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Thanks fellas - it`s a privilege to be a part of such a quality board. I`ll try to be on my best behaviour  ::)

I`m no coder, my last foray into this territory was some basic BASIC text adventures back in Sinclair era - but yeah, it`s great to see the two camps mingling together. Perhaps  feedback from somebody with little knowledge of the genre like me can be valuable too.

As for the gems, yeah, that`s what I`m looking forward to :)  Already played a bit of Brogue in my early days - looks quite special on gfx level and from high recommendations I gather the gameplay is too. Still, I love surprises and was considering even not registering here for that reason - but eh, sod it (I suppose I know about most of the big names already anyway)

Off-topic (Locked) / Re: The Obscure Games Thread!
« on: September 01, 2013, 12:38:24 PM »
Some would say that a person who just finished and enjoyed (okay, moderately) Killzone 2 is not qualified to post in this thread, but...oh, well.

Off top of my head/desktop:

- Infinite Space: Tiny, handheld (NDS) space-opera. From Japan. It`s a bizzare mashup of genres: some classic jRPG tropes mixed with more Western take on the Universe. Plenty of quests, ker-razy characters, open gameplay, in-depth ship & fleet customization and so  one of the best soundtracks ever (even on these rubbish speakers)

- Boiling Point: open-world FPS with RPG elements. Made-in-Russia in 2006, it was heavily hyped up as a sort of Far Cry equivalent, only to be destroyed by reviewers after release for being a  bug-ridden nightmare and became sort of a running joke.  I installed it by accident some years later - and was quite amazed. The game was patched up very well - there are still minor bugs, but nothing game breaking - and the whole package is surprisingly solid and playable. Plus, it`s deliciously oddball at times - from hilarious voiceovers to some quirky design mechanics. Factions work really well, there`s gazillion of missions to do and the game world is really huge. It even got a couple of sequels.

- The Fall: Last Days Of Gaia: Heavy duty CRPG set in a post apocalyptic word. Similarly to Boiling Point it was nigh on unplayable upon release (German-only release, to make it more unaccessible) only to be heavily patched - and fan-translated - in its later life. And it`s rather excellent, if you like this sort of thing. I`d even go as far to say that if you`re still sore about Fallout going 3D and the whole Van Buren business, give this one a go.

- Kenka Bancho: The Badass Rumble - Lawd, I love this PSP game. It`s sort of my teenage dream come true. Basically a 3D brawler set in a open-ish city with tons of things to do, heavy customization, and charm aplenty. And of course, Banchosity - aka Badassness.

- Wazhack: tried it online some time ago and just got the standalone version (5$). It`s one of these rogulike-like-likes (or something) - basically, side-scrolling dungeon crawl with permadeath. As a @-noob I`m not qualified to comment on its underlying mechanics, but it looks okay plus is quite refreshing to see this 2D angle being used. It also has some physics implemented which can be quite amusing - Giant Rats tumble down shafts and other bizarre things happen. You can try browser version here:

Hi folks

My RL story is rather strange: an old timer who first encountered the genre in the early 90s playing some Rogue clone on Amiga (10th Rogue?), enjoyed it but couldn`t fathom whats with the dying/no save thingy, eventually got bored and stuck with "normal" games up till about a year ago.

Long story short, in all these years I had big respect for the genre and its followers (turn based RPGs/strategy is my forte), but still gave it a wide berth. Thinking about "why", now it seems I just didn`t understand the permadeath and how it works in this particular genre`s context. Also, ASCII? Yeah, I`m all up for retro, but...

Well, this has all changed and now I`m an (extremely happy) convert. All thanks to a bizzare twist of fate that made me play Izuna on my NDS one eve and in some point an impulse appeared to stop using the RealTimeSave feature of my flashcart (shhh!). It was more of a dare, "haha, it`s ridiculous, but let`s see how it goes..." ...and it went...well :)

Well, I didn`t give up the "normal" games totally, but RLs got elevated from respected pariah to the Top Dog in my gaming hierarchy - and definitely gave me hope for something new and fresh and still fiercely underground - compared to dumbification of mainstream gaming, that is.

And so I report for duty - strictly on the The-Only-Way-Is-The-Perma-Way side of the tracks by the way ;) Yes, from a total outsider to a fiercest defender of the old school (whatever that is ;) - that`s me.

Disclaimer: I can come across as very opinionated & argumentative - but it`s all more with a "discussing" than "arguing" angle in mind.

I first came across this forum while perusing the excellent Database - it seems a great place, with balanced opinion, clean design and some true grognard RL characters. Hope it`ll live long & prosper, same as the genre itself!

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