

I gues it is actually kind of a roguelike as the missions and enemies are procedurally generated, and death results in the total loss of your high score.

For the game I gave each potential enemy a cost in resource points (I wrote a program to calculate this as the original tabletop costs didn't translate well to the real time combat model) and randomly added enemies to the spawn point while reducing the spawn pool of RP. Lists of enemies were drawn up acording to faction and timeline and then selected by using a random index.

I'll probably do the same with the RPG game, with monsters selected by theme and level and then spawned from a pool of RP for each room, and also for a wandering monster pool to populate the corridors. Loot will be handled in a similar way, either placed in a chest in the room, or added to the monster's corpse.

UG! Anti spam tasks just keep getting nicer and nicer don't they. Hope I don't have to do that too much more to use the forum.

Anyway, Hello to Temple of the rogue like forums, I'm a long time game developer using the Blender game engine (with coding in python) but although I've been looking at developing a rogue-like for some time, this is my first try at the genre.

You can see what I've been working on here at the Blender artists forums:

A little background, Blender is a 3d program which is free to use for commercial or non-commercial projects, it has  a built in game engine which with some python coding allows for very complex games to be made and to use a lot of fairly modern graphics technologies.

I don't have any game play yet, as I've been working on behind the scenes coding and art assets until now, but as the game play elements come Online I'd like to et some feedback from people who actually know something about rogue-likes.

Here are some of the key points about my game:

  • Fully random dungeons with random items and enemies
  • A new turn based movement and combat system in which it is not too easy to die, but death (or other serious injuries) are permanent.
  • A character development system which is not tied down to classes but allows you to tweak your player in response to the equipment and environment you encounter.
  • A magic system based on items (books and scrolls) and a "radiation" type mechanic which stops you from using magic too much.
  • A space/ slot based inventory system like in games such as stalker.
  • Eventually a version with an overland exploration map, with survival elements and randomized quests, shops and friendly NPCs
  • Eventually a team based play system where you will have up to 4 characters to give the player more to do each turn, be more fun and chart your progress as one after another they all die horrible deaths.

But as a start I'm going to be making a single dungeon with multiple floors and a single playable character. Other elements will be added as they develop.

What I'm looking for is people who can give ideas and feedback as well as anyone who can contribute to the project in some small way such as with 2d art, 3d low poly models or sound effects.

So far I've got many of the coding elements already written, such as the level generator or designed and worked out such as the inventory system.

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