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I think I have solved the player recognition problem
circling characters seems to be part of hanzi typography
so as dumb as it seems putting a little red circle around the player.

seems to do the trick and does not break the design.

on the issue of starting with simple radicals very clever even though the
(Dog)  in (fox). might not jump out at a person.
maybe if I write it like this

apparently a Fox is a solitary dog but  (orphan) looks similar to  (melon)

on an unrelated note the game now has orphans.

It certainly requires a certain sense of composition.
give it some time I am not a Hanzi reader but after a small amount of game play
the ideograms become quite expressive.
I did notice that the contrast in the downloaded version leaves much to be desired.
if you place a picture titled map.bmp (perhaps a snap of a piece of paper) in the directory
it looks nicer.



My wife has the same problem with it.
I am trying to figure out an aesthetic solution.


huge world
world remembers the changes made by previous characters.

working on throwing things and professions at the moment.
fighting works but you have to mean it!

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