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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Advanced Super Turbo Rogue Plus
« on: July 09, 2016, 08:34:06 AM »
Classic Rogue with fully mouse driven interface. Extends Rogue v5 with features from Epyx version, fixes bugs and balance issues, adds various animations and overall more polish.

Rogue545_plus-v08 (25 December 2016):

Play in a browser:

ssh rodney@, password: yendor


Rogue545_plus-v07 (24 December 2016):

Rogue545_plus-v05 (19 August 2016):

Rogue545_plus-v04 (14 August 2016):

Rogue545_plus-v03 (24 July 2016):

Rogue545_plus-v02 (18 July 2016):

Rogue545_plus-v01 (11 July 2016):

Design / Zelda roguelike
« on: March 28, 2014, 12:36:33 AM »
Let's take some 2D Zelda for Gameboy or SNES and tweak the emulator so to run the game only if some button is pressed, but for a minimum of, say 60 frames, that is 1 second.  We get simultaneous turn-based game, we get a roguelike. Don't we? Does that sound like something you would like to play?

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Brogue-AUDIO (1.7.4)
« on: February 01, 2014, 09:55:44 PM »
Brogue-AUDIO_174Afinal (23. May, 2015)

Quote from: ChangeLog
- music and sound effects support
- improved light and shadows visibility
- no gameplay changes, compatible with vanilla Brogue
- new sounds, more polish and volume balancing
- Linux build bundled

Linux users:
copy/move "audio" and "fonts" folders to "bin" folder where brogue-AUDIO binary is located.

Brogue-AUDIO_v9x (18. March, 2014)
(Also contains classic Brogue 1.7.3 + audio only, no gameplay changes.)

Quote from: ChangeLog
- modified stealth system, added sneaking ability
- order allies to wait by swapping places twice in a row
- reflect magic bolts onto yourself from "mirror statues"
- darkness potion is not transparent, use as "smoke screen"
- staff of tunnelling pushes monsters away and knocks them down
- stone pedestals, give two - get one...
- improved lit and dark areas visibility
- music and sound effects support


Not quite roguelike, but almost. There are some pretty cool things about it, like animated ASCII art:

On the intro screen hit 'd' and then after the skeleton appears press enter to start the music video.

And also timed input combat minigame. Is there any roguelike that implements similar combat style mechanics or anything among those lines, not necessarily based on timed input but still having combat as a separate minigame of some sort?

I guess something like what golf games use, where aim moves left-right or up-down and you have to press a key to stop it at certain place, combined with usual stats, could be used as well to determine combat outcome. But what I really am trying to figure out is what kind of turn-based minigame could be used instead. Some simplified Mastermind improvisation or something even simpler? Any ideas?

Basically the ultimate goal of these musings would be a roguelike with less monsters but where each single fight is strategic, tactical, different and difficult enough to base the whole game around it while sacrificing some standard roguelike elements, or perhaps even better combining it all together, to produce unique and interesting new roguelike concepts and gameplay mechanics.

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Cataclysm: Metal Gear Solid
« on: June 26, 2013, 11:10:38 PM »
Cataclysm: Metal Gear Solid
- tactical survival espionage action

DOWNLOAD (01. July): MGSmod rev.71b

It's like "Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead", only better.


real-time targeting
- makes ranged combat a bit harder, but more tactical, much more interesting

new push/kick action
- when surrounded push some monsters away instead of fighting them all at once
- slam monsters against the wall, or push them out of the way if they are blocking a door
- push them over fences, bushes, into a fire, or through the windows to slow them down
- you can also push while aiming, if they come close kick them back right in your aim
- you can even kick them back by pushing furniture over them:

Kicked bench, which kicked zombie, who then flew through the window.

new jump/charge actions
- jump through windows, over fences, fire, charge on monsters or through the doors

above ground z-levels (demo)
- church bell tower and shelter rooftop, with secret rooms
- jumping puzzles, see if you can find hidden pathways

driving auto-shift view
- this and driving smoothness makes vehicles much more enjoyable to drive

have a bear for a pet
- tame even wild animals, pets can ride in vehicles on seats and trunks
- pets increase theirs skill with their kills, feed them to recover their HP

performance and stability:
- no bugs, crashes or glitches, faster, smoother, tested, balanced & polished
- support for background music and sound effects with over hundred files library

and more
- sniper scope view, fire arrows, NPC hints, slot machines, chain combo kills...

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