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Design / Brainstorming for turnbased combat
« on: March 14, 2014, 06:02:16 PM »

I am currently planning on making a game that involves turnbased combat.

So, what I got so far:
All the characters are robots, and all robots are built from different parts; a body with limbs attached. In combat you can target one of your enemy's limbs (for example, a katana-arm), and if enough damage was dealt, you can actually cut the limb off, so that it's ability cannot be used anymore (weapon arms can be disabled, legs cut to prevent dodging etc.).

Different limb types:

Melee arm (like katanas and chainsaws) can attack only the front row and only harm one target. They are good at breaking shields.
Gun arm (like beams and missiles) can target anywhere, even backrow. Weak against shields. Effects differ greatly depending of the type of the weapon: beams deal low damage to the enemy itself while being good at cutting limbs, missiles deal high damage but hit random targets, shock/ion weapons can stun the targeted limb for a turn and so on...
Grapple: can steal a limb, if the targeted limb is at enough low health. The stolen limb replaces the grapple for the rest of the fight.
Shield: Prevents enemies attacking the robot from shooting anywhere but the shield, until it's destroyed. Weak against melee.
Flamethrower: Does great damage to the whole target, melting it, but all the parts of the target will be unlootable after the fight.
Plasma Torch: Can be used to either repair one companion or cause minor melt damage to one part of an enemy.
Leg: Better legs give the character more speed (can attack more often) and a character without any functional legs can't engage to use melee. Also, a legless character can't dodge.
BODY: The main part, where every limb is attached. When destroyed the character is defeated. Different bodys have different numbers of limbs that can be attached to them. Also, they can grant some special abilities.

So, after the fight player can loot the enemies. But here comes the twist: Cutting or melting a limb makes it broken, so it cannot be obtained! When you notice that one of the enemies uses a powerful weapon, do you destroy it for your safety or do you hope to destroy the robot before it causes too lethal damage and leave the weapon intact, so that you can obtain it after the battle?

My plan here is to make the combat have a lot of strategy, and so that only a small amount of luck involved. Maybe you guys have some tips to MAKE TURNBASED COMBAT MORE STRATEGIC AND CHALLENGING?
Also, what do you think about my early thoughts?

This project is only in the consept stage, nothing has yet been made. Also, if you have any more questions I'll be happy to answer. I was planning making it with LÖVE 2d game engine, because that's what I'm most comfortable with.

Thank you allready,
indieLöver :)

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